Introducing Bilt Hamber…

March 8th, 2016

Introducing Bilt Hamber...

While we pride ourselves on introducing innovative products to the market on a regular basis, we aren’t too proud to admit that sometimes we overlook the obvious and fail to take on certain lines quickly enough. Bilt Hamber products have been available for many years now, but for some inexplicable reason we’ve never taken them on, despite using some of their anti-corrosion products ourselves on a regular basis! However, on the back of many requests for us to stock the range, we acquired a complete set of samples last summer and have had them on test ever since. And unsurprisingly, they’ve all performed exceptionally well, earning their place in our store and filling some notable gaps in our line-up.

So, who are Bilt Hamber and what do their products offer? Well, Bilt Hamber Laboratories Ltd is a specialist UK-based formulator and manufacturer of anti-corrosion coatings and car care products. Since its inception in 1995, Bilt Hamber has always relied on ground-breaking research, innovative chemistry and comprehensive laboratory testing to produce better performing products. Every product they release for sale is extensively compared to, and tested for superiority against, market leading and specialist competitive formulations. Put simply, if, for whatever reason, Bilt Hamber find themselves unable to produce a better product than the competition in a given niche, they won’t release their own product at all.

In the early years, Bilt Hamber established their reputation with a string of successes in the field of anti-corrosion coatings, while latterly they have arguably become equally as well known for their range of car care products, many of which have won awards in the mainstream motoring press. Of particular note when it comes to their car care products is their reliance, wherever possible, on the use of environmentally-friendly ingredients. Founder and director of the business, Peter Hamber, still formulates with the explicit aim of optimising product performance first and foremost, but says that there is no excuse for not using the friendliest possible chemicals in the process, particularly with regards to biodegradability.

Which products are the stand outs in the range? This is a tough one to answer, as they are all very good, but for us the main highlights are auto-wash, auto-wheel, cleanser-polish, double speed-wax and surfex-HD. Bilt Hamber auto-wash is a highly concentrated pure shampoo that works brilliantly and offers class leading value for money. Bilt Hamber auto-wheel takes the concept of safe yet fast-acting wheel cleaning a step further by combining powerful iron-dissolving ingredients with grime-busting surfactants. Bilt Hamber cleanser-polish is simply outstanding; in a single step it polishes out minor defects, fills any remaining ones and lays down a basecoat of resin-based protection, making it an ideal preparatory product for all synthetic paint sealants.

Moving on, Bilt Hamber double speed-wax is notable for its hybrid formulation, which combines a state of the art hydrophobic polymer with carnauba wax to give a last step product that is virtually detergent-proof and which beads water like crazy (this not only looks awesome, but also tends to wash away fresh dirt and grime, giving a partial self-cleaning effect). A further benefit of the hybrid design is a balanced aesthetic; double speed-wax gives a sharper, more reflective look than most waxes, but is warmer and glossier looking than most sealants (i.e. it gives the best of both worlds). Finally, Bilt Hamber surfex-HD is an environmentally-friendly water-based all-purpose cleaner that provides a level of cleaning power that rewrites the rule book.

We could go on… air con bomb CITRUS and auto-balm are also excellent, and neatly fill gaps in our line-up that have existed for several years (namely an air conditioning system sanitiser and an anti-corrosion sealant). In summary, the Bilt Hamber range has a lot to offer. Every product performs in the way described and is supplied in durable packaging. Bilt Hamber strongly believe in letting the performance of their products do the talking, as opposed to relying on marketing hype, and if you search online you’ll find countless positive reviews supporting this. We’re delighted to have finally added their car care product range to our store, and will be taking on more of their anti-corrosion products later this year (in readiness for winter preparation).

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9 Responses to “Introducing Bilt Hamber…”

  1. Mark Chambers says:

    I’ve used Bilt Hamber products for some years and believe them to be some of the very best on the market. Auto-Wheel is the best alloy cleaner I’ve use bar none and Surfex-HD is an extremely powerful degreaser and cleaner. All are good value and concentrated so can be diluted down many times. I’d encourage anyone to try out Bilt Hamber products. Thanks PB for making it even easier for me to buy them!

  2. Steve Emmerson says:

    I’ve been using Bilt Hamber products for a while now, especially the alloy wheel cleaner and waxes, which incidentally are superb (and made and developed in the UK). I have had to order through eBay in the past and then buy my other detailing products from Polished Bliss, not any more… great move Polished Bliss, well done!

  3. Adam Turner says:

    Brill – I’ve done reviews on Detailing World comparing these products to other brands, and Bilt Hamber comes up top nearly every time, and is great value for money.

  4. John Shinie says:

    Great news! Auto-Wheel is my wheel cleaner of choice and Korrosol is my fall-out remover of choice. Surfex-HD is a great product too – used it to remove old dried in oil on tarmac. Not an easy thing to achieve. Result – gone completely! Their rust removing products are the best I’ve tried to date.

  5. @Mark Chambers @Steve Emmerson @Adam Turner @John Shinie Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences; it’s great to hear that you already know the products well, and that you rate them so highly.

  6. Darren Wilson says:

    Hi guys, great to see the Bilt Hamber stuff on your site. I’ve used their anti-corrosion items before but will now be using their car care items as well, as I have always found the quality to be excellent. On a side note, from time to time you drop products from your site/range, but with no specific reason why – they just disappear! Recently I noticed the Wolf’s Chemicals range was dropped, along with some Nanolex items. It would be handy to know the reasons why, as if there is a durability (or some other performance) issue then it would save me going elsewhere to buy something with an issue. Thanks, Darren.

  7. @Darren Wilson We understand where you’re coming from, but in most cases it wouldn’t be right for us to make a point of stating our reasons, as to do so could impact unfairly on the brand in question. Just because a product or brand under performs in our store and gets dropped doesn’t mean it’s bad or should be avoided. Rather, it simply means that the majority of our customers prefer other products we stock, and unfortunately we can’t afford to keep slow sellers on the shelves. Due to our policy of only stocking tried and tested products, it’s rarely a performance issue that causes us to drop a product or brand. Instead, it’s usually down to poor demand or persistent supply chain problems. We hope this helps to reassure you!

  8. Darren Wilson says:

    Thats cleared it up, thanks :)

  9. Jack says:

    I think this brand brings such good quality for the money. I managed to find what I wanted at an unbeatable price and cannot wait for my delivery to arrive!

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