Showcase Film – STATE OF OUR ART

July 14th, 2014

The advent of a number of new product technologies and application techniques has profoundly altered the nature of detailing in recent years, to the point now where a lot of existing car care advice needs to be torn up and rewritten. In line with this, we’ve become increasingly aware that some of the advice presented on our own website needs to be updated to reflect this period of rapid evolution in detailing, and late last year we drafted a plan to get the ball rolling, starting with a new showcase film demonstrating the state of our art. Accordingly, we set to work in January this year, filming a cutting edge detail performed on the iconic Porsche 911 Turbo that has graced our home page for the last four years…

With the footage in the bag, we then started searching for a suitable backing track, and thought we’d cracked it when we heard Butterfly by Bassnectar & Mimi Page. However, as has proved to be the case in the past, obtaining a commercial music licence is far from easy when you’re a small business, and come April we were still in limbo. Rather than waste any more time, we started searching again, this time restricting ourselves to royalty free music. And, after many hours of auditioning, we finally struck gold in the Vimeo Music Store, with Hold Your Breath by Keswik & Protohype. With the track bought, the editing began in earnest in May. And what a job it turned out to be (note to self; never pick a dubstep track again)!

Nevertheless, despite the delays and technical challenges (the editing process ultimately took well over 100 hours to complete, due to the complexity of the backing track), we’re finally delighted to present our new showcase film, which we’ve simply entitled ‘STATE OF OUR ART’. This name perfectly captures our original intent, which was to produce a feature film demonstrating how we have adopted innovative new products and techniques into our detailing regimen. As well as serving as a foundation stone for us to begin updating some of the car care advice presented on our own website, we hope that it will cause you to stop and marvel at how quickly detailing is evolving, and inspire you to broaden your horizons.

Viewing notes: Due to the length and high definition quality of the film, we recommend that you pause playback immediately and then allow it to pre-load completely before watching it. If it still does not play perfectly smoothly, try watching it on a more powerful playback device, or else turn HD off and watch it in SD instead. The sound quality used is equally good as the 1080p footage, so if you are able to play the film through a cinema surround sound system or through good quality headphones you will enjoy it all the more!

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16 Responses to “Showcase Film – STATE OF OUR ART”

  1. Buck says:

    Amazing…as always. Great editing Rich so worth the 100+ hours of time spent on it. All I can say is that it’s in a great state – keep it up!

  2. AlanJ says:

    Showing off your editing skills Rich – and Clark’s detailing skills but what a great combination. You realise your next video needs to be even better though!? Well done.

  3. Oliver says:

    Jak zwykle niesamowicie! Poprzeczka podniesiona niezwykle wysoko! [Incredible as usual! You raised the bar very high indeed!]

  4. Chris Dyson says:

    Excellent detailing as usual. If I needed any inspiration this would certainly do the trick. Great to catch a glimpse of some of the different products and techniques used.

    Technically very competant editing but as far as the backing track goes… I take you have heard of iron pyrite! A simple voiceover might be more informative and easier on the ears. Like the design of the Porsche being detailed, you can’t beat simplicity.

  5. Daines says:

    Simply amazing guys!

  6. @Buck @AlanJ @Oliver @Daines Cheers chaps, we’re glad you liked it. We have no idea where we go from here in terms of raising the bar again in future, but we’ll see – we’ll think of something!

    @Chris Dyson Cheers Chris, as long as it’s inspiring then that’s good enough for us. We appreciate that the track might be a bit out there for some folk, but sometimes it’s necessary to shake things up a bit! It was important to make this film stand out from our previous efforts, as it’s all about moving with the times and embracing change.

  7. Jay @Miglior says:

    Absolutely stunning guys, well done!

  8. Mark M says:

    Fantastic detailing and editing guys. Especially likes the section with the heat lamps and the Turbo wing/intake :-)

  9. Kev Taylor says:

    Love the track, love the editing and love the commitment to high standards and the strive for perfection from all at PB. Great work. Looking forward to the updates on advice on the website to coincide with the new products and innovations.

  10. @Jay @Mark @Kev Cheers guys, thanks for the kind words. We must now get on with rewriting the guides… plenty of late nights are going to be required!

  11. Top work chaps in both the video making and the work on the Porsche! Love following your day to day work, as well as ordering from you, always hassle free with great service! Look forward to the future in dealing with you. Aaron

  12. Cheers Aaron, much appreciated!

  13. Martin Dean says:

    Fantastic video! Really inspiring. Thanks chaps!

  14. Dave Sykes says:

    What a great video… the attention to detail looks epic on that 993. Great editing, soundtrack is perfect.

  15. Paul Harrison says:

    Sorry folks, 1m 47s was as much as could take. Why why why would you want to spoil the video with those appalling visual effects, just like Top of the Pops used to do in the 70’s? I don’t want to twist the knife but I can turn off the volume to get rid of the equally irritating music but the visuals I am stuck with. Probably as bad a video as I have seen.

  16. @Paul – Each to their own! If you prefer a less energetic viewing experience you may find our Enzo Ferrari Ne Plus Ultra film more appealing. It’s free of effects, more gently paced and set to soothing music too.

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