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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster


We Say

Do you really need a MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster? The honest answer is no; the less expensive MetroVac Air Force Blaster is more than adequate for 99% of the drying tasks you'll ever perform. Our own MetroVac Air Force Blaster is more than six years old, and we've never felt any need to replace it with a MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster. However, as with most things in life, if there is a more powerful and more prestigious model available, some people will want to own it, regardless of anything else. And, judging by how well it sells, it's clear that many of you want to own a MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster rather than a MetroVac Air Force Blaster. Given that it's extremely good, we're happy to take your money! However, don't say we didn't try to talk you out of it. You really don't need one. Just like you don't need that supercar you've been dreaming about...

Key Features

Peak Airflow Rate72,600 L/min(Converted Value)
Power Rating2160 W(Stated Input Value)
Warranty1 Year(Return To Base)


The MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster is an extremely powerful vehicle dryer; it features two 4 hp twin fan motors that together deliver an incredibly high peak airflow rate of 72,600 litres per minute! The air being drawn into the unit is filtered to remove particulates and then gently warmed by the heat emitted from the motors, thus aiding the drying process. The MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster is powerful enough to dry small cars fully in less than 10 minutes, and large cars in 10-15 minutes. The MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster is fitted with a 3.6 m power cable and four dolly wheels for easy manoeuvrability, and comes supplied with a 3 m heavy duty hose, a non-scratch heavy duty blower nozzle, a five-piece accessory set (comprising an adaptor, a rubber blower nozzle, an air flare nozzle, a crevice tool and a micro-nozzle) and a one year return to base warranty (five year for the motor, excluding carbon brush wear).


More Information
AC-Powered Yes
CE Approved Yes
Cable Length 3.6 m
Hose Length 3 m
Net Weight 8.5 kg
Peak Airflow Rate 72600 L/min
Plug Type UK 3-pin (G)
Power Rating 2160 W
Sound Pressure Level 88 dB(A)
Voltage 230 V
Warranty 1 year return to base (5 year for the motor)

How To Use

The MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster is a mains-powered dryer and thus subject to a number of health and safety risks that should be fully understood from the outset; please read the supplied instructions carefully. After washing and rinsing your car, use the MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster to blow residual water off of the panels, starting from the top and working down, and paying particular attention to panel gaps and crevices around trims and vents. Try to work as quickly as possible, as you don't want any of the lower panels drying off naturally before you get to them. We find that keeping a PB Luxury Drying Towel to hand for localised pat drying here and there is also very helpful, as you will inevitably re-wet some panels a bit as you blast water out of panel gaps and crevices lower down the car.