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March 23rd, 2012

For the benefit of anyone with hearing difficulties, here is the audio transcript in full; if there is anything else we can do to make our videos more accessible, please don’t hesitate to let us know…

“Hello, this is Rich at Polished Bliss, and in this video I’m going to tell you a little bit about the PA Foam Lance, and in particular how it works and how you can service it yourself to maintain its performance over time.

In a nutshell, the PA Foam Lance is a device that attaches to a pressure washer and mixes a pre-wash cleaning product with the flow of water to produce thick clinging foam. By applying thick clinging foam to your car before washing it and allowing the foam to cling in situ for several minutes, you are giving the cleaning agents longer to work and therefore lift off and carry away much more dirt and grime. Indeed, by the time any residual foam is eventually rinsed off, relatively clean surfaces should be left behind ready for a two bucket wash by hand. Clearly, the major benefit here is that the bulk of dirt removal is done before a wash mitt is placed on the car, which greatly reduces the risk of inflicting marring and fine scratches during the wash process.

The PA Foam Lance is made in Italy, and built to last. The injector head is constructed from solid brass, giving it excellent long-lasting performance and durability. With the exception of the plastic Karcher options, all of the fitments are made from solid brass too, and are connected to the injector head using stainless steel extension pipes. The adjustable collar, which controls the degree of fanning from the tip, is made from heavy-duty plastic, while the mixing bottle is made from chemically-resistant high-density polyethylene. The injector head offers easy dilution rate adjustability via a top-mounted flow control valve, which allows you to fine tune the exact level of foam produced. You’ll be amazed by the foaming power of this lance, and once you have adopted it into your regular wash routine you’ll never look back.

The PA Foam Lance is supplied pre-assembled and ready for use, but as a safety precaution we recommend that you routinely check it to ensure that all parts are nipped up tightly enough to withstand pressurised flow. To use the lance, unscrew the mixing bottle and pump in approximately 100 ml of Meguiar’s Hyper Wash, and then fill it to the top with hot water. After shaking the whole unit to mix the solution thoroughly, attach the lance to your pressure washer, double checking that the connection is fully locked in; do not overlook this step, as the consequences do not bear thinking about. Finally, aim the lance at your car and squeeze the trigger, adjusting the flow control valve on the injector head until you achieve the desired thickness of foam.

Like all mechanical devices that operate in wet conditions, the PA Foam Lance will need servicing from time to time if maximum foaming performance is to be maintained. In most cases, any drop off in performance will be due to the internal wire mesh filter becoming blocked with dried soap residue or limescale. To unblock the filter and restore maximum performance, simply follow these easy steps. Firstly, secure in the lance in a smooth-jawed vice, with the tip pointing sideways. Then, using a small Allen key, push out the retaining pin from the adjustable collar, and remove the collar and set it to one side. Next, use an adjustable spanner to carefully prise off the fanning blades. Then, use a 22 mm socket to loosen and remove the filter cover. Once off, stand the filter cover on a flat surface and use a small Allen key to push the wire mesh filter out. To unblock the filter, soak it overnight in a strong descaling solution; such solutions can be purchased in most DIY stores. Finally, reassemble your lance in reverse order and test that everything is tight before reusing it. To help prevent the filter from blocking up frequently, try to remember to rinse out your lance after each use by running a mixing bottle full of hot water through it.

In summary, the PA Foam Lance is a fantastic bit of kit that really helps to make the wash process safer, as it provides an easy way of removing loose dirt and grime in a completely touchless fashion. Given that it’s built to last and is easy to service and maintain, it’s not hard to see why it’s become one of the bestselling products in our store up in recent years.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details provided on the contact us page of our website.”

Finally, if the above video has whet your appetite, you can find out more here – PA Foam Lance | Pre-Wash Foaming Tool for Pressure Washers

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7 Responses to “PA Foam Lance Demo Video”

  1. Great demo vid and and excellent accompanying explanation. I’ve always said the pre foam/wash is the most important stage of the wash process in terms of preventing potential damage. Made in Italy too eh – so it’s the Ferrari of foam lances then?!

  2. MatteSplat says:

    Hi PB,

    Im currently running a matte black bike and have the swissvax opaque to clean with but I also snow foam it before hand just to be safe. I do the same with my other vehicles and need a PH neutral based shampoo with no wax for the bike could you recommend the best foaming shampoo?


  3. @MatteSplat – All snow foams typically contain gloss enhancing agents and surface brighteners, so I would recommend not using a snow foam on your bike, otherwise the matt finish may be negatively affected over time. Instead, I would use a normal strength mixture of Swissvax Car Bath Opaque in the lance bottle – this will still foam up when forced through the foam lance, and is guaranteed not to affect the matt finish. Given that you probably only use a little bit of the made up solution per wash due to the bike needing much less foaming than a normal sized car, this shouldn’t work out to be too expensive an option either.

  4. Great tutorial. Can be shipped in Romania, if I decide to buy it?

  5. I’m afraid not – for logistical reasons we do not ship to southeast Europe at the current time. Sorry!

  6. Great demo vid and also as well as excellent accompanying description. I’ve constantly replied the pre foam/wash is the most important stage of the clean plan in terms of preventing potential damage.

  7. Jon Allum says:

    This is a great foam lance capable of spraying some seriously clingy foam. If left to dwell it really loosens dirt and grime and makes the physical wash much easier. One pass of the mitt and the grime is removed. I also find the rinse water needs changing less frequently after foaming. It really shows just how much extra dirt and grime is removed in this phase of the wash routine.

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