Lake Country Dual Action Backing Plate

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We Say

As you gain experience with your dual action machine polisher, you'll discover that the type of backing plate you use can make a noticeable difference to the polishing process in terms of comfort and control. Because these factors have a heavy bearing on the quality of the final result, we recommend using semi-rigid backing plates, as they are soft enough to help to dampen vibration from the machine yet firm enough to enable a significant amount of downward pressure to be applied when heavy correction work is being performed. Out of all of the dual action backing plate designs we've tested, we currently favour those manufactured by Lake Country, as they are extremely well made and yield consistent performance across the available size range.

Key Features

Diameter From 70 mm (Across The Face)
Net Weight From 82 g (Without Packaging)
Thread Size 5/16 UNF (Male)


The Lake Country Dual Action Backing Plate is constructed from semi-rigid polyurethane and strikes an excellent balance between comfort and control (i.e. it's soft enough to soak up vibrations well but firm enough to enable significant downward pressure to be applied). Further benefits of the Lake Country design include the hook and loop fastening material being moulded into the body of the plate, which eliminates the risk of delamination, and internal steel reinforcement, which affords extra strength without a significant weight penalty. The steel 5/16 UNF threaded post fits most entry level dual action machine polishers (such as the Deltalyo DAS6 Power+ Dual Action Polisher), while the hook and loop fastening material enables quick and easy pad exchanges. The Lake Country Dual Action Backing Plate is currently available in four different sizes.


More Information
Construction Flexible polyurethane and stainless steel
Dimensions ⌀ 70 mm x 15 mm (70 mm) ⌀ 90 mm x 15 mm (90 mm) ⌀ 125 mm x 15 mm (125 mm) ⌀ 150 mm x 15 mm (150 mm)
Net Weight 82 g (70 mm) 83 g (90 mm) 119 g (125 mm) 147 g (150 mm)
Thread Size 5/16 UNF (male)

How To Use

General usage notes: (i) always switch off your machine at the mains before fitting or removing a backing plate; (ii) always ensure that you tighten the backing plate sufficiently, but without over tightening it – a half turn of the spanner after it first pinches tight is usually sufficient for safe and effective use, and; (iii) always use an appropriate sized backing plate for the pad you are using – the pad should always protrude past the edge of the backing plate, never the other way around.


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