Gyeon Q²M WheelCovers


Protective slip-on covers for all types of wheels. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.

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We Say

For many years we've always used large bin bags to cover wheels to protect them against dust and splashes during major multi-day details. While this works fine, it's wasteful and doesn't look very professional. Gyeon Q²M Wheel Covers are a much better option, as they fit more snugly, offer more protection and look the part!

Key Features

Construction Polyester (Dominant Material)
Diameter 800 mm (Approximate Value)
Water Resistant Yes (Do Not Soak)


Gyeon Q²M WheelCovers are the perfect solution for protecting your wheels when your are detailing the rest of your car or when they are in storage. Comprising a durable polyester and heavy duty clips to ensure a snug fit, your wheels will be protected against dust and splashes. Four covers are supplied in each pack.


More Information
Water Resistant Yes
Solvent Resistant Yes
Construction 100% polyester
Dimensions ⌀ 800 mm

How To Use

Ensure your wheels are spotlessly clean and dry before fitting Gyeon Q²M WheelCovers to them. Slip each cover over the wheel and then connect the clips around the back to ensure a snug fit. Care instructions: (i) hand wash at 30°C, and; (ii) allow to dry naturally (do not tumble dry or hang on a radiator).


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