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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

MetroVac 4-Wheel Dolly


We Say

The MetroVac 4-Wheel Dolly not only helps to prevent the MetroVac Air Force Blaster from falling over and getting scuffed during use, but also makes it much easier to move the motor unit around (once it's fitted, the motor unit simply follows you as you work). The floor of your work space doesn't have to be perfectly smooth either; in our experience the MetroVac 4-Wheel Dolly rolls over patterned floor tiles, block paving, tarmac and textured concrete remarkably well. In our opinion, it's a must have accessory for the MetroVac Air Force Blaster.

Key Features

ConstructionSteel(Dominant Material)
Length228 mm(Approximate Value)
Non-Slip BaseYes(Hook And Loop Strips)


The MetroVac 4-Wheel Dolly is a mobile platform for the MetroVac Air Force Blaster, which makes the motor unit much easier to move around, and less susceptible to being pulled over by feedback from the hose as you work. The durable wheels work well on a wide range of surfaces, including patterned floor tiles and block paving, and the pressure sensitive hook and loop affixing strips ensure that the MetroVac 4-Wheel Dolly can be unmounted from the motor unit of the MetroVac Air Force Blaster quickly and easily if necessary.


More Information
Construction Painted steel and nylon wheels
Non-Slip Base Yes

How To Use

The MetroVac 4-Wheel Dolly should be fitted in line with the supplied instructions. Make sure that the motor unit is clean and dry before affixing the MetroVac 4-Wheel Dolly using the pressure sensitive hook and loop strips (if you wish to be extra thorough, wipe the motor unit down with a panel wipe first). After installation, leave the strips to settle for a day or two before testing the unmounting and remounting procedure. Finally, always hold on to the end of the hose when you start the machine, otherwise it might flail around dangerously.