Menzerna Control Cleaner

Water-based panel wipe that removes oils and residues. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.
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We Say

During the polishing process, polish residues and carrier oils sometimes fill minor paint defects, only to then reappear when paint protection is applied. The best way to avoid this issue is to clean the paint surface after polishing, using a panel wipe. Menzerna Control Cleaner is ideal for this task, as it quickly and easily removes all traces of polish residues and carrier oils, and leaves paint perfectly bare and ready for careful inspection with high intensity lighting.

Key Features

Anti-Static No (Doesn't Repel Dust)
Cleaning Strength 8/10 (Compared To Others)
Dilutable No (Ready To Use)


Menzerna Control Cleaner is a water-based panel wipe designed to facilitate the objective assessment of surface quality after machine polishing. It does this by stripping all traces of polish residues and carrier oils, which can otherwise mask minor defects if left in situ. This allows you to inspect the polished surfaces properly to determine whether the desired level of correction has been achieved or if further work is required prior to the addition of paint protection.


More Information
Anti-Static No
Application Method By hand only
Chemical Basis Water-based
Cleaning Strength
Contains Chemical Cleaners Yes
Dilutable No
Removes Oils And Residues Yes

How To Use

For best results, allow freshly polished surfaces to cool fully before use. In each case, lightly mist Menzerna Control Cleaner over the work area and immediately wipe the area down using a PB Super Buffing Towel. Then refold your towel and buff the panel down gently to remove any residual product and leave a perfect smear-free finish. Finally, inspect the finish with high intensity lighting to determine whether or not the desired level of paint correction has been achieved.


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