Swissvax Leather Cleaner Demo Video

March 9th, 2012

For the benefit of anyone with hearing difficulties, here is the audio transcript in full; if there is anything else we can do to make our videos more accessible, please don’t hesitate to let us know…

“Hello, this is Rich at Polished Bliss, and in this video I’m going to tell you a little bit about Swissvax Leather Cleaner, and in particular why it’s become one of our favourite products for cleaning modern leather upholstery.

Swissvax Leather Cleaner is a gentle yet highly effective liquid cleaner enriched with biodegradable active ingredients and glycerine. Its mild formula can safely be used to remove everyday dirt and grime on a regular basis with no risk of degrading modern leather surfaces. Indeed, Swissvax Leather Cleaner should always be used to clean even lightly soiled leather ahead of regular conditioning with Swissvax Leather Milk, so as to ensure that grime does not have chance to accumulate in your leather’s surface pores.

For best results, Swissvax Leather Cleaner should be sprayed directly onto leather surfaces to be treated and then worked in thoroughly in a circular motion using a Swissvax Cleaning Brush. This action will produce a slightly foamy looking lather, which may progressively discolour as soiling is gently released. To finish off, all traces of this lather should be mopped up and gently wiped away using a suitable microfibre towel, and the leather then left to dry fully before a conditioning coat of Swissvax Leather Milk is applied.

So, why do we rate Swissvax Leather Cleaner so highly? Firstly, because it tackles everyday dirt and grime with ease, and this includes dye transfer from jeans. Secondly, because it’s thin, easy clean up formula makes it fast and efficient to work with, which is equally beneficial to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details provided on the contact us page of our website.”

Finally, if the above video has whet your appetite, you can find out more here – Swissvax Leather Cleaner | Ultra Safe Liquid Leather Cleaner

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6 Responses to “Swissvax Leather Cleaner Demo Video”

  1. Cool video showing how to thoroughly clean leather. I’ve never used the product myself but going on the experience I’ve had with other Swissvax products I’m sure this is a winner too!

  2. Jules White says:

    Very impressive! Would this product work on leather sofas as well as car interiors?


  3. @Jules – Yes it does, as does the Swissvax leather conditioning product too.

  4. Jay Hibberd says:

    Hey, great video – you make it look so easy. This looks like a really great product – I may have to try it for myself. Can it also be applied to leather shoes and jackets out of interest?

  5. @Jay – Although we’ve never tried it ourselves on clothing or furniture (apart from cars, only Angela’s handbags have been treated with it!), plenty of our customers have, all with good results (or so they’ve told us), so we’re confident it will work just fine.

  6. Matty says:

    A great video, I love keeping my leather seats looking good by cleaning them properly and caring for the leather. Although accidents can happen and a tear in the leather would be devastating to people who like to keep their car looking great. I can repair rips in leather and also make worn leather look new.

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