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FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner

Compact model for wet and dry extraction. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.
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Let's face it, some of the domestic vacuum cleaners on the market today look amazing but cost an arm and a leg, and they aren't really ideal for tougher jobs in the garage or for tidying up after a DIY session. Those of you who have regretted scuffing the sleek exterior of your 'best' hoover by tipping it over outside or marring its see-through dust bucket by filling it with the remnants of a wall will know this feeling only too well! In order to prevent such angst, we suggest purchasing a FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner for both garage and DIY use. Unlike most domestic vacuum cleaners, the FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner can be used for both wet and dry duties, which is a blessing if you are a detailing enthusiast, as this opens up the possibility of shampooing carpets and mats without having to pay for professional services. And, as you would expect from a German tool manufacturer, the FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner exudes quality, making many domestic vacuum cleaners look seriously overpriced.

Key Features

Peak Suction Rate 21,000 pa (Converted Value)
Power Rating 1250 W (Stated Input Value)
Warranty 2 Year (Return To Base)


The FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner is a compact vacuum cleaner that is simple to use and very easy to move around. It is ideal for cleaning vehicle interiors and automotive workshops, and comes supplied with an extensive range of suction tubes and attachments ideally suited to these tasks. The FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner features a powerful turbine that produces a strong vacuum (for dry use) and a high suction capacity (for wet use). It also features a level monitor with a built-in float valve, a power socket for additional tools and a manual filter cleaning function. The impact resistant body of the FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with smooth running wheels and swivel castors, a clip-on cable hook and built-in holders for suction tubes and attachments. The FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with a 5 m power cable and is supplied with a 3.5 m long suction hose, a hose diameter adaptor, two 0.5 m aluminium suction tubes, a fleece waste bag, a plastic waste bag, a crevice nozzle, a floor nozzle, a round brush, an upholstery nozzle and a two year return to base warranty.


More Information
AC-Powered Yes
Cable Length 5 m
Capacity 20 L (dry) and 11 L (wet)
CE Approved Yes
Dimensions 506 mm x 430 mm x 380 mm (excluding hose)
Hose Length 3.5 m
Net Weight 7.4 kg
Peak Airflow Rate 3600 L/min
Peak Suction Rate 21000 Pa
Plug Type UK 3-pin (G)
Power Rating 1250 W
Sound Pressure Level 88 dB(A)
Voltage 230 V
Warranty 2 year return to base

How To Use

The FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner is a power tool and thus subject to a number of health and safety risks that should be fully understood from the outset; please read the supplied instructions carefully. Although you will probably use your FLEX VC 21 L MC Safety Vacuum Cleaner for dry vacuuming most of the time, it can also be used to extract liquids from carpets and upholstery. For minor jobs of this nature, such as drying a set of floor mats after a quick scrub with a fabric cleaner, there is no need to make any adjustment to the machine, but for proper wet shampooing duties or vacuuming up significant spillages, you should remove the waste bag first and check that the level monitor is working properly; please read the supplied instructions for details.


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