A very special charity auction…

April 22nd, 2015

A very special charity auction... for Polished Bliss themed Originals!

In line with the changes we’ve made to our business model over the last eighteen months, we’ve decided to shift the focus of our charity fundraising efforts. In the past we hosted events at our premises in Kintore and raised money for local charities and causes. However, with the adoption of our e-commerce only approach to business, from now on we will be raising money for both national and international charities via participation in external events. To get the ball rolling Angela applied to run in this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon, and was lucky enough to be allocated a place in the bequest draw (a miracle given that over 125,000 people apply each year and only 1 in 7 end up being allocated a place via the ballot and bequest draws). Training quickly commenced, and has since included half- and full marathons over in Walt Disney World in Florida…

Angela ran half- and full marathons over in Walt Disney World in January.

With her place secured, we set about choosing two charities for her to run for. In the end we settled on WaterAid and Plan. We chose WaterAid because of the obvious links to what we do as a business. We are profoundly fortunate to live in a country where access to safe water and adequate sanitation is a given, and where water can be used freely for all manner of commercial and recreational purposes, including relatively trivial tasks such as cleaning cars. We chose Plan because it’s a cause very close to Angela’s heart. Our daughters are lucky enough to be growing up in a society that for the most part empowers them, but the same cannot be said for many young girls around the world who are far less fortunate. Plan supports girls’ rights to live safe from violence, to go to school, to take key roles in their communities, to marry who they want when they want, and to have their voices heard.

Virgin Money London MarathonIn support of WaterAidPlan - Because I am a Girl

In total we are hoping to raise over £1500 for the above charities. To get the ball rolling Polished Bliss Ltd made a one-off donation of £500 to Angela’s Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page in early March. Friends and family have now begun making their donations and will be continuing to do so over the next couple of weeks, no doubt spurred on by Stephen Fry talking about Angela and her running antics in this amusing fundraising film. If you would like to support Angela by making a donation via her Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page it would be greatly appreciated. However, if you have deep pockets and are feeling really generous please read on, as our good friends at Auto Finesse have jumped in to help our cause via a charity auction…

Since the middle of last year Auto Finesse have been producing an extremely limited run of collector’s edition waxes dubbed the Originals. Each glass jar in the Originals range is individually hand painted by world renowned pinstriper Neil Melliard of Prosign, the very man responsible for the stunning hand painted vintage sign-writing on the immense VW MK1 Caddy pickup truck that rocked the Auto Finesse show stand during 2014. From copper and gold leafs to flame effects and hypnotic pinstripes, each of Neil’s creations is eye-catching and unique, and none more so than when he adds traditional lettering into the mix too. The Originals are usually only available from Auto Finesse directly, but to assist our cause they’ve very kindly had three Polished Bliss themed jars made specifically for us to auction off. If you want to get your hands on one of them, read on…

All three jars feature the same design, but as a result of being hand painted they are all slightly different and thus unique. This design has never been used before and will never be used again; this really is a one-off opportunity to own a little bit of history between two pivotal brands in the detailing scene. All three jars are filled with Auto Finesse Illusion, which recently won ‘best wax’ in the 2014 Detailing World product awards, and a standard tub of Illusion will be included free with each one (allowing you to enjoy using Illusion without disturbing the wax in your collector’s jar). The auction will run in the usual way, subject to the terms and conditions provided below; please read them carefully before bidding. Thank you in advance!

All three jars feature the same design, but as a result of being hand painted they are all slightly different and thus unique...

All three jars feature the same design, but as a result of being hand painted they are all slightly different and thus unique...

*** UPDATED 29/04/15 ***

Well, we had a fantastic long weekend away down in London, and Ange did us proud by running a brilliantly paced time of 04:43:38 (with a particularly strong finish, overtaking 1254 runners in the last 7.2km, and only being overtaken by 55 others in the same stint!). Considering how tough marathon running is she is recovering well; no hobbling or moaning, just a little bit tender and sore. Massive thanks to all of the bidders so far; it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a last minute flurry in the run up to midday on Friday!

Angela paced herself well and finished strongly in 04:43:38...

Terms & Conditions

1. The auction will run with immediate effect until midday (BST) on Friday 1st May 2015.

2. You are bidding for one of the three Polished Bliss themed Originals jars shown in the images above; the jar you receive if you place a winning bid will be selected at random. If you place a winning bid you will also receive a standard tub of Auto Finesse Illusion for free.

3. To place a bid you must use the comment box below. You must enter your full name (forename and surname) in the Name field, and your e-mail address in the E-mail field (this will not be published online). Please make sure that you enter your e-mail address correctly, as we will use it to contact you should you end up placing a winning bid.

4. Each bid must be placed in pounds sterling (GBP) using the following format – £0.00. Each bid must be higher than the preceding bid, otherwise it will be disqualified and removed. No other comments or questions should be posted. If you include other comments or questions with your bid they will be removed. Any comments or questions relating to this auction should be directed to us using the e-mail address or telephone number given on the contact us page of our website.

5. There is no limit on the number of bids you may place. Once the auction has ended the three highest bids will be declared the winners, and the respective bidders will be contacted by e-mail to arrange payment and confirm shipping details. Payment will be required to be made directly to Angela’s Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page, which will also allow you to Gift Aid your bid if you are a UK taxpayer.

6. If you place a winning bid but fail to respond to the above e-mail or pay the bid in full within 24 hours of the auction ending, your bid will be disqualified and the next highest bidder will be declared a winner by default, and will be notified in the same way, and so on and so forth, until the three jars have been claimed and paid for.

7. Our normal cancellation and returns policies do not apply to this auction. Once a winning bid has been paid via Angela’s Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page, all rights to a refund are waived, with the sole exception of a lost in transit situation, in which case we will either have another jar made for you, or else will refund you in full if this is not possible.

8. In line with the terms set out on the Delivery Information page of our website, we will only ship winning bids to addresses in the UK, the Channel Islands, Belgium, France (excluding les DOM-TOM), Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Denmark (excluding the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain (excluding the Canary Islands). If you place a winning bid but are unable to provide us with a shipping address in one of these countries your bid will be disqualified.

9. Names and e-mail addresses will be used strictly in line with our privacy policy.

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    £325 (withdrawn by e-mail dated 30/04/2015 12:42)

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    £330 (withdrawn by e-mail dated 30/04/2015 00:25)

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  12. And that’s the gavel banged down! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the auction, and also to the very kind souls who made donations via Angela’s Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page. The winners are (1) Lee Fenton £350 (2) Garham Bartl £331 and (3) Lewis Mutch £315. All three winners will now be contacted by e-mail to arrange payment and shipping.

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