Nanolex Si3D Headlight

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We Say

Modern headlight and tail light clusters are made of polycarbonate, which is a highly durable impact- and scratch-resistant type of plastic. However, polycarbonate has a tendency to progressively oxidise in the presence of UV light, and become hazy and dull over time. Car manufacturers try to prevent this problem from arising by applying a protective UV-blocking coating to headlight and tail light clusters at the factory, but the efficacy of this approach varies. As such, it's a sensible idea to boost the standard level of protection with an aftermarket coating, as prevention is better than cure. However, if you've already had to spend time polishing out haziness and dullness from your headlights or tail lights, then it's critical that you reapply a protective coating afterwards, otherwise the oxidation will set back in very quickly (because the protective factory-applied coating will have been removed during the polishing process). In either situation, Nanolex Si3D Headlight is the perfect protective coating to use, as it's designed specifically for polycarbonate surfaces and offers a very high level of UV protection that lasts for up to two years at a time.

Key Features

Adds Protection Yes (UV Absorbers)
Durability 18 Months + (Average Value)
Shine Level 8/10 (Single Coat)


Nanolex Si3D Headlight is a state of the art silica-based coating formulated specifically to protect polycarbonate surfaces, and in particular headlight and tail light clusters. Developed in Germany, it uses the latest in low volatile content silicon (Si) technology to lay down a film of hybrid siloxane polymers and modified acrylic resins that condenses rapidly to form a UV-stable coating that bonds to polycarbonate surfaces at the molecular level. In addition to the innate UV resistance of the coating itself, supplemental UV absorbers, radical scavengers and antioxidants suspended within the 3D matrix guard against UV-induced oxidation. Nanolex Si3D Headlight also provides excellent protection against other environmental factors, including bird droppings, bug splatter, brake dust and road salt, for up to two years at a time. However, the benefits imparted by Nanolex Si3D Headlight do not end with market leading levels of protection and durability. Rather, treated surfaces become more scratch resistant and more hydrophobic, which gives rise to a strong self-cleaning effect, as rainfall beads up and rolls off of treated surfaces, taking freshly deposited contaminants with it.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Chemical Basis Silica-based
Contains UV Absorbers Yes
Darkening Effect No
Durability 18 months +
Layerable Yes (allow no more than 10 minutes between coats)
Shine Level
Suitable For Polycarbonate surfaces

How To Use

You should apply Nanolex Si3D Headlight in a warm, dry, well-ventilated space out of direct sunlight. For your comfort and protection, we recommend wearing PB Nitrile Gloves and a 3M Respirator during the application process. In all cases, prepare the surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way (wash > decontaminate > polish), and then do a thorough wipe down with Nanolex EX to ensure that they are spotlessly clean. Next, using a Nanolex Si3D Applicator Towel wrapped around a Nanolex Si3D Applicator Block, spread a thick layer of Nanolex Si3D Headlight on to the first light cluster, using light pressure and overlapping strokes. Then, continue spreading the product in a criss-cross fashion until it completely disappears. Next, finish the levelling process by buffing the treated light cluster with a Nanolex Microfiber Buffing Towel. Finally, using a bright light, check the light cluster carefully for any smears and remove them before moving on; failure to remove smears fully can result in them hardening to the point of being impossible to remove without machine polishing, so make sure you are thorough!

After all of the light clusters are treated the car must then be left in a warm, dry place out of direct sunlight for a minimum of 12 hours to allow the coating to harden (if you wish, you can accelerate this process by heating the treated light clusters to 60°C for 10 minutes using an infra-red heat lamp). Note that in order for the coating to harden properly it must remain completely dry during this period, and you should also avoid washing the car with any kind of detergent for the first 3 days afterwards. Please note that you must discard all used applicator towels and buffing towels after each application, because Nanolex Si3D Headlight hardens massively as it cures, forming a residue that has the potential to inflict severe marring or worse if applicators and towels are re-used. Please also note that the quoted shelf life of Nanolex Si3D Headlight is between 3-6 weeks once the bottle is opened, although this can be extended to 2-3 months if it is stored in a refrigerator.


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