Win a pot of Auto Finesse Desire!

December 16th, 2011

Win a pot of Auto Finesse Desire!

It’s fair to say that Auto Finesse has been the brand of 2011; it’s made everyone in the UK detailing community realise that top quality performance and great value for money aren’t mutually exclusive terms. Hot on the heels of excellent new additions to the line in recent months (Finale, Mint Rims and Revive) is an exclusive wax blend that money currently can’t buy – Desire. This funky coloured, fruity flavoured über wax is the result of attempts by the Auto Finesse team to push the existing Spirit formula even further in terms of looks and durability. It may not turn out to be viable to put this amazing blend into production, but fear not, because we’re offering you the chance to get your hands on a limited edition test pot for free. Okay, not for free; we need you to do just one thing for us…

To enter our free prize draw, simply answer the following question by leaving a comment below; full answers would be appreciated, as it will allow us to make better videos for you next year!

“What specific products and topics do you desire us to cover in detail in a forthcoming series of product demonstration and car care training videos?”

The Rules

1. Only one entry per person please; multiple entries will be disqualified.

2. Automated entries, bulk entries or third party entries will be disqualified.

3. The draw is open to residents of the UK, the Channel Islands, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Monaco, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway and Switzerland.

4. Entries from residents of countries not listed above will be disqualified.

5. The draw will run with immediate effect until 10 am (GMT) on 19th December 2011.

6. The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries at 11 am (GMT) on 19th December 2011.

7. The winner will be contacted using the e-mail address they use to enter their comment.

8. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.

9. Your name and e-mail address will be used strictly in line with our privacy policy.

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69 Responses to “Win a pot of Auto Finesse Desire!”

  1. Iain Douglas says:

    Machine polishing guides are always popular. However there are plenty of them around. I was thinking more along the lines of the things that set PB apart. Attention to detail and how you go about it. It’s the small things that make the big differences. So all the tips and tricks for interiors, slam panels, shut lines, seals, etc. All the tricky stuff that’s easy to over look but make the difference between a clean and a detail.

  2. Ian Gillespie says:

    I desire the Polished Bliss crew to do a session on the Health & Safety aspects of detailing to show us how to detail as safely as possible when using a variety of chemicals and machinery.

  3. Jake White says:

    I’m very tempted to try the Auto Finesse range and I’m sure a lot of other people will as it looks like a very promising range! I think it would be a brilliant idea to do an ‘Auto Finesse’ detail using as many products from the Auto Finesse range as possible so that people can really see the extent of what the products can do in various applications.

  4. Matt Dodd says:

    I think quick detailers are a great product to demonstrate. A lot of people know what a QD is but don’t know the different finishes certain products can give, or how to use them differently. For example, Auto Finesse Glisten vs Finale. A topic I’d also like to see covered is steam cleaning / interior detailing; you see a lot of write up regarding the outside finish but surely the best details have the greatest attention to detail, including the interior!

  5. Darren Burchmore says:

    The guide I most desire is about paint removal and what is safe and what isn’t. From wetsanding to wool pads to heavy cut foam pads – what’s best in certain circumstances and when is it wise to stop chasing perfection and save the paint’s life for another day.

  6. Ivo van Ganzewinkel says:

    I think it would be nice to do a 50/50 comparison on several different panels at a time with some premium products versus the Auto Finesse range. So maybe we can see (or can’t see) if there is a big difference in finish. For example, take a prepped surface and make a comparison between Swissvax Cleaner Fluid topped with Shield, versus Auto Finesse Rejuvenate topped with Spirit. Would be a nice “test” I think…

  7. Kevin Finnie says:

    I would love to see ‘A Day In The Life Of Polished Bliss’ video. It would be very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes in one of, if not the, best name in the business. Things like taking bookings and orders, order packing, customers queries, write-ups, vehicle collection and delivery and anything else we never get to see, as well as undertaking details. We know that you guys put in so much work and effort to the detailing side but myself, and I’m sure many others, have no real idea just how much work and effort goes in elsewhere in the business!

  8. Andrew Miller says:

    Certainly more video guides and tutorials showing how best to use the products. Most people learn best from visual aids rather than narratives. Everything from wheel cleaning, engine bay cleaning, glass cleaning, LSP application to more generic health and safety aspects when using the products. All the best in the New Year PB!

  9. Ric Wright says:

    I’d like to see a post from Polished Bliss about the upcoming products utilizing cerium oxide for the purpose of removing scratches from windscreens and other glass and it’s proper application, with a selection of products and comparing it against to the cerium oxide power/paste on its own. And perhaps more intense methods such as wetsanding, etc, if it’s at all possible on glass.

  10. Simon Olsen says:

    I would like to see Polished Bliss cover a demonstration of glass polishing. It seems to be the new big thing among detailing fanatics and has gained more attention with the release of dedicated cerium-oxide-based polishes. Glass polishing involves a lot of care and technique given the risk of overheating and distortion of the glass during the process, and I think it should receive even more attention due to the fact that a very large percentage of a cars exterior is glass panels and yet is often overlooked.

  11. Henri Posa says:

    I would love to see a “24h Polished Bliss” video, well maybe not full 24h but you get the point. Show us your warehouse, and maybe go around sniffing some waxes and comment how they smell. Show us a few people doing their job. Maybe some music on the background but also plenty of comments. You know, a video that will make you feel real good for a few moments and makes you want to go and detail your own car. I love how you help your customers and always want to improve yourself and have (only) the best products available. Thank you!

  12. Scott Donald says:

    I would love to see a step by step guide from correct washing and prepping to polishing and sealing, which I understand may not be possible due to the complexity of detailing. I know you have something like this already but an actual video of the correct process would be great for all of us amateur enthusiasts to see if we are actually doing it correctly.

  13. chris c says:

    A guide to an interior detail. People go on and on about the outside but to date I’ve never seen a really good interior video shot. Would be nice as it’s where you spend most of your time. Be the first Polished Bliss – you have a nice fancy camera!

  14. Albert Kozak says:

    I would like to see a tutorial on wetsanding as this is a challenging job requiring a lot of skill. It will be nice to see someone who knows what to do discussing all aspects of wetsanding.

  15. Phil Watkins says:

    I’d like to see some behind the scenes content. We often see the write-up’s (which are great) showing each individual aspect of a detail. Lets see some behind the scene stuff… initial meetings, the prep at the workshop, what thought processes the customer and PB go through before you go ahead, some comments from the customers. What do neighbouring businesses around your unit think about what you do? Often, you will read “finished at 2am”, etc. Let’s see how you get there from a third person perspective!

  16. Kevin Gallagher says:

    Polished Bliss to me is the pinnacle of car care. The desire for perfection is there to see. I’d love to see them share the hints and tips that come with detailing; although trade secrets are what sets you apart from the guys next door, it would be great to see. Alongside that definitely a more comprehensive correction video. It’s one of the most important aspects of detailing for me. It’s where 98% of the final paint finish comes from and I’d love to see PB do more teaching in the ways of correction. Who better to teach than the best?

  17. Geoff says:

    I’d like to see more on deep paint cleaning. Someone (was it you?) said deep paint cleaning is the key to a good shine on silver.

  18. Chris Taylor says:

    I would love to see an open day demonstration in detail about the wetsanding process. Something that personally I do not feel comfortable doing on my own car, until perhaps I have seen it being done first hand or even had the chance on a scrap panel with the advice from the PB team.

  19. Stuart says:

    I would like to see some write up’s with info on wetsanding, not just easily repaired marks, but maybe where only 90% improvements can be made. I would also like to see a good guide to stone chip repairs and info on the safest way to clean your car without a hose! Thanks!

  20. Adrian Roebuck says:

    I really desire a detailed video on applying the different ranges of sealants now available and looking particularly at the aftercare regime that keeps a car in excellent condition. Merry Christmas!

  21. Josh Dallimore says:

    I think you could perhaps start a ‘beginner’s guide’ type video explaining what products do what and in which order to do things, and then move on the ‘Intermediate’ and ‘professional’ videos which could get in depth about machine polishing and which pads do what, clay barring techniques and wheel cleaning/waxing/protecting guides and use a range of professional affordable products (such as Auto Finesse) so people can work their way up from a quick wash if they have limited time all the way up to full detailing sessions and valets. Josh.

  22. Lewis Craik says:

    I would like to see a video which rather than focusing on which products are used, but rather how they are used. The “hHow to use” section of the product pages really sets Polished Bliss apart from other websites, it would be good to keep that going on the videos. How much product is used? What do you use to apply it? That sort of thing.

  23. Alan McConachie says:

    I would like to see a video featuring one car going from collecting the car to doing the final wipe down – with all of the in between included. The “wet” work has always interested me and I imagine it will interest those less into detailing – foam is fun! Footage of wheels off, degreasing and the like would go down a storm. Alan.

  24. Darren Igesund says:

    Machine polishing, from beginning to the standard that you offer (which is exceptional) and how to choose what polish to use and what LSP to finish off with.

  25. Mark Kendrick says:

    I would love to see a guide to either a microfibre cutting system or engine detailing and how safe it is to pressure wash/foam your engine bay.

  26. chris wright says:

    I would like to see a detail on a budget, using the cheaper end products you sell with hints and tips on ways to ensure a special finish without the special price tag. I know there are many people that are struggling financially, myself included. Maybe including multi-use items that do more than one job so the detailing enthusiast has to purchase less to achieve a good end result.

  27. Anthony says:

    Think it should be a video on the less focused on areas of detailing, such as the ‘ultimate wipe-down’, then about the best ways of cleaning around the edges of windows to get all that grime out, getting a mirror shine on exhausts, and a good interior detail as there are so many tutorials on claying, polishing and waxing (paintwork based detailing), etc, already.

  28. Adrian Gail says:

    I think more comparison articles/videos would be beneficial. For instance, applying a LSP on a surface after using a product with fillers vs applying to a surface wiped down with IPA as a control. This would show the benefit of these products and why full correction is not always needed. Applying tyre dressing to a tyre without using an APC/degreaser and the effects on longevity. Simple things that make a difference to the process and indeed to the quality of the finish!

  29. Boyley says:

    I think a demsostration on how to maintain a detailed car would be very useful indeed. All too often I think that amateurs and enthusiasts alike are wary of removing LSP waxes and sealants from both bodywork/glass and wheels during the weekly wash stages. There are plenty of ‘friendly’ products in the PB range that are great for ph neutral cleaning jobs on sealed wheels, etc, and a refresher course on this would save people a lot of time applying unnecessary product on a regular basis!

  30. Phil Ball says:

    I would like to see a guide/video tutorial on reviving black exterior plastic trim, including different methods and products used. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information about this area and I would like to see how you guys do it.

  31. Mikeydee says:

    I think that more information about wetsanding, stone chip repair and deep scratch removal would be good. I also believe that a guide on how to safely remove bits of interior and exterior trim would be beneficial. Maybe touch on clearcoat repair too. Keep up the good work guys!

  32. Linden says:

    Machine polishing seems to be popular, but I’d like to see a video demonstration by the experts at PB actually showing a newbie how to machine polish… possibly even using the newbie’s own car. This way, it will give rise to ‘newbie’ questions in real circumstances that should give greater confidence to those of us that are hesitant to machine polish. Perhaps run a competition to have a small number of attendees at PB for a day of learning, or even offer start-up machine polishing courses as general training days – I’d certainly pay for that sort of thing… and you could video these events.

  33. Jan Van Bael says:

    I would like to see a video tutorial/review by the PB experts regarding the different kinds of LSP and how to apply them. Not just waxes, but also sealants and the new types of nano-coatings.

  34. Trip says:

    Hi Polished Bliss, I have viewed your website from A to Z and it contains very useful information on all the products you sell; it shows your have gone the extra mile, by explaining each product in more detail than other sites, that’s very reassuring to the buyer, plus the threads of the showroom on DW show what products have been used, and the results are simply outstanding. I really can’t fault your webpage, it’s the easiest on the market by far to search for products, each product gives a break down of the testing you have done yourselves, again that’s very reassuring to the buyer, plus free delivery is excellent as well; this shows remarkable customer service skills and attention to detail throughout the whole site.

    One thing that needs to be added to the Polished Bliss website is video training video for a newbie but make them easy not scary, e.g. dual action machine polishing plus hand polishing by hand. Also you should do a mini review of the all products in action on the site, so the buyer knows the performance and outcome of each product, and that will show you have gone the extra mile, and have done testing of your own, and no website in the detailing sector offers this, you will be the first. Also to consider is placing videos of one product range in action, such as Auto Finesse, on the whole car, and sealants for white paint and different colour paints, also the durability of the products after a months worth of everyday driving.

  35. David Woodall says:

    Some of the things I would like to see are:

    1 – A glossary of terms saying what products are for, what stage to use them. There are lots of different product types and it’s easy to get confused as to when, why, and how they should be used.

    2 – A guide that shows what order to detail in. Maybe there could be guides for different levels – a simple basic detail through to the full monty, along with how to maintain the finish in between full details. Videos would be great so you could show how much product to use and the correct techniques to use. Write ups are great but it’s easy to read something and then think you are following it correctly. There’s nothing better than seeing how it’s done.

    3 – A guide in stone chip repair. There’s nothing worse than spending all that time detailing your car only to have the finish spoilt by stone chips, especially those along the side skirts.

    4 – A guide on scratch repair, both by machine and by hand.

    5 – Most guides I see on detailing wheels tend to be very basic. Given that there are lots of different aftermarket finishes I would like to see a guide to say what guides are safe on different finishes, how to remove scratches from chrome wheels, how to maintain split rims and multi-piece wheels, etc.

    6 – Maintaining cars in the winter months, such as how to remove snow and ice, the safest way to clean your car, etc.

    7 – Top tips – something that shows some of the special secrets, identifies common mistakes that people make, hints at how to do all the time consuming jobs like cleaning the grills.

    8 – An interior cleaning guide – most people, myself included, tend to focus all their efforts on the outside of the car whilst the interior isn’t maintained on the same standard.

  36. Adrian Convery says:

    I think an experienced to advanced level machine polishing course would be good. There are already many guides out there for this but I think none or not many of these guides have gone into minor things such as “jeweling” the paint in order to get what some claim is a better finish. This is something I think many amateur detailers have not heard about and I would like to hear more about it personally as I have seen great results from metallic finishes by using a jeweling method to finish. Another idea – what about if you guys teamed up with a manufacturer like Dodo Juice who hand make their products and create a video of how they create their waxes and how they come up with the different ideas and implement them, e.g. introducing the supernatural products and how they make them stand out from their normal range. Another could be ways to look after yourself, such as looking after your back when detailing or even just clothes to protect your skin and what is best to wear when cold. Those are just a few off the top of my head. Thanks for making this competition a free one, it shows great Christmas spirit and I hope everyone at PB has a great one and a great New Year.

  37. Jonny Moore says:

    I think a guide on cleaning, restoring and maintaining the non-metal parts of the car. A guide on textured non-body coloured plastics, glass, and metalwork would be good. These bits rarely get mentioned and as such need some sort of a mention. Products I would like to see covered would be traditional plastic dressings versus nano-coatings.

  38. Steven Maloney says:

    A step by step guide on assessing what products to use on different levels of detailing/Valets. Pre-wash, wash, clay, before polish, polish, glaze, LSP, etc. This way it would give more people an understanding on what products to use at certain stages of the detail.

  39. Imran Arshad says:

    A video showing how to handle a DA or rotary on a car, i.e. how to apply the correct pressure, how to hold and position the machine when you’re working on a contoured panel or a side panel. This will help beginners to be more confident to start correcting their paint. Also, I’d like to see a video showing how to apply nano-sealants correctly.

  40. Aaron says:

    More aspects of interior detailing. Leather revival, etc.

  41. Tiago says:

    I would love to see some advanced tutorials on polishing, covering especially rotary machines and the new microfiber DA system from Meguiar’s. Also, some tips and tricks that you pro’s know by doing it very very often and we hobby detailers don’t know.

  42. Mark Irvine says:

    On future demonstrations/blogs I would like to see more products related to plastic trim, interior and exterior. Although these parts are sometimes tiny its sometimes the smallest of details that count as you guys well know. Another aspect I would like to learn more about is care and maintenance of detailing tools, e.g. microfibres, polishers, etc.

  43. Chris says:

    I’d like to see a detailed guide to alloy refurbishment; it’s not something that most people do themselves. I feel this is due to a general lack of knowledge and guidance available.

  44. Stephen Wilson says:

    I really enjoy reading your write ups but being recently new to the world of detailing like everyone I’d like to progress my skills onto paint correction and machine polishing. So, I’d like to see how you would deal with an absolute beginner to this as I don’t want to just take a machine polisher to the side of someone’s car or even my own (because then I’d just become the guy who’s work you have to fix!). Write ups are good but how’s about more videos? For example, first meeting with the customer, what is discussed and how you decide what products and techniques will be used. Fingers crossed!

  45. Alan Hanson says:

    Detailing as an income, a living. Exposing everything that needs to be in place and sorted to make a detailing company work. As a hobby it’s all show and rewards, shall I clean the car today? Hmm, bit too cold maybe tomorrow? On the other hand for a professional – look at the book and you have a customer booked in there’s no backing down because you can’t get into it and it still requires 100% attention to detail as it’s your signature that’s on the finish.

  46. michael mcnally says:

    I have been introduced to polished bliss though the Audi-Sport forums and I love the write ups, but but I don’t think they are all on here? It would be great to see the whole portfolio available on your website. Also, it would be good to add customer reviews to the individual products, with the possibility of adding customer photos too. keep up the awesome work!

  47. Kin Hy says:

    Would be nice to see some Auto Finesse Desire demonstrations to show the true potential of the wax; this would also give the people who don’t win a chance to witness its awesomeness in full glory.

  48. Dom Williams says:

    Running a valeting and detailing business myself I would love to see some videos on repairing stone chips, wetsanding and deep scratch removal. The little things that can let a detailed vehicle down and that I hate passing on to smart repairers.

  49. D-J says:

    I’d like to see a review by the PB experts on modern nano sealants, and especially what ingredients they use and how they work.

  50. Doug says:

    I would like to see PB do some exhaust tip details; cars not looked after well can come with some real cruddy looking tips (like the car I’ve just bought). I would like to see PB’s best tips and techniques on the safest and easiest way to clean up a set of tips and what’s best to seal and maintain them. It’s often overlooked on detailing blogs so it would be a nice change.

  51. Stuart Wotherspoon says:

    I think I’d really like to see a wax application in detail, by hand and applicator pad – a simple thing but I wish to know how the pro does it. Secondly, I’d like to see how PB clean and protect an interior in detail, often a phase forgotten about with most focus on the paint. There must be tricks for getting the dirt from everywhere and protecting the dash and cloth seats.

  52. Matt Spinks says:

    In keeping with the theme “top quality performance and great value for money” I would like to see a video on top quality shine for little time invested. To be more specific, maybe something like 5 easy steps to a great wash technique… 5 easy steps to decontamination… 5 easy steps to hand polishing… 5 easy steps to waxing and sealing… etc. Guides which are for detailers who have a short amount of time to get a good shine.

  53. euan says:

    Sonax products, especially the paint cleaner, polish and liquid wax, as I have noticed these have been fantastic products and cheap too.

  54. Fabian Baum says:

    I’d like to see more information about waterless / eco / rinseless car washing, as this is one of the main topics I’m searching for on the internet because its to cold in the winter months to properly wash with water.

  55. Al Gregg says:

    I would be interested in a video showing how to care for your car on a budget and what the best value for money products are. Everything from shampoo and good protection/polish/wax to looking after rims and tyres.

  56. Daz says:

    Brake caliper cleaning and protecting, along with knowing what’s safe to use on various calipers; I’ve viewed some lovely cars but with me being a little picky I’ve always noticed that a lot of people miss the calipers as they are a pain to clean. I’ve seen a few painted ones that have gone very dull, presumably due to the use of overly strong cleaners. It would be good to know what’s safe to use.

  57. Kubz says:

    I would like to see a complete car (interior and exterior) “treatment” before the summer season. A lot of tricks that anyone can use to make his car really beautiful, and keep it in that condition for as long as possible.

  58. Rob says:

    I’d like to see some major correction work on older cars with poor paintwork, including some wetsanding. As much as I love an exotic supercar, I always like to see some horrific paint corrected properly. Maybe also side by side tests of similar products to rate performance.

  59. Richard says:

    As a newbie to the world of detailing a video covering the detailing of a car from start to finish depending on paint type would be useful. In addition if it could be listed on the website with a list of all the tools / products used in the video or as part of a complete kit (allowing the customer to deselect the products / tools they already had) it would give the end user more confidence in using the products by being able to see how they should be used. I hope that makes sense!

  60. Aaron Wicks says:

    There are several areas that I would like a little more in-depth knowledge and techniques on, such glass cleaning techniques. I know it may sound silly, but you could be sat in a very shiny polished car yet when driving in nice sunny weather you have smears in the both the front & rear windows that defeats the object of an all round perfect finish – something that I often struggle with. Another area I would like to know more about is how you professionals go about interior cleaning; do you have a certain routine and any tips, as this part of detailed write ups is not often covered. Lastly I think instruction on the amount of product to use would be good as I think the majority of us (or maybe just me!) think that more product equals more protection, etc, but as in most cases this isn’t correct. Sorry to waffle on, all the very best for the New Year PB.

  61. richard lubomski says:

    Detailing covers so much more than just the exterior of the vehicle; some good topics are interior detailing, specifically leather treatments and restoration… hazard protection – some of the nano-based products are pretty hazardous and I think a bit of knowledge goes a long way…. another good topic is engine bay tips and tricks; I’ve been detailing cars for a while now and find these areas the most demanding!

  62. iain paterson says:

    I would like PB to show a more in-depth look at the interior clean, an area that is often missed and seldom elaborated on. A day in the life would also be an interesting “behind the scenes”, but this obviously has some drawbacks and could be very time consuming (but a bunch of fishermen made a world famous documentary, so who knows!). Another area that could be covered is the repair side of things. I realise that not all work is completed on site, but the bodywork correction and wheel refurbishments are seldom delved into. So good luck everyone and PB keep up the stunning work.

  63. Craig Young says:

    Important background information would be differences in paint types and styles and what each product actually does chemically to your paint. Describe why a certain wax is better for a certain colour or the difference between a sealant and wax. What’s happening at a molecular level; it would be interesting to get a full picture right down to the smallest details. I’ve noticed a few guys above mention the interior side of detailing, which is something I would be into as there is nothing worse then seeing a shiny car with a drab interior. A focus on the various products used would be good, but more important is how to actually use them. How about a tricks of the trade posts? Monthly blog posts showing a technique or product that you guys find invaluable. I would really like more focus on how to actually detail. Videos of maybe how to apply a wax or sealant right down to the basic but important washing stages which I find is often overlooked. This allows us newbies to learn the techniques to stand us in good stead for the future. Keep up the good work.

  64. mark amond says:

    The PB website is very informative from product information to car care advice, so what I desire is a project car detailed on a live forum with a live question and answer feature – how cool would that be?!

  65. Mark Smith says:

    I would love to see a video of “valeting/detailing in the real world” – a guide about using products and making the most of them when working in a real life situation, i.e. outside in all weathers and not tucked up in a cosy warm workshop!

  66. Simon says:

    I think you’ve already hinted at this on twitter, but I would love to see some timelapse stuff “a day in the life of Clark?” My other suggestion would be another ‘live’ detail, although I’m sure this is very time intensive and takes away from the job in hand… so maybe a webcam detail where an image is automatically updated every 5 minutes?

  67. Jon Birch says:

    I would love to see how you get the best out of standard products, for example, a video of your standard wash routine using the standard wheel cleaners/APC’s/shampoo’s/tyre dressings to allow us minions to get the best out of the products we use over the weekend when maintaining our pride and joy. You could also include a topping of Auto Finesse Desire wax!

  68. Neil Hume says:

    Hi there, your website is by far the most informative and helpful I’ve come across, credit to you all. What I desire to see is a video showing how to use the various kits that you provide… from the wheels, glass, bodywork to the interior, so we can see exactly how much product to use, and how to apply it. And the end result especially if a DA or rotary polisher is used. This would serve two purposes, helping us enthusiasts become more proficient and marketing the many great kits/products you provide.

  69. Thank you all for your entries, the competition is now closed. We’ve used a random number generator to pick the winner and the winner is post number 17 from Geoff. We’ll be in touch via e-mail to arrange delivery of the prize. Thanks again for all the entries; an excellent response and lots of great ideas for us to mull over. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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