Deltalyo DAS6 Power+ Dual Action Polisher


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We Say

The Deltalyo DAS6 Power+ Dual Action Polisher offers a powerful low risk route to gaining superior polishing results, particularly on hard paint types. Dual action machines work differently to their rotary counterparts, in that the polishing head oscillates randomly about a fixed point as it spins (hence the term dual action). This means that friction is vastly reduced, which limits the work rate and minimises the risk of burning the finish or removing too much paint. Free-spinning dual action polishers are thus ideal for enthusiasts seeking to correct paint defects without any fear of inflicting damage.

Key Features

Orbital Throw 8 mm (Free-Spinning)
Speed Range 2500 - 6800 opm (opm = orbits per minute)
Warranty 1 Year (Return To Base)


The Deltalyo DAS6 Power+ Dual Action Polisher is an entry level dual action polisher that is similar in style and function to the classic Deltalyo DAS6 Dual Action Polisher, albeit with a far greater amount of cutting power (850 watt motor versus 500 watt motor). Particular attention has been paid to the key issues of durability and vibration, and the use of high quality CNC machined internals reflects this. Each Deltalyo DAS6 Power+ Dual Action Polisher comes supplied with 125 mm and 150 mm backing plates, a spanner, a multi-position D-shaped handle, spare brushes and a one year return to base warranty.


More Information
AC-Powered Yes
Battery-Powered No
Battery Type n/a
Cable Length 5.8 m
CE Approved Yes
Dimensions 295 mm x 128 mm x 135 mm
Drive Type Random orbital (free-spinning)
Interchangeable Backing Plate Yes (70 mm, 90 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm)
Net Weight 2.9 kg
Orbital Throw 8 mm
Plug Type UK 3-pin (G)
Power Rating 850 W
Running Time n/a
Soft Start No
Sound Pressure Level 90 dB(A)
Speed Lock Yes
Speed Range 2500 - 6800 OPM
Supplied Backing Plate 125 mm and 150 mm
Thread Size 5/16 UNF (female)
Variable Speed Control Yes
Vibration Level (3 Axis) Unspecified
Voltage 230 V
Warranty 1 year return to base

How To Use

The Deltalyo DAS6 Power+ Dual Action Polisher is a power tool and thus subject to a number of health and safety risks that should be fully understood from the outset; please read the supplied instructions carefully. General usage notes: (i) always wear earplugs and safety spectacles when using a machine polisher; (ii) always tie back long hair and tuck away anything else that could accidentally get caught up (e.g. necklaces or headphone cables); (iii) always switch off your machine at the mains before fitting or swapping the backing plate; (iv) always route the cable up and over your opposite shoulder so as to avoid it coming into contact with the car; (v) always ensure that the pad is in contact with the bodywork when you switch the machine on and off - if you don't do this it's likely to fly off at high speed; (vi) always familiarise yourself fully with the instructions provided for the pads and polishes you are using, and adjust your technique accordingly (e.g. tool speed, arm speed and pressure); (vii) always let the machine do the bulk of the work - there is rarely any need to exert heavy pressure when machine polishing (if the current pad and polish you are using aren't delivering sufficient cut, step up to a more aggressive combination rather than trying to force the issue); (viii) always take a break if you notice that the machine is becoming hot during use - hot machines tend to transmit heat down into the backing plate and pad, which can result in the pad failing prematurely; (ix) always lay the machine on its back when it's not in use, to prevent the pad coming into contact with the ground, and; (x) avoid stepping on the power cable at all times.


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