Meguiar's NXT All Metal Polysh

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We Say

Meguiar's NXT All Metal Polysh is an ideal product for lightly polishing exhaust tips and polished engine bay components that are already in good condition. It's one of those products for which the little and often rule stands; on our own cars, we tend to use it on a monthly basis after a routine wash.

Key Features

Adds Protection Yes (Anti-Corrosives)
Cut Level 2/10 (Compared To Others)
Shine Level 9/10 (Compared To Others)


Meguiar's NXT All Metal Polysh is an advanced metal polish that cleans and protects polished metal surfaces. Microscopic diminishing abrasives remove contaminants and tarnishing faster and more safely than traditional metal polishes, while anti-corrosive agents lock in the shine and protect against the elements.


More Information
Suitable For Hand Use Yes
Suitable For Machine Use Yes
Shine Level
Adds Protection Yes
Cut Level
Chemical Basis Solvent-based
Contains Abrasive Particles Yes
Contains Chemical Cleaners Yes

How To Use

Meguiar's NXT All Metal Polysh should be applied using a Meguiar's Soft Foam Applicator Pad and worked in as firmly and evenly as possible until only a thin haze remains. This haze should then be buffed off carefully using a PB Utility Towel, and the process repeated until the desired finish is achieved.


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