MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick

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Do you fancy the idea of owning a MetroVac Air Force Blaster, but can't justify the cost? Well, this nifty little companion dryer from MetroVac may ease your dilemma. The MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick is smaller, lighter and less than half the price of it's bigger brother, but still packs a punch with a peak air velocity in excess of 200 mph! Although it's not designed for drying entire cars, it works brilliantly on smaller areas such as wheels, grills and door shuts, and is ideal for drying motorcycles and bicycles too.

Key Features

Peak Airflow Rate 14,460 L/min (Converted Value)
Power Rating 950 W (Stated Input Value)
Warranty 1 Year (Return To Base)


The MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick is a high performance compact vehicle dryer; it features a surprisingly powerful 1.3 hp single fan motor that delivers a peak airflow rate of 14,460 litres per minute! The air being drawn into the unit is filtered for safety and then gently warmed by the heat emitted from the motor, thus aiding the drying process. The MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick comes with a non-scratch blower nozzle, an air flare nozzle (for drying larger panel areas) and a one year return to base warranty.


More Information
Power Rating 950 W
Plug Type UK 3-pin (G)
Peak Airflow Rate 14460 L/min
Net Weight 1.9 kg
Warranty 1 year return to base
Voltage 230 V
Sound Pressure Level 80 dB(A)
Cable Length 3.6 m
CE Approved Yes
Dimensions 111 mm x 180 mm x 244 mm (excluding nozzle)
Hose Length n/a
AC-Powered Yes

How To Use

The MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick is a mains-powered dryer and thus subject to a number of health and safety risks that should be fully understood from the outset; please read the supplied instructions carefully. Although the MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick is best used for localised drying duties on wheels, door shuts and engine bays, it can also be used to dry small cars in a pinch - just be aware that it takes much longer to achieve this than is the case when using its bigger brother (the MetroVac Air Force Blaster).


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