Werkstat Acrylic Demo Video

February 18th, 2013

For the benefit of anyone with hearing difficulties, here is the audio transcript in full; if there is anything else we can do to make our videos more accessible, please don’t hesitate to let us know…

“Hello, this is Rich at Polished Bliss, and in this video I’m going to tell you a little bit about Werkstat Acrylic, and how it’s earned its place as the best selling paint protection system in our store for the last three years running.

The first important point to note is that Werkstat Acrylic is a system. While the individual products can be bought and used on their own, we know from experience that they work best when used together, and in the intended order, which is as follows…

Werkstat Prime Acrylic is the first product in the system, and is an intensive chemical paint cleaner that also lays down a protective basecoat of nano-acrylic polymers. You should aim to use it once every six months to clean and prime your paint ready for fresh layers of protection. No matter how clean you think your paint is, even after claying it thoroughly first, it always draws out more dirt and grime, sullying your microfibre applicator pad in the process!

Werkstat Acrylic Jett Trigger is the second product in the system, and is a fully sprayable sealant that adds intense gloss and long lasting protection. You should apply an initial coat immediately after using Prime Acrylic, and then add a fresh coat or two every couple of months thereafter. Put simply, the more layers you build up, the better the finish becomes, both in terms of looks and longevity. No other last step product we stock is as quick and easy to use, whether in spray on wipe off mode, or in wipe on wipe off mode, as some detailers prefer.

Werkstat Acrylic Glos is the third product in the system, and is an ultra-slick quick detailing spray that tops up gloss and protection levels after routine washing and drying. It’s worth noting that panels don’t have to be completely dry before use, so you can actually use Acrylic Glos to aid the drying process. Furthermore, it can also be used to loosen the residue of Prime Acrylic should you over-apply it and then find it difficult to remove.

The finish produced by the Werkstat Acrylic system is characterised by a razor sharp, wet looking shine and, on metallic and pearlescent finishes, the most intense degree of flake pop imaginable; silvers and greys in particular sparkle beautifully in the sun after being treated with the full array of products. All of this is thanks to the nano-acrylic polymers that the system uses, which smooth the paint surface and enhance the transmission of light.

In summary, Werkstat Acrylic is a complete paint protection system that cleans, protects and maintains. It’s really easy to use, delivers a knockout finish on metallic and pearlescent paints and is highly durable too. If you like your car to look amazing but don’t have much time for detailing then Werkstat Acrylic is definitely for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details provided on the contact us page of our website.”

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14 Responses to “Werkstat Acrylic Demo Video”

  1. Simon says:

    Fantastic video! I’ve been a fan of Werkstat for a few years.

  2. Craig Young says:

    Have to agree on every level and I think sales tell it also. Fantastic product which I just love to use.

    I use Prime in almost every detail I do even if its just for the chrome work. Shines and protects in one easy step.

    How much can be said for the Carnauba kit? Does this pull off the same trick on darker/solid paints as well as the Acrylic set?

    Thanks for the video it has been missed. An enjoyable and informative watch. Looking forward to more.


  3. @Craig – In our opinion the Carnauba kit is equally as good when used on warm solid mid-tone colours such as reds and yellows. However, sales have never been as good for it, because many people seem to prefer to use paste waxes when they opt for a carnauba finish. You can’t win them all!

  4. Ryan Nelson says:

    Acrylic Jett has worked well during the cold winter months, such an easy to use product to use for topping up the protection. The car is really easy to clean as well, just a misting of citrus power and then the power washer shifts the salt with ease.

  5. Scott says:

    Hi, is this stuff ok on the rubber and trim?

    Also, I have Car-lack 68 NSC and Sealant kit, I’ve read that they are basically the same ingredients as Werkstat, does that mean I can get away with using these topped by Glos?

    Many thanks.

  6. @Scott – Both Acrylic Jett Trigger and Acrylic Glos are trim-safe and actually very good trim protectants (they preserve the existing look but add nice beading). However, you would not be wise to attempt to use Prime Acrylic on bare plastic and rubber surfaces, as the cleaners in it will cause some staining. With regards to the Car-Lack products, they do indeed use the same base ingredients (although the final formulas are different) so you will be able to use Glos on top of them.

  7. Graeme says:

    Sorry guys I’m not a huge fan of werkstatt having used the carnauba spray.
    I find it much harder to use than depicted and even using small amounts difficult to remove and most of the time leaves streaking.

    This effect is much amplified in the sun.

  8. @Graeme – In fairness it is the Acrylic line of products that is depicted, not the Carnauba range, and there are differences between the two both in terms of what they contain and how easy they are to use. However, your findings are still a little surprising. We’ve encountered streaking before when we’ve attempted to work outside in the sun with it (never really a good idea with carnauba containing products), but we’ve never found it hard to buff off – are you misting and buffing straight away, or working in some other way?

  9. Kamran says:

    I’m interested in buying this Werkstat Acrylic set, this is the first time I have came across it and it looks amazing and reviews are great. I’m confused in understanding if I can incorporate other products to be used along with this set. Simply I wanted to also use a polish, wax and a sealant. Does anyone have any advice, it would be much appreciated?

  10. @Kamran – There really is no need to use any other preparation or protection products in conjunction with the Werkstat Acrylic Kit; this is because the Werkstat system covers both steps fully and works best when used alone. However, for reference, you can of course use an abrasive cutting polish before applying the Werkstat products (to cut back the paint and remove any defects) and you can apply traditional sealants and waxes on top of the Werkstat system if you wish (either to add more protection or to add a wax type look to the finish). However, we would always recommending layering further coats of Acrylic Jett Trigger rather than switching to alternative products.

  11. Jay Hibberd says:

    These Werkstat products look really effective – plus video is great. I may have to give them a try myself. I’d also recommend giving Bilt Hamber’s cleanser-polish a try!

  12. @Jay – Thanks! You really can’t go wrong with Werkstat Acrylic – it really is a pleasure to use. And funnily enough, Bilt Hamber is on our list of ranges to test later this year!

  13. mark wade says:

    Hi, I have a white pearlescent lexus ct 200 and I am very interested in the werkstat acrylic system. Do I still need to polish beforehand? I have also just bought a pb foam lance kit – will that still be ok to use? Great video.

  14. @Mark – If your paint is already in great condition then there’s no need to polish it before applying the Werkstat products. However, if there are any visible defects (marring, swirl marks, etc) that you’d like to remedy then we’d suggest using Menzerna 203S first in order to gently cut the paint back and remove these. Your foam lance kit will work perfectly once the paint is protected with the Werkstat products – in fact you’ll find that the foam works even better than before, thanks to the slickness of the Werkstat surface, which enables dirt and grime to be washed off more easily.

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