Auto Finesse Power Seal


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We Say

Auto Finesse Power Seal is a durable polymer-based sealant designed to protect modern automotive paint finishes against bug splatter, bird droppings, road salt and harmful UV radiation from the sun. The formula, which contains exotic heat-reactive polymers and is thus best applied by machine, delivers a smooth glass-like finish with impressive levels of protection and durability. A minimum life expectancy of six months per application is realistic on daily drivers, but in our experience it often lasts for considerably longer.

Key Features

Beading 6/10 (Compared To Others)
Durability 6 Months + (Average Value)
Slickness 8/10 (Compared To Others)


Auto Finesse Power Seal is a solvent-based paint sealant that incorporates exotic cross-linking polymers and UV absorbers. In terms of aesthetics, it delivers a finish with glass-like reflectivity and sharpness, and sheets water extremely well. With regards to protection and durability, it offers excellent resistance to acid etching caused by bug splatter and bird droppings, and a single coat applied with a dual action machine will last for a minimum of six months on a daily driver.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Application Method By machine only
Durability 6 months +
Enhances Gloss Yes
Flake Pop
Layerable Yes (allow 12 hours between coats)
Recommended For All paint types and colours
Trim-Safe No

How To Use

Auto Finesse Power Seal should be applied to freshly cleansed paint using a dual action polisher fitted with a Gyeon Q²M Eccentric Finishing Pad. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per panel, and these should be spread and then worked in at around 4000-5000 orbits per minute (speed 4-5 on most dual action machine polishers) until only a light haze remains. This haze should then be buffed off carefully using a PB Deluxe Buffing Towel.


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