Win a FLEX Machine Polisher!

December 13th, 2012

Win a FLEX machine polisher!

It’s fair to say that the FLEX XC 3401 VRG Positive Drive Orbital Polisher has had a significant impact on the way that Clark works in our detailing studio. With the power reserves of a traditional rotary polisher on tap, albeit it in a more user-friendly format that doesn’t generate as much heat or inflict holograms, he is now able to deliver a higher level of correction on time-limited enhancement details, and the usual near-perfect results of full correction details without having to work night shifts all week long! Consequently, we think that the FLEX XC 3401 VRG Positive Drive Orbital Polisher is pretty much the perfect machine polisher. For enthusiasts, it’s a purchase for life; a top quality tool that will do everything you ever ask of it, with minimal risk and an easy learning curve. And for professional detailers, it’s a no-brainer; who wouldn’t to be able to deliver better polishing results in less time, given that time is money in the trade? The only downside is the relatively high price, but fear not, because we’re offering you the chance to get your hands on a FLEX XC 3401 VRG Positive Drive Orbital Polisher for free. Okay, not for free; we need you to do just one thing for us…

To enter our free prize draw to win a FLEX XC 3401 VRG Positive Drive Orbital Polisher, simply answer the following questions by leaving a comment below; full answers would be appreciated, as your opinion counts and will help us to meet your car care needs even better in future.

1. What product lines should we consider adding to our store next year, and why?

2. What should we do next year to improve the experience that our website offers?

3. What should we do next year to improve the level of customer service we offer?

The Rules

1. Only one entry per person please; multiple entries will be disqualified.

2. Automated entries, bulk entries or third party entries will be disqualified.

3. The draw is open to residents of the UK, the Channel Islands, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Monaco, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway and Switzerland.

4. Entries from residents of countries not listed above will be disqualified.

5. The draw will run with immediate effect until 10 am (GMT) on 18th December 2012.

6. The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries at 11 am (GMT) on 18th December 2012.

7. The winner will be contacted using the e-mail address they use to enter their comment.

8. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.

9. Your name and e-mail address will be used strictly in line with our privacy policy.

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104 Responses to “Win a FLEX Machine Polisher!”

  1. Andrew Gibson says:

    1. I think that the G-Techniq ranges should be added to your range next year, I believe that this will compliment greatly the already vast range of products available, and its a very good and popular product range.

    2. This is a difficult one as the website is top notch as it is, you have pretty much all the important areas covered. A possible coming soon page may be of benefit. A live chat feature would be very handy but getting the man power may be a problem!

    3. Again as answer 2 customer service is at a very high standard as it is, all order processes are well notified and all queries answered sharply. The only problem I had was carriage to NI, but that has also been covered! One nice little item would be small sample items on new products with large orders over a certain amount.

  2. Gurcan says:

    1. Autoglym bulk don’t know if it’s just me but I think most of the range does what it should at a good price.

    2. Keep doing what your doing as can’t fault anything maybe more demo videos.

    3. Customer service I’ve never had a problem so would be hard to say how to improve it. Even on DW I see how much you do to help people like trying to find someone that left a message about a G220 but could not catch the number that was left. What more can you do I don’t know. Oh and you do free delivery what more can anyone want. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nick S says:

    1. I think a worthy addition would be more hardware such as pressure washers & accessories, axle stands, torque wrenches, vacuum cleaner attachments, lighting and so forth. I currently go elsewhere for such items but would choose PB if you sold them.

    2. A ‘my account’ feature whereby you can track previous orders (via uploaded courier refs), and see your purchase history. It’d also be good to show a rough ETA of out of stock lines, and an ability to back order them so you don’t miss out when PB only get nominal amounts of stock. I’d welcome a mobile version of your site too as I do quite a bit of ordering via my phone.

    3. I’d welcome a text from the courier on the day of delivery – something some companies offer. Aside from this the PB customer service is second to none!

  4. Richard Perry says:

    1. I think Gtechniq would be a good addition to the store. I know you have Nanolex already but the former do seem to offer better value for money and the products work brilliantly. They also seem to have captured the market better than Nanolex going by the threads on DW.

    2. I honestly can’t think of anything you can do to improve it. You have fantastic guides and an easy to navigate website.

    3. From my own experience everything has been brilliant with your customer service. Dispatched emails sent quickly, if there is an issue you with an order you have contacted me quickly and when there has been an issue (only the once) this was rectified quickly.

  5. Rob Tyler says:

    1. I think next years product lines should follow the latest in technology and design. I think it is too early to specify exact products and ranges, as I believe 2013 will bring further advancements with glass coatings already in production and no doubt much more to come. Perhaps some slightly obscure products like plasti dip and vinyl wrap/window tint film for those that wish to DIY?

    2. The website currently offers a very thorough extent of information relating to car care products and services including the fantastic blog and photos. Perhaps a mini forum for customers to ask their own questions?

    3. Again, the level of service at PB has always been fantastic, my recommendation to improve would be to keep ensuring that every customer is treated individually as with most prestige services, this is vital.

  6. Roberto says:

    1.- Acabo de descubrir esta página y la verdad es que la cantidad y calidad de los productos es extraordinaria. Quizás echo de menos una sección con coatings, que están tan de moda últimamente. La marca G-Techniq como bien dicen, que también tiene productos muy interesantes.

    2.- Tampoco puedo poner ninguna pega. Es el sitio web de venta de productos de detail más completo que he visto, con consejos de utilización, descripción detallada del producto e incluso algún video. Faltaría completar videos de algunos productos.

    3.- Lo único malo que veo son algunos precios, que en comparación con otras tiendas son un poco más altos, y en el caso de productos que no se encuentran con facilidad en España, resultan algo caros si se les suman los gastos de envío.

  7. Shaun Wistow says:

    1. Autobrite range would be a good addition to the numerous manufacturers you already support. I have found the AB range to be very good & they do what they are designed for.

    2. I have always found your website to be easy to use. Perhaps a live chatbox function &/or forum.

    3. Not sure how you could improve as I have always found you to be very prompt. Perhaps contact from the courier to give a rough timescale on delivery.

  8. Mark Luffman says:

    1. Already stated but I also think Autoglym products in bulk as everyone has/ or will have them in their detailing arsenal. An excellent brand for beginners/ novices and pro’s alike. I would certainly order more from you and pick up other products whilst shipping.

    2. How about a gallery section where people can post pictures of their cars (not complete details, just a favourite finished shot) of course using the products that they purchased from you. Can give customers an idea of what products could/would work on their car. Not everyone is on DW to get ideas from.

    3. I would drop the free postage and set a limit of a £50 spend to get this. Although it’s a nice feature I don’t think people expect this and assume it’s just been added to the price of the products, but appreciate free postage when they have spent a bit of money with you. I also don’t rate City Link as a courier (I have to get anything brought from you sent to a different address and then I have to go collect it from them, pain!). I prefer the service provided by say DPD. I would probably order everything I need from you if you did point 1 and 3.

  9. Albert says:

    1. I think PB should add some brand which is not available in UK yet and my vote go for Monello.

    2. Will be nice to see more how to videos and products reviews.

    3. I know you are busy at your unit and not always sit on front of PC but will be nice to add live chat so you can ask and answer straight away.

  10. Jon Birch says:

    1. I’ve always thought that even though PB has products for every budget, it punches at the top end of the market in terms of service level and professionalism. Therefore, I would love to see some high profile, top end brands added – Polish Angel, possibly Mitchell & King depending on their go-to-market sales strategy. It would also be great to see PB team up with a chemist and develop some of their own bespoke products.

    2. The website is already very clear and easy to use. I would like to see more product videos and demonstrations to improve the user experience.

    3. The customer service I’ve received from PB has always been first class, so from a customer point of view, just keep on doing what you’re doing! Thanks again guys for the great service!

  11. Andrew Rose says:

    1. The polished bliss website offers products that cover all aspects of detailing & many times over, that’s why we love it! Have you not thought about other “restoration” type products like rust converters, etch primer, paint, plating kits, etc, etc. I tend to have to buy these items from numerous different suppliers, now if only there was a one stop shop hmmm.

    2. The websites a cracker! There is sooooo much info on here its crazy, I can’t think how to improve it. May be more videos for us to drool over.

    3. Customer service is top notch, I think if anything a courier service that does offer the text & emails with delivery times would improve things, even if only very slightly. How about loyalty reward scheme?

  12. jules baird says:

    1. Perhaps you could stock a range of post valet/detail products, e.g. air fresheners, paper floor mats, disposable seat covers, etc.
    2. No problem with the website the way it is.
    3. l am shocked to see that you are not open Feb 29th on non-leap years!

  13. Matt Austin says:

    1) I would say more hardware items as currently look for these elsewhere.

    2) The website is bang on, full of info, easy to navigate, maybe more vids showcasing your top notch work.

    3) I am unable to fault your customer service, having a text service from courier would be helpful but this is being ultra critical!

  14. Paul Warne says:

    1.) Pressure Washers perhaps? You sell all the attachments for these, and as a recent purchaser of one, it’s a mine field knowing what to go for.

    2.) Personalisation. Add your cars colour in and the use of the car (e.g. daily driver, weekend car, show car) and the products that are best suited to your vehicle are displayed.

    3.) Customer service is great; perhaps offering people a choice of delivery methods would be nice, e.g. my ‘local’ City Link depot is a good 40 mins away. I’d prefer things sent via Royal Mail, as then it’s only 10 mins to collect items. I’m scratching round for ideas here though!

  15. C Griffiths says:

    1. Polish Angel, been using this for the past month or 2 now and I’m so impressed. It keeps in with the sites direction of only offering top quality products.

    2. Maybe add a forum section. So people can show results they get themselves from using products bought at your store, people can also ask questions if needed.

    3. I don’t think you can, every order arrives silly fast and all staff are very clued up on the products. To me that’s everything I need!!

  16. Barry Rowe says:

    1, I think you should add the Finish Kare range as its very popular & great stuff.

    2, Nothing needed really as its a great site.

    3, Customer service imo is A1. Keep it going.

  17. William Gordon says:

    1. I think you should look at lower price point alternatives as you already have Swissvax and 22ple. There is the feeling that you get what you pay for however I think for those on a budget you could offer an alternative.

    2. Although product details are in depth there does seem to be some repetition. I think bringing the key differences to the front page of each product would help also. In regards to another issue is when ordering you can’t often go back a page due to how the ordering system seems to work. That along with the issues regarding stock levels not being automatic I think could be improved.

    3. Although I collect most of my items and I’ve never had any issues from what I can tell the online ordering could do with issuing tracking numbers if possible. I also I think that an open day would be good whether on your own or in conjunction with one of your suppliers. This wouldn be a training day as such but a product testing day.

  18. Danny Lammers says:

    1. You guys have almost everything that I personally need. If you are looking to new product lines, maybe consider to take ValetPro bulk products… affordable stuff and it’s working great.

    2. The offers are great… don’t fix what’s not broken.

    3. Keep on going with social media and forums, then everything will be alright. Look at the ‘lucky dip bag’… BRILLIANT!

  19. 1 , I would love to see the Gtechniq range available on your site as then I’d never need to buy from anywhere else.

    2 , With free postage and a massive well stocked range and simple to use site I cant see you need to do anything else guys, well done, maybe a loyalty bonus (members spend over a set amount throughout the year receive a christmas freebie).

    3 , Thought this was going to be easy but I’m having difficulty finding any fault with the customer service I have received from you, I have spoken to your staff when ordering and always helpful and friendly, one thing I would like to see is a live chat option so when I have any queries over new products or need help ordering I could talk online to one of your helpful staff.

  20. Harry says:

    1) Definitely Pinnacle products, they have some very nice waxes and imo the best tyre dressing along with some very nice complete kits.
    2) A loyalty system so points can be collected and then used in the store another time.
    3) Customer service is already very good, the experiences I have had with you are very easy and i have never had a problem. You could possibly send more emails about special offers and products.

  21. Mindis says:

    1. As it is car care website, I think you should consider adding protection film for headlights / bumper / wing mirrors etc.

    2. This website is already very easy to use, so I think you should look into appearance / design only (don’t fix it if it’s not broken).

    3. Customer service? I think you should do ”customer service” classes for other companies, even if I buy a spray head for £1, I feel that I bought a Bentley. Keep up the good work.

  22. stuart says:

    1. I would like to see Gtechniq stocked. Exo looks like a great product and the C4 trim restorer is amazing.

    2. Don’t change the website, its perfect. Keep the product demos coming.

    3. Possibly look into a live chat option? Is very useful when making impulse buys, just to get some quick info.

  23. Marius says:

    1. It would be nice if we could have more goodies from overseas.

    2. This web is really easy to use, maybe you should add more guides. Forum would be really awesome!

    3. The customer support I have had is really brilliant, maybe a live chat option would be nice.

  24. James Larman says:

    1. I think that the addition of Dodo Juice products would be nice to see, as they offer a great products at a very reasonable price point!

    2. I have used polished bliss for a while now and the only improvement I could think of was a mobile/table version of the website, as I am always looking at or showing people it on my iPhone!

    3. I personally have found your customer service exceptional and now don’t order my products anywhere else!

  25. Karl says:

    1. I personally don’t think you need to stock any more brands, as you have the best choice available and would you end up stocking more products for the sake of it.

    2. I would really like to see a my accounts section, with order history and address details stored.

    3, The customer service is excellent & really couldn’t be improved any further. Keep up the good work.

  26. Luke Neale says:

    1 – I personally think alone your products are one of the best however, if you’re talking about adding products from a different manufacturer I would consider high end stuff such as Gtechniq.

    2 – To be honest, your website is one of the best I’ve seen, I have just had a website designed and all I kept thinking was how I wanted it to look like yours (haha) obviously this wasn’t possible but it’s that good. Things that maybe you could add? Demos on every product and tips for people, so they are 100% happy knowing what to do that with that product? Even if you add products from a different manufacturer, test them, make a demo, give tips on the product, makes you that little better than you competition!

    3 – Customer service is key, and you’re very good at it. Maybe set a time limit for yourself in what time you can answer an email? Apart from that, you have very good customer service.

  27. Lee Scrimshaw says:

    1 – Gtechniq range would be good in the store as you then have majority of the best nano sealants in one place.

    2 – Would be good to see more demo videos of products to show people how products work and how to get the best out of them.

    3 – Difficult to answer really as your customer service is at the top of the board never had any faults with your customer service. If I have ever had a problem with anything you will be quick to sort it out.

  28. John Wells says:

    1. Stock all of the premium brands, I’m lazy and like the thought of a one stop shop.
    2. More special promotions and offers = attracting new customers = PB being around for a long time when others have failed.
    3. Customer service already second to none, only complacency and resting on your laurels will spoil this, constantly remind yourselves why you are regarded so highly.

  29. Peter Koth says:

    1. Stock Finish Kare products, adding extra gleam to choice.
    2. Detailing tip of the week/adding product needed.
    3. It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice – sums the great service on offer!

  30. Richard says:

    1 – Gtechniq or Finish Kare – would love to see either of these!

    2 – Personally, I found the menu system quite cumbersome and difficult to just browse. Searching and finding something specific is easy.

    3 – Live chat would be brilliant.

  31. Olaf says:

    1. Xpert polishes – Very flexible products that work also excellent under difficult conditions such as soft and dry paints but also in hot or humid conditions. Bilt Hamber products – I use almost all their products. No marketing hype but without exception of an excellent quality for a good price.

    2. What can you improve on something that’s already perfect?

    3. I have several times been in touch with you about products, hard to finish soft paint and sticky paint. Each time was ample time to answer my questions without me feeling that they wanted to sell something right away. The only thing is the shipping costs for customers outside UK. I would like to see those below GBP 10.

  32. Jim White says:

    1. Tough one as the line up is already so thorough! G-Techniq, off the top of my head, is the only one that you’re missing.

    2. Again, there’s not an awful lot that can be improved upon?!! Why not launch a Facebook business page for continual updates, promotions etc?

    3. As listed below, a Live Chat/webmaster feature would be cool.

  33. 1. The product lines I would most like to see you add next year is Dodo Juice along with their affiliation with Bouncer. Dodo Juice is a very worldwide brand and I think with the rebranding of Supernatural over the winter there products will be purchased a lot. Bouncers range along with the 22 are a very unique selling point and IMO for a guy that makes all the waxes in his kitchen with no science lab deserves for his range to be sold!

    2. I thought long and hard about improvements that could be made to the site and though not directly linked, how about a newsletter. This is showcase some of clark’s work, what cars are upcoming, new products in along with old fashioned reviews and tips. We all use e-mail now and I think that it would be a nice addition to the site array of weapons on top of the how to do’s, etc.

    3. Every time I’ve used PB in the past I cannot fault your level of service so just keeping doing what your doing.

  34. Kev Turner says:

    1. I think It would be nice to see some CarPro products next year, they make some really good products and a lot of there stuff like IronX and Eraser are very popular amongst detailers.

    2. It’s hard to find anything that needs improved on the site, but it would be nice to have some sort of “my account” sub category like other websites where you can see your order history and maybe track orders.

    3. I really can’t think of anything that would improve the customer service, you guys already do a lot of things other sites don’t for example offering free delivery on all orders and the ability to select to receive a email when out of stock products are back in. Only thing I say is keep it up!

  35. Rav Mehan says:

    1. I think that the Dodo Juice range should be added next year because they really are quality products.

    2. This is a difficult one as the website is great anyway. Online chat would be good if possible.

    3. Customer service is at a very high standard as it is, all order processes are well notified and all queries answered well. Keep up the good work.

  36. dario cupitt says:

    1. Gtechniq range. I found it really good as a line of products for detailing.

    2. You are great in video demo. More video can be useful.

    3. Shipping method from outside UK cheaper.

  37. Adrian Convery says:

    1. I believe that CarPro would be a fantastic addition to the site. A lot of people are saying Gtechniq but I would always order off them due to their returning loyalty discount. CarPro products are all fantastic at every stage. Their wash mitt is the best I’ve used, IronX is IMO the best fallout remover, I would be lost without Eraser during the polishing stages, FogFight is also a favourite of mine.

    2. A history would be good, or something that lets you save your basket as I like to gradually build up on stuff I need so that Im not paying multiple postage and I tend not to forget anything when I make an order.

    3. I have never had an issue with yourselves and think you are completely professional. Maybe an air freshener or sweets with every order? Something simple to make it a memorable experience so that people are more likely to order from yourselves again.

  38. Danny McGill says:

    1. I think Gtechniq stands out as the “big name” you do not stock. Despite not using it on my own car. I do maintain some family members cars with the C1.5 and find it extremely user friendly and offers great results.

    2. “My Account” with my details setup such as delivery address and contact details, previous orders, etc. Currently the videos you create are an excellent way to showcase/how to use new products that you stock.

    3. As deliveries can take some time to arrive due to location difficulties perhaps a tracking code could be supplied by e-mail so we are able to see where our orders are.

  39. David Smith says:

    1. How about Polished Bliss merchandise, skip caps, T-shirts, etc. Great for branding.

    2. Improve website experience with freebies/comps for T-shirts, skip caps, etc, from answer 1.

    3. How about Polished Bliss on tour, get out and meet your customers. Set up a day to meet, greet and demo products possibly Glasgow, Edinburgh, you know where your customers are.

  40. Stephen Bell says:

    1. I would say you could stock Orchard Autocare’s product line. They are great products to use and would be a good seller, but they aren’t widely available and I think with your client base they would do well. Great detailing products at good prices.

    2. Maybe change the colour scheme of the website. White on white looks great with some grey but maybe some darker colours would make a change and even give it a glossier, slicker look overall.

    3. Maybe a free gift that is applicable to what you buy, i.e. if you buy polish you get an applicator pad, etc. Would be a nice touch on larger orders.

  41. Darren Igesund says:

    1: I would have to say I would like to see the Gtechniq range being added to the already impressive list.
    2: Personally would like to see more videos, photos on the website along with write ups, rather than having to go on Detailing world to see them.
    3: Always been first class with me so no issue here.

  42. chris aitken says:

    1. I think a product Polished Bliss should stock is Autoglym. Although it is widely available it is very popular still with great products like SRP. There seems to be a massive market for Autoglym products as everyone knows them and I think it would sell and attract new customers.

    2. To be fair your website is one of the best I have used. What I have noticed though is you don’t have a facebook page where I could browse your photos, see special offers, etc, like other traders.

    3. I have never had a problem to comment on your customer service but live chat on your website would be good for customers to contact you instantly without picking up the phone.

  43. Karl Woods says:

    1. Think you have most bases covered with a good selection of product lines would like to see some Lake Country and or Flexipads microfibre polishing pads as an alternative to the Meguair’s ones.

    2. Some more videos and how to’s, especially on the newer sealants / coatings.

    3. I think your customer service is fine as it is.

  44. wendell jarvis says:

    1. Auto Finesse, DoDo Juice lines.

    2. More instructional video and video of services available. Product reviews.

    3. Live chat would be a plus… quick response customer service team (knowledgeable).

  45. Lewis Craik says:

    1 – My favourite product that you don’t stock is Clearcote Quikshine, but I understand why you don’t stock it, so I’ll also say CarPro.

    2 – My suggestion for improving the website would be to make it more mobile friendly, when viewed on a narrow screen images in grids look too small.

    3 – This is a tricky one as the customer service from PB is probably the best of any company I have used! The only thing I can think of is maybe having a few more blog posts through the year.

  46. Craig Young says:

    1. I agree with other people on here with you stocking Gtechniq products. I appreciate your honest reviews on products and would like to hear your thoughts on what Gtechniq offer. Manufactures like Dodo juice and smaller companies like Bouncers Wax or Mitchell and King. Again I’m interested in your opinions. Would also mean you guys become a pretty much one stop shop for me. Would like to see you guys offer more of your own brand stuff. See what you guys could come up with. Would be interesting if you could do this as a feature as well, i.e. the journey to a Polished Bliss wax, etc. Think you should move more into the accessories side of detailing. Such as pressure washers, mats, stools, etc. How about a PB t-shirt or hoodie to proudly wear when washing the car.

    2. How about a live chat facility. Liking the vids you uploaded this year so how about another round of vids but this time concentrating on techniques. Would compliment your detailing advice section. Little stuff like a proper waxing technique or hand polishing, etc. Much easier to learn from vids rather than written word. As much as I enjoy your twitter updates how about Facebook (as if you had time spare for everything else as well).

    3. You have me with just free delivery makes all the difference. To improve, I would struggle to suggest anything to be honest. Spot on as always. Big problem is your in Aberdeen and I’m a five hour drive away. Doh.

  47. Stuart Wotherspoon says:

    1. I know PB think long and hard about which ranges to add to the store. I would like to see something fresh, like a PB range of their own waxes. There’s huge expertise in the field at the company and with how good project awesome was of like to see you guys make a wax as I firmly believe it would be absolutely awesome and provide great bang for buck. Failing that adding the ArtDeShine range next year because it’s a good honest range which offers excellent performance.

    2. I like the fact this is more than just a shop, the interest is kept on PB through excellent blogs. Something like an experts tip of the week or a q&a session every month would be a great addition to round off the experience on the site and keep us coming back (as if we need an excuse).

    3. The level of service is spot on, when there was an issue with my order previously I got a prompt phone call. Maybe a wee text to say your orders packed and will be on its way soon. Be nice to know.

  48. James Baldwin says:

    1. It is very hard to specify exactly which products you should stock as one of the main reason’s I consider Polished Bliss one of the best shops to buy from is that you know they only sell products that they have extensively tested and would therefore use themselves. What this tells me is that every product you sell is top notch. Anyway I know it is a very new product but I like the way ArtDeShine’s products look with their different application type.

    2. Hard question as the website covers everything really. I think a Polished Bliss top products used on customers cars may be good section if that makes sense. There is so much choice in the market that I think it would give customers confidence to see the products Polished Bliss are using the most day in day out and maybe a little explanation of why these products get chosen over the competitors.

    3. You are a world renowned detailing company and I think it would be good if you posted to international customers. The Mrs said add sweets to orders, she likes it when I get detailing stuff and she gets a present too. Keep the Mrs happy were all allowed to order more.

  49. Michael Hetherington says:

    1 – The Zaino product range is one of my favourites however is not stocked by Polished Bliss. I hope in 2013 you will consider selling their products as I believe they offer great results with minimal effort. Their products are durable and long lasting.

    2 – I think creating an online forum on your website would be excellent. A forum dedicated to Polished Bliss where customers could post problems or car detailing threads directly onto the website. The PB team could answer any queries and ultimately customers would be able to share their freshly detailed car pictures.

    2 + 3 – After researching and checking your Feefo feedbacks, the only negative feedback seems to be delivery of your items. By improving customer satisfaction along with altering and adapting your website creating a “best delivery time” tab which would be added onto the checkout phase on the payment and delivery options when purchasing items as to when the best time it is to deliver and receive the items. This would mean that any missed times by customers would be purely down to themselves and not Polished Bliss or your courier. It would also mean that your courier would not have wasted trips travelling to customers’ homes when they were not in. It would also prevent items being returned to Polished Bliss HQ. Obviously you would have to liaise with your courier and see if a specified delivery option would be available.

    3 – To benefit customer service next year I think that organising tutorial open days at Polished Bliss HQ would benefit greatly. I’m always into the PB HQ asking Rich or Clark advice on how to… or which product is the best for… I think more open days of new products, upcoming products, and new detailing techniques would be good to see, along with the basics for rotary polishing or dual action polishing, etc.

  50. Elliot Campbell says:

    1. I’d love to see some Gtechniq in your range next year as these product are coming on leaps and bounds and hearing a lot more info about them. Or maybe some bulk microfibre cloths.

    2. Personally, I don’t think I could add anything as I feel you already have an amazing offer of free delivery. But if I had to be really picky, maybe some demo videos.

    3. As goes for number 2. I do feel that you offer a very high professional standard that greatly shows. The professional attitude when dealing with my PB lucky dip bag was out standing. Also my parent feels that you are one of the highest most professional she has encountered. Please keep up the outstanding work you do.

  51. John Rigby says:

    1. I would like to see a more comprehensive line of Autosmart products being made available – these offer a no fuss but effective solution to most cleaning/detailing tasks.

    2. Unfortunately I have nothing but praise for the website, it is easy to navigate, looks clean and simple and does exactly what it should do – others should follow your lead!

    3. The customer service has been excellent, my only gripe being that I tend to wait until I need over £50 worth of ‘stuff’ in order to qualify for free delivery; this prevents me from buying more frequently. If the postage charges could be reviewed I’m sure others like myself would tend to but more often. As a final point I have tended to float around trying different suppliers in the past but have now found myself settling down with Polished Bliss as you provide the best overall service in terms of product availability (variety & quality), overall costs and efficiency – please keep up the great service.

  52. Chris Taylor says:

    1. Personally I think a good addition to your product line would be pressure washers. We all read your product reviews online and being like minded detailers we get a firsthand account of your professional experience with each product and what you recommend for each specific application. One of the major pieces of equipment we will no doubt invest in and some are clearly better than others, what is the best value for money, etc. Most of us not having access to a hot water system like yourselves I think it would be beneficial for you guys to think about performing tests of these units which all of us will probably own if we are taking detailing seriously.

    2. Very difficult to find fault with it, but perhaps having some more step by step procedures or video’s of your work on some customer’s cars like the Enzo currently on your homepage. Also, perhaps similar write up’s to those posted on forum’s showing the standard of work you produce.

    3. Difficult question again as I personally have never had an issue with the customer service provided by any of the team at PB, all of whom willing to provide impartial advice on products and never “the pushy salesman”. Since I work fairly locally it is sometimes easier for me to collect products rather than having them sent to me, as a result a “collect from store” option online where I could use my card or paypal to pay for goods then collect from store may be a worthwhile addition.

  53. Monique says:

    1- Expansion of the Autosmart range. Just very good products without frills. For the rest, you have already a good selection of products.

    2- If you really want something better than the number of instructional videos can be extended.

    3- Just keep going the way you do now.

  54. Browser says:

    1 – Gtechniq will be another good line to go with you already top class list of manufacturers.

    2 – How to vids!

    3 – Don’t think you can improve, from everything I hear is spot on!

  55. Luke Southall says:

    1. To be quite honest your range of products is sufficient and to me there would be no need to add anything, as I use the products you stock. If there would be anything maybe Autoglym bulk or maybe more accessories like pressure washers, etc.

    2. Your website is as far as I can see perfect. There’s no need to change anything as it is all laid out very well. It’s easy to navigate, etc. Maybe more videos like the enzo one. This will sound very sad but I have watched that enzo video about 10 times now as its just beautiful.

    3. For me there is no need to do anything. Everything is spot on and never had a problem.

  56. Paul McNamara says:

    1. This is a difficult question given that there is a huge variety for most, if not all, needs already. A good addition would be Gtechnic products or more choice in your leather products. Swissvax is the high end option and I’m going to order Raceglaze in the new year as it comes in a kit. Maybe even offer kits of your existing products like the Raceglaze leather kit as this was the deciding factor for me in your current line up given the savings and rather than have to order each separately.

    2. I’ve ordered a few times from the site and have had no issues. Live chat would be a good option as on one of my orders I phoned looking for advice (being a newbie) and you were a great help so something like that online would be good.

    3. Why fix something that isn’t broke ? As I said i’ve ordered a few times from you and never had any issues. You already offer free post over a set amount (cheeky option or suggestion would be to lower the amount!!) however I have no issues with the customer service from yourselves and I would heartily recommend you to anyone. My last order was made through yourselves (I could have saved a pound or two elsewhere) however given that my previous dealings were easy and troublefree I came back. Keep up the good work.

  57. Alex Johnston says:

    1. International detailing products that are hard to get hold of in the UK would be good and also make you stand out.

    2. How To vids and also vids on how different products perform.

    3. Nothing…it is already very good.

  58. Adrian Roebuck says:

    1) I would say Gtechniq and Max Protect as two new ranges I have seen but I would counter with do you need to offer more breadth of range – there are only a few things that you cannot buy from your site and these tend to just be a different version of what you do sell, i.e. different brand of pads, etc.

    2) What about user reviews for the products you sell? These would compliment your own views but allow other non-professionals to see how the products are viewed in the world of the weekend detailing enthusiast as well as the semi-pros and professionals.

    3) I think the service offered is already high-end. Quality service at every stage. For me the only point I would make is that sometimes your prices are very keen and other times you can be off by quite a way (even taking into account free delivery) so perhaps its about being more price aware – particularly in the current climate.

  59. jack clark says:

    1. I would love to see the Britemax range added to your already fantastic line up of products. The Britemax range works so well and doesn’t cost fortunes.

    2. More videos would make the buying experience even better and would also teach people how to get the most out of their purchases.

    3. The service is to a very high standard already so maybe christmas cards and happy birthday emails could be sent out to valued customers, after all its the little things that make people feel special. Small unexpected freebies included in the order also go a very long way to making the customer feel good.

  60. Ben Rayner says:

    1. Bilt Hamber and Valet PRO products would be good to see. They’re very talked about manufacturers and great products.

    2. Videos showing the products in action would be great.

    3. A newsletter with the latest deals (not sure if you already do this). Other than this… keep up the good work.

  61. Paul McMullen says:

    1. I think polished bliss need to offer basic stuff like freeze free screen wash and basic winter kits as you want to appeal to wider consumers as well as a customer want’s to make purchasing as easy as possible for themselves. Although there is a large amount and variety of manufacturers on polished bliss it would be good to see PB develop their own cleaning products to complement the PB equipment on offer. Other than that I would like to see Gtechniq products here as well as bouncers wax.

    2. Create basic sections it looks too crowded at the side bar you only need exterior, interior, wheels, wax, sealant, tools. Also font size for some is not optimal, give people the choice it’s an easy addition and will make the difference.

    3. Well I don’t think there is much more to improve on you have listened to people re delivery, and keep up the great work.

  62. Craig Ross says:

    1. I would love to see PB stock ValetPro Bulk items along with something like Max Protect. As I would love to be able to order VP bulk items through PB as they are a well priced product that does what it says on the tin and that is what PB is all about selling products you use yourselves and know work great!

    2. The offers towards the end of this year have been fantastic with the Flex polishers extremely reduced and with the fantastic Lucky Dip Bags. A Loyalty Scheme or something along those lines would be a bonus. Or a constant discount available to Subscribed Members possibly.

    3. You can’t improve on something that is already fantastic; knowledge of products and uses is fantastic. Any problems are resolved within an instant. Along with people who share an interest in what you are doing, what more could you ask for.

  63. Richard Stone says:

    1: The brands you currently stock are sufficient.

    2: To be honest your website is one of the most intuitive I have come across. The only way I could see an improvement is to view the show & shine photos at a larger size.

    3: Customer service is second to non. My only gripe is that the couriers are not at the same professional level.

  64. Jon Allum says:

    1. A forgiving kneeling mat. How many hours do we car enthusiasts spend kneeling cleaning alloys? The Gtechniq range or at least some of it. In particular the G1 water repellent for glass. I think this is lacking from the product range. Breathing apparatus for use with nano particle sprays. Normal masks do not keep out particles so small and nor do the nasal and throat cavities. I think if you are selling the products, then suitable safety gear should be available to purchase with it. A more durable copper attachment for Karcher k-series PA Foam Lance.

    2. Already excellent, especially the guides. Perhaps a video of what you do in your maintenance, protection and enhancement details to go along with your Ne Plus Ultra video. It would be nice to see what you can do with a car in a a few hours, a day, a few days… also, a few more product demo videos. I really enjoyed watching them (snow foaming, AF Tough Coat, AF Desire). They are really enjoyable to watch. Maybe some how to videos such as how to clean really intricate alloys, claying without dragging on paintwork, good pressure washing / snow foaming technique for example. There is a lot to learn from you guys.

    3. Faster dispatch times. Sometimes it takes a day or two for orders to be sent out. Auto Finesse for example dispatch the same day and give free next day delivery to those in the trade. That is along with 10% off their normal range and 20% off the Pro range. They have the edge on you in that respect. Keeping things stocked. Sometimes it takes an age for things to come back into stock. For example Werkstat Carnauba Glos at the moment.

  65. Michael OSullivan says:

    1: Kranzle power washers, premium brand, would tie in perfectly with your image. Optimum polymer tech lineup, great products including waterless wash.

    2: To be fair the web site is about as good as it gets, very slick and easy to see everything. Genuine in depth knowledge available here. Maybe you could have a special guest feature where you invite people such as Todd Cooperider or Mike Phillips to make a contribution .

    3: Customer service is excellent. You could put a small sample in with customers orders, people love a little surprise.

  66. Roger Dukes says:

    1. Autoglym, good products at reasonable prices and made in Britain!
    2. Brilliant website already. Easy to find what you’re looking for and informative.
    3. Maybe offer small samples for trial, I’d love to try some of the more expensive products but it’s difficult to justify without trying them first.

  67. Tiago Fonseca says:

    1. I think that a Polished Bliss own product range would be a very interesting addition. PB has the knowledge, know the industry, has expertise testing other’s products, so the next step is to create a competitive advantage by integrating the other part of the value chain.

    2. The website is very functional, but time to time customers like to feel that the company is pushing the boundaries and innovation. So, I think it will be nice to do some changes to design, to create a slight different image. Is is very important to show to the customers why they are choosing PB. So by defining those critical marketing aspects and passing those values through the website will be great. A very important strategy will be continuing showing that customers can trust in the products that PB sell, by showing them the videos. Is will be a fantastic addition the ‘how to use’ section of each product via a video recording.

    3. For overseas customers like myself the shipping costs are still to high. I think PB have to work in there. For domestic customers it will be nice to have a FAQ section. I can image that most of PB customers have similar questions and that can be solved by a FAQ. For those question that still require you personalized attention an e-mail ticket system via website can be a nice addition. Also, some random treats (e.g., samples, merchandise) in sufficient large (or not) orders will deliver value to the costumer. I underline random because if all orders have gift, costumers will tend only to buy in that size. So, by randomizing the gifts, customers will continue to buy as they did before. Finally, I think you can add a prioritized delivery system. If the costumer want the product very quickly, then you can charge a premium for that. Those who are now in a hurry, prices still low (remembering the famous supply chain variability reduction quote ‘every day, low price’).

  68. Jay says:

    1. Gtechniq – their range would compliment an already quintessential array of products.

    2. An online chat option will allow customer to gain real-time help and advice. Customers are not very patient in waiting for an e-mail answer.

    3. A courier service that texts you a delivery time and date. Continue the already outstanding customer service.

  69. Nick Ness says:

    1. Would like to see the Gtechniq range, Bilt Hamber and also ValetPro bulk. Also Metro Vac do a 8hp air dryer that I am wanting to buy so if you are able to get hold of it I would be interested in that. Almost forgot Britemax metal twins!!!

    2. When you add an item to your basket you can’t return to the same page which makes ordering multiple items more difficult. Also more demonstration videos would be good along with a loyalty point system and being able to see previous purchases and save the things in your shopping basket.

    3. Service is brilliant but a choice of a different courier rather than city link even if I had to pay more.

  70. Mark J says:

    1) Gtechniq (seem to have some really innovative, top-quality products). Bilt Hamber (very effective products at a reasonable price).
    2) The website is already full of really useful information and easy to navigate. A mobile friendly version would be great and would mean I could spend even more time viewing. Really like the product videos, so it would be good to have as many of these as you could possibly manage.
    3) Short of getting Kelly Brook to personally deliver orders, I’m not sure how you could improve on your excellent customer service! I really like the free delivery without a minimum spend so I hope this is something that you stick with.

  71. Imran says:

    1. I would say keep on adding bespoke products that are not available any where else as this was one of the things that attracted my attention to PB

    2. Maybe have a function where you can select two or three products and compare them on one page instead of having to flick from product to product as it would be easier to compare.

    3. I wouldn’t change a thing as I have been buying from you since 2009 and have never had any issues, and the service is always top notch weather your busy or not. I think that this is one of the main things that keep me coming back to you as I know your advise will be honest and true.

  72. John Clifton says:

    1. I think pressure washers would be a good addition seeing as you have an amazing selection of the best products already. Kranzle Would fit in perfectly in my eyes something top notch that you cant by down at B&Q.

    2. I think you guys already have one of the best websites out there, maybe adding a few photos or video’s of the products in use would help, finished shots for example of a wax on a car you have used it on, trim dressing, etc, so we can get a better feel of results from that product.

    3. Your customer service is really good, online is easy with plenty of e-mails with the status of the order and recently I have phoned an order through and this was even better than online, Rich went out of his way to make sure I got the product I was after. So I wouldn’t change anything its perfect.

  73. Phelim says:

    1. I think that the G-Techniq, Zaino and possibly Zymol Ranges would be great they keep in with the other products that you stock more aimed at higher end of detailing where quality not quantity is what people buy. Also Orchard Auto Care have been producing some great products too all their products have high dilution ratios and very environmentally friendly.

    2. Best website around by miles maybe some more videos on more regular basis would be great would be awesome to have one for every product you sell would definitely increase your sales people would know exactly what they are buying. I don’t meet many other detailers and don’t know what products are like except for word of mouth and what I read on forums.

    3. Customer service is really good the emails updates are great. Only negative was that I missed the christmas deal you had. Apart from that you guys have been great.

  74. Tim Keating says:

    1. Autosmart make some brilliant products, but are not maybe as widely known or used by members of the public maybe expand your range to include more of their products, I find them highly effective and economical.
    2. Website is presented very well, lots of advice, but I’d like to see customer reviews of products.
    3. My experience with your service has been good, maybe have a customer reward scheme.

  75. Diogo Silveira says:

    1. The line of product that you can consider in adding to your store are Eurow microfiber towels, Mothers and CarPro product the reason I consider this a good adding to your store is because Eurow microfiber towels are towels that can clean anything in the car and are towels that can be use for doing windows, paint polishing and best of all absorbs higher amounts of water than other cloths and towels without scratching, or streaking but not only is effective, but also economical. Mothers is also a rage that I consider good for the enthusiasts and professionals because is easy on easy off and gives the pleasure of using the product again and again and finally the CarPro that has products that last longer and gives faster results and in the word of detailing is what we all want.

    2. What I consider in improving is having a Currency converter because as most people that visit your website most of the them are not for the UK and there are unfamiliar with the pound like me i use euros and when I shop I like to now which is the price and with the currency converter is easier. Also one of the improvements that can by made is having more videos demonstrating the products that would be nice and would be easier on the decision in buy, and for last in the page of each products could be put a button in which people could click (ask me)and ask more specific questions about the product before buying.

    3. Something that most website don’t have is a express delivery and when I express delivery is buying today and receiving in the next day this would be a good improvement in customer service and also would be a big improvement if every time we buy products could accumulate points at which after having accumulated enough points could discount on future purchases and with this would be a nice way of creating loyalty customer to the store.

  76. Bal Dosanjh says:

    1. I’d love to buy proven, cheap and easy to use products for those occasions when a quick wash is required. I don’t always have time to complete a thorough clean and using top end products in these circumstances seems wasteful. So how about carrying a few selected lines of Autoglym (e.g. Fast glass) or ValetPRO (e.g. Billberry wheel cleaner); both brands represent good value and are great for those instances when a quick clean is all that’s needed.
    2. Offer a ‘this product works well with’ assessment. I’m sure you don’t stick to just one product line when detailing; so why not share this experience more widely? For example, if using Tough Coat do I get better results when using Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish or Werkstat Prime instead of Tough Prep? If you know already, then why not share the experience with others? This approach could be expanded further to become an interactive guide where customers dial in their paint spec and detailing needs to output selected products and also show suitable partners. In my opinion this would make your website truly world class and something no other website has. I think the North Face has a good interactive guide that shows my line line of thinking.
    3. No improvement required. I’ve really tried to be picky but can’t fault customer service. One thing to bear in mind is your free p&p initially drew me to your site, but then your speed and quality of response to emails and customer care cemented the deal. If you expand your product lines (see answer to 1. above), PB could so easily become the one stop shop for all my detailing needs. I’m sure I’m not alone in this regard.

  77. David Horgan says:

    1; There is plenty to choose from at present and i am sure you have some ideas of new products from wet paper to polish, waxes, paint cleaners and polishers. Pressure washers for foaming would be good and keep us in house.

    2; Some instruction video’s or tests of polish/wax /polishers. More from start to end video’s e.g. 2000 grit to gloss finish, what pads and speeds are used for which paint and why. The ultimate systems that you use to achieve perfection and how long it took to attain that finish. These video’s might help us move to the next level (and purchase more from you) lol.

    3; You are a great company and I have only dealt with you once AT PRESENT, very easy to talk to Richard and VERY informative. A 24 hr post service would be good as I hate waiting lol. Or move south so I can collect LOL. Look forward to dealing with you very soon as we need more pads and polish.

  78. Chris baylis says:

    1. Most areas are covered with you guys already. However one omission seems to be a lack of polished bliss’ own car care products. With the knowledge and reputation you guys have, a PB detailing line would sell like hot crumpets! 😉

    2. I have two recommendations here, a simple top ten products being purchased at the moment is handy to see. Secondly I think your vids are top notch, and I would like to see more. I would especially like to see instructional videos for new products such as ceramic coatings, how to apply, maintain and there benefits, i.e scratch resistance. New tools such as the flex orbital, and how it differs in operation and how to get the best of it!

    3. Easy, open a Polished Bliss South! Same setup, but expand down to the sunny side of England! With collection and a nice walk in shop too!

  79. Neil says:

    1. Dodo Juice is a brand I was surprised you don’t stock. They do some fantastic stuff.

    2. Being able to sort products by popularity would be good, maybe with some customer reviews too. Already a great site though.

    3. Keep the free delivery as an option, but also offer the choice of courier at a cost. I have a serious trek to some depots if I cant be there to take delivery and would rather pay a bit to use royal mail for small items.

  80. Rob Farmer says:

    1. Gtechniq. All the products work well and are continually being refined.
    2. Product comparison functionality.
    3. Faster courier service.

  81. Iain Douglas says:

    1. Zaino would be a great range to add. It’s a classic but still packs a mighty punch, is simple to use and produces great results.

    2. The website is great with top notch reviews and advice. The only thing I would look at adding is a my account section and maybe e-mail newsletters or e-mail notifications of offers and the likes.

    3. Customer service always has been top notch, just keep up the good work.

  82. Marc Robins says:

    1 – I would love to see some Gtechniq, I’m a huge fan of their products and it would add that extra little something to your already amazing product line. Also it would be cool to see some Dodo Juice. I’ve heard great reviews but their website annoys me so much. It’s just a mess.

    2 – I love your website as it stands. In my opinion it is the best detailing website out there. I really like how you describe each product and break it down into the sections, i.e. polish abrasiveness, wax durability, etc. I’ve learnt so much and find myself coming back time after time. Possibly something nice to add would be the ability for people to give their own reviews?

    3 – Introduce a loyalty scheme. Points = Prizes!! Say for every £100 you spend you get £5 off your next order, or a similar way to how nectar points work.

  83. Gerry Brown says:

    1. The product range you have seems well balanced. The only I notice missing are maybe some bespoke ‘PB’ storage boxes with lids for cloths and detailing products – this is maybe not core business but I found it hard to find plastic boxes that were the right height for the varied product bottle sizes.

    2. Even though your ‘hard copy’ care guide is a bible, it would be nice to have more ‘how to’ videos on the website to see the experts in action, using the products you recommend.

    3. PB level of service is second to none compared to other internet companies. Order confirmations are prompt and the mail on dispatch is well received – I cannot think of any major thing i would change.

  84. Karsten Rosche says:

    1. I’d like to see a good pressure washer.
    2. Retina graphics, larger font.
    3. I am dreaming of how-to videos of the Wolf’s Chemicals nano range.

  85. iain paterson says:

    1. Although you now stock the 22PLE range, I would like to see some Gtechniq products in the store. This will possibly go against logic having two similar products, but Gtechniq are a popular brand and offer a wider range of product than currently available with 22PLE. Also the opportunity to purchase pressure washers may be of interest to many new enthusiasts. I feel this is the one piece of equipment missing from a complete one stop range. You sell all other aspects of detailing equipment just no PW.

    2. A mobile app. As new phone technology reduces the amount of time we spend on our computers / laptops and increases the amount of time spent on smart phones. By making the mobile market place easier to browse, a higher percentage of customers would make purchases this way rather than waiting to purchase at a later date (if at all).

    3. Nothing for customer care and sales service. I would like to see an option for a late night opening for the store, or an occasional Saturday. I prefer shopping in person than online. Even opening half a day one weekend a month would probably encourage more local custom and like a sweety shop, once you get in the door, you never just buy the one item you went for.

  86. Paul McKay says:

    1. As most of my products have come from yourselves, its difficult to recommend new product lines. The product lines that I think you should consider would be Dodo Juice, especially the Supernatural range. I’ve been impressed with every Dodo Juice product that I have tried especially the supernatural wash mitts and microfibers. They have a wide range of products to cover most bases especially with the recent introduction of there nano sealants. I’ve always found their products to be very easy to use and do the job they’re designed for with good results.

    2. The web site is already excellent and one of the easiest and best to use. My suggestion to improve the experience of your website would be the facility for customers to leave reviews of products used or post pictures of the results they have achieved with the products.

    3. The level of customer service I have received has always been excellent, and personally think it would be difficult to improve upon. My only suggestion would be the introduction of a loyalty scheme of some sort.

  87. Anthony B-H says:

    1. Some Gtechniq products like Exo are on my shopping list next it would great if you guys stocked them. The basic Zymol waxes like Carbon and Glasur are lovely to use if summer ever comes!

    2. The PB web site is second to none. Instructional videos on exact product use, or machine polishing tips would be interesting to watch.

    3. Both via the website and phone I have always found your staff more than helpful be it an order, question or problem. I think the service would be hard to improve. Good Luck for 2013.

  88. David Harvey says:

    1. The range of products offered is about right. If anything I would like more products geared to those of us who don’t (yet!) have access to a machine polisher.

    2. Under each section of the website it would be useful to have the same criteria used to show the performance of each product. Also a compare facility so that user can see the performance of more than one product on a single screen.

    3. Carry on as at present. I live within traveling distance of PB and have always found the staff helpful, knowledgeable and professional, and true enthusiasts for their work and customer service provided.

  89. Daren Elliman says:

    1. Would love to see you stock Zymol! Dodo juice would also be a great edition.

    2. To be honest its a very easy site to use, looks good to. Maybe a small forum would be good.

    3. Free delivery is great, Maybe a few other delivery options would be handy.

  90. CHRIS MOORE says:

    1) I think Polished Bliss should consider their own range of products next year. PB have a very strong following with the detailing community, so the next logical step would be a range of products that will cater for all needs.

    2) Personally I believe that a step by step video on “how to” detail your car would be amazing. The majority of people can fell put off by hugh amounts of texts, so a video that could be easily watched on your phone would be ideal. Maybe break this down into an APP for your phone. You’re going to be working on your car outside, so to have a tutorial video in fornt of you would be very useful.

    3) Loyalty Point scheme could keep customers coming back, even though you may not be the cheapest.

  91. Stevie warren says:

    1. A brand I think you should stick is zaino products. They are fantastic products great value for money the products are easy to use and the finish it leaves is stunning.

    2. A my accounts section would be nice to look for previous orders, etc.

    3. Customer service is excellent at the moment the only thing I would say is review who you to deliver your parcels to as I have found city link a nightmare to deal with for missed deliveries (not your fault I know).

  92. Phillip Ball says:

    1. I would like to see Bilt Hamber or Espuma products added to your range as they both just ‘work’ for me.

    2. I think your website is already very easy to use and navigate. Maybe some more product demo’s.

    3. I have never had a problem with your customer service. Only had a query once though and that was dealt with very fast. Keep up the good work.

  93. Michael Miller says:

    1. Would very much like to see more hardware. Pressure Washers, infra-red lighting, car covers, etc.

    2. A customer log-in is a must I think. That, and discounts based on previous purchases (loyalty discounts). Members only sales, or specials would be a nice touch.

    3. Continue with the video work. Very informative and a great way to pull in traffic to the site.

  94. Alex McHardy says:

    1) Chemical Guys – the hex logic polishing pads in particular. These are highly regarded and well used in the detailing community.

    2) An account area where you can view previous orders.

    3) Customer service has always been top notch. A Saturday delivery option wouldn’t go amiss though.

  95. Trip Jan says:

    1) I have been having a long hard think about this one, and one large retailer that is a corporation in Asia is ArtDeShine, they specialise in nano coatings in Asia, and have expanded there market this summer in the European sector, there nano coatings will be a great sales success to polished Bliss due to they are performance paint nano coatings, there is no retailer in the UK that sells there products direct, and if Polished Bliss sold ArtDeShine products, you will be officially UK’s first and number one seller for the brand, and have to report my findings that I have tested some nano coatings on the market and these are the best on the market by a huge length, they even do hydrophobic coating for the tyres and purple and green tyre dressing for the tyres, this is a new concept but it works well, very unique products and the brand ArtDeShine always goes the extra mile by there products look very upmarket and exclusive in appearance, customer support is very high, well priced on the market, easily available, not fussy products to apply to a first hand based user and they punch well above there weight in this sector. I have suggested the nano hydrophobic route, as these coatings have made a name this year in the detailing scene, and alot of customers are beginning to use these products more and more, why not get the best name on the shelf’s, it’s has to be ArtDeShine.

    2) To be honest, it will be nice to have some videos on the website to watch through You Tube, I have suggested this as some people have learning difficulties reading and understanding the content, just makes learning more interesting and faster for some people, and it mores enjoyable for a bigger audience to watch. I really feel on your website it will be nice and enjoyable to watch videos of products in action, have a icon next to the product displaying a video in action of the product and useful tips to get the maximum benefit from the product plus tips and tricks, no website does this and if Polished Bliss done this it will make you very unique and totally different from the rest of the competition on the market, seriously one sector to think about.

    3) I can not fault Polished Bliss’s customer service, I know lots of people are good customers of yours and buy regularly from Polished Bliss, due to your delivery is free, great information base of the products on your site, you respond to e-mails fast and prompt phone calls and above you offer honest advice which I like alot.
    One thing you could offer is express delivery, faster delivery of a product, I know there will be a charge for this service, but is ideal for someone who is a hurry or need a detailing product the next day or 2, this would be a good option of the shipping side and can be beneficial for the customer and buyer. Another thing to consider is a loyalty card holders scheme, the more products you buy the more points you receive and when the mounts up the customer can redeem his / her points for a product, the points can be shown on the internet on the Polished Bliss website or have three times annually a report of the pints through the post, plus special offers and events for the future.

  96. 1. The main product that stops me ordering as much as I’d like from you is Gtechniq, I tend to buy all items that are needed from one website to save having to order in different places so, if you stock the Gtechniq range I will be able to place more orders with Polished Bliss.

    2. To be honest, the website is spot on, is well set out with informative descriptions and user info, everything is easy to use and find.

    3. As above, the service is spot on but maybe an online chat feature, I know this is technically a website comment but it comes into customer service, as sometimes I am browsing websites and would like to be able to web chat whilst on the phone sorting issues.

  97. John Hartnup says:

    1, I would like too see products used and tested by yourselves and that you recommend. Only problem is you already do that.

    2. I would like too see more video’s on product usage although I realize this is very time consuming.

    3. After nearly 4 year’s of ordering from you I think your service is unequaled.

  98. quattrogmbh says:

    1. I’d also suggest Gtechniq or perhaps Max Protect. The only reason I have not bought 22PLE is that I’ve never heard of them.

    2.The website is very good, perhaps preparing it for touch devices is the way forward in 2013. Its a bit fidly on touch as it is today, but the content is first class.

    3. The only thing which has so far prevented me from ordering from you is the lack of next day delivery. I understand the reason, but I buy on a whim and am impatient so want to see my haul the next day.

  99. Chris Carswell says:

    1. In terms of product lines, with such a comprehensive offering already the only part missing for me is on the hardware side – pressure washers you’re prepared to give your seal of approval to. Other than that, it’s so difficult trying to keep up with the latest next big thing I’d rather see a tighter range of products that are tried and tested than chase whichever manufacturer is currently in vogue on DW or wherever – until they’re proven to beat what’s currently the ‘best in class’.

    2. Videos have been an excellent addition to the site – there’s nothing to beat actually seeing how a product should be used. I’ve corrected my own technique on a number of occasions just from watching a few of your videos. However, I’m only too aware these are time consuming. Other than that, how about some quick surveys to help shape your product offerings? The majority of users don’t have the time/inclination to leave lengthy comments or send e-mails, so a quick poll on the relevant section can serve as a useful feedback tool on customer needs. If you really wanted to push to boat out and optimise your site, I’d suggest getting some usability experts in to review how it’s currently designed and laid out.

    3. Very little to pick up on, just some additional postage options and ideally more pro-active updates on order progress. Sometimes I’m happy for stuff to turn up whenever, other times I’ve realised I’ve ran out of something and need a replacement asap – and am happy to pay extra for this and know when/where my order is in the process.

  100. Marc stevenson says:

    1. A very good selection of products is already available but the addition of the Gtechniq range would be great as they offer a very popular solution to many detailing requirements.

    2. The website is already very good but the use of detailed videos and example video links always gets my vote.

    3. A regular email update with the latest and most advance products that equal or improve on what we’ve already purchased hostorically would further enhance the already excellent customer service.

  101. Jack David says:

    1. I would really like to see Chemical Guys in your stock lines, they have a very wide range of products and at a cost isn’t too harsh on the wallet.

    2. Your website is second to none, the only suggestion I would have a customer account log in, to review purchases, create wish lists and a recommended products section.

    3. Your customer service as mentioned by almost everyone on here is extremely good, a detailing newsletter on products, offers and threads of your work would be great.

  102. Adam Wookey says:

    1. Any quality product is always a welcome edition, I think Gtechniq would be the top product to offer.

    2. I think your website/shop is excellent. Very slick, easy to navigate at an excellent format. To be honest I don’t think there is much you can improve on!

    3. Delivery. Courier companies who provide an hour time slot are a big factor for me when ordering, as it means I can plan my day or make arrangements with neighbours to accept delivery.

  103. Andrew King says:

    1) I think in my humble opinion you guys should focus on more entry level products to bring more people on board to PB. It’s all well and good having the latest and greatest products on your shelf, but what most people fail to understand is when you’re running a business and you’ve got a lot products on the shelf not shifting is money just sitting there.

    2) Your website is awesome and you have every area covered, do not try to fix something that is not broken. Maybe more demo and product reviews.

    3) Your customer service has always been impeccable and a key factor at PB; you guys having always met and managed my expectations beyond the call of duty.

  104. Wow, what an amazing response! Thank you very much your suggestions; they will really help us to push forward next year. We’ve used a web-based random number generator to pick the winner; congratulations to Adam Wookey (reply number 102). We will be in touch shortly via e-mail to arrange delivery of the prize. Thanks again everyone, we hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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