Nanolex Cotton Applicator Pads

The perfect applicators for applying volatile coatings. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.
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Some volatile nanotechnology coatings can be tricky to apply with normal applicator pads, but Nanolex Cotton Applicator Pads are perfectly suited to the task and cut down on wastage.

Key Features

Diameter/Length 58 mm (Approximate Value)
Flexibility 10/10 (Compared To Others)
Washable No (Discard After Use)


Nanolex Cotton Applicator Pads offer a simple yet effective solution to the problem of how to apply volatile nanotechnology coatings quickly and efficiently without wasting any product.


More Information
Washable No (discard after use)
Construction Cotton
Dimensions ⌀ 58 mm x 2 mm

How To Use

Discard each Nanolex Cotton Applicator Pad immediately after use (you may need to use several pads when applying nanotechnology coatings to the bodywork and glass on larger vehicles).


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