MetroVac Flexible Hose

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Flexible hose for hand-held vehicle dryers and vacuum cleaners. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.
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We Say

Although the MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick and MetroVac Vac N Go work brilliantly, there are times when you wish you could reach a bit further with them, or manoeuvre them into tighter spots more easily. The MetroVac Flexible Hose enables you to do exactly this!

Key Features

Construction PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Diameter 31 mm (Internal)
Length From 0.5 m (Approximate Value)


The MetroVac Flexible Hose extends the reach of hand-held vehicle dryers and vacuum cleaners such as the MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick and the MetroVac Vac N Go, and is available in three different lengths to suit your personal requirements.


More Information
Construction Polyvinyl chloride
Dimensions ⌀ 31 mm (internal) x 0.5 m (0.5 m) ⌀ 31 mm (internal) x 0.9 m (0.9 m) ⌀ 31 mm (internal) x 1.8 m (1.8 m)

How To Use

The MetroVac Flexible Hose should be fitted in line with the instructions supplied with either your MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick or MetroVac Vac N Go. Always hold on to the end of the hose when you start the machine, otherwise it might flail around dangerously.


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