Our Mission

We want to offer you a stand out shopping experience in the world of car care. We want to enable you to choose exactly the right products for your needs, without any guesswork or burdening you with trial and error. We want to empower you to achieve the best possible results with the products you buy from us, by offering you a wealth of free usage advice. We want you to be delighted with the products you buy from us, and to know that you haven’t just acquired products, but also the knowledge to improve your skills and better look after your cars. In line with these desires, our mission is to build an army of loyal customers just like you, who value this approach and who will help us to thrive by frequenting us with their custom and recommending us to their friends.

Our Values

DevotionNo matter how small or great the task, give it your all and exceed expectations.

EqualityTreat all customers equally, because they are all equally important.

EducationKnowledge is power, so empower customers by passing it on.

EmpathyGood communication costs very little, but is priceless to customers.

HonestyBe truthful at all times, because it ensures a good night’s sleep.

SustainabilityReduce our environmental footprint, because we only have one home.

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