Menzerna Polishing Programme

September 29th, 2015

Our newly revised Menzerna line up...

Earlier this year Menzerna announced that they were revising their labelling scheme yet again, but the good news is they’ve finally got it right! The revised product names are all unique and incorporate cut level information (where applicable), which makes it much easier to understand the range, and the newly designed labels (with colour-coding) really look the part too, which makes it easier to pick up the right bottle in the heat of the moment. To say that we’re delighted with the new scheme (formally termed the Menzerna Polishing Programme) is an understatement, as it’s eliminated potential confusion between similar products and brought the brand image right up to date with a bold, fresh look. To help you get to grips with the revised labelling (and understand its historical context) we’ve condensed everything you need to know into a short set of bullet points and a single infographic…

• The Menzerna Polishing Programme comprises four process-based categories, which are colour-coded for easy recognition: (1) Heavy Cut (Red); (2) Medium Cut (Yellow); (3) Finish (Green), and; (4) Protect (Blue).

• Within each process-based category relevant products are positioned in one of four descriptive groups: (A) Standard Products (for all common applications); (B) Alternative Products (for non-standard applications); (C) Special Products (that cover more than one process or have special performance characteristics), and; (D) Accessory Products.

• Standard Products and Alternative Products falling into the Heavy Cut, Medium Cut and Finish categories have unique names ending in a four digit number. The first digit in this number reflects the process category (1 for Heavy Cut, 2 for Medium Cut and 3 for Finish), while the last three digits reflect the relative cut level of the product compared to others in the same category (the smaller the number the more abrasive the product).

• Standard Products and Alternative Products falling into the Protect category have unique names (the number 4 appears on their labels too, to confirm the process category they belong too).

• Special Products and Accessory Products have unique names (and, in some cases, inclusive numbers) that are unrelated to process categories or cut levels. Special Products also feature a silver label (instead of black) to help differentiate them.

• On the following infographic we’ve included the former codes that the products were known by (in the grey tabs beneath each product label) to provide a useful historical context. Note that some old favourites, such as 203S and 85RE, have been discontinued. In addition, we’ve lightly greyed out those products that we are not currently stocking (either due to significant overlap with other products or because they aren’t to our liking).

The Menzerna Polishing Programme explained...

To keep the above guide to the Menzerna Polishing Programme simple we’ve deliberately omitted detailed information about the performance characteristics of the various products in the range and their suitability for different paint types and tasks. To discover more, please review the detailed product description pages in the following brand section of our store – Menzerna Car Care & Detailing Products. As usual, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or pick up the phone – we’re always happy to help.

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3 Responses to “Menzerna Polishing Programme”

  1. T.Blackett says:

    I intend to use Menzerna Power Lock on a car polished with Autoglym polish. Do you think this will give any problems?

  2. @T.Blackett – As long as the Autoglym product doesn’t lay down any wax then the Power Lock (which is fully synthetic) should sit on top of it quite happily.

  3. tjbakewell says:

    Literally the best polish on the market. Arrived today and genuinely in shock, it made such a huge difference. I have never really paid close attention to detailing my car, but now it’s something I will always be staying on top of.

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