£1000 raised for Aberdeen Foyer!

May 13th, 2011

On Sunday 8th May we hosted a charity car care demonstration event for the Porsche Club of Great Britain. In keeping with similar events we’ve hosted in the past, we offered the club a free correction detail in return for them raising money for a local charity of our choice. Russell Gould very kindly organised a raffle, which was drawn at a club meet on a beautiful spring day in Strathdon. In the process, the Region 2 (North of Scotland) members of the club managed to raise over £1000, for which we are very grateful.

After weighing our options, we decided to donate the funds to Aberdeen Foyer, for whom we have raised money in the past. Aberdeen Foyer provides supported accommodation and access to a range of education, training and employment opportunities for vulnerable young people aged 16 – 25. By enabling such people to take their first steps toward independent living, Aberdeen Foyer helps to prevent and alleviate homelessness and unemployment. Given our relatively comfortable upbringings, this means a lot to us.

Leanne Sinclair from Aberdeen Foyer was on hand at the start of the event to accept the cheque, and we are looking forward to working with her and the rest of the team at Aberdeen Foyer to raise more funds in the future. The winner of the raffle was Mike Raeburn, and his beautiful 928 GTS received three full days of tender loving care in the run up to the event. The demonstration sessions were great fun, and our thanks go out to all of the attendees for their interest in car care and their enthusiasm for what we do.

The two main demonstrations were focused on paint correction by machine and advances in paint protection technologies. Clark ran the paint correction session, and used an old scrap bonnet to show the level of paint correction that can be achieved using different types of polishing machines. At the attendee’s request, he also demonstrated how more serious scratches can sometimes be removed by wetsanding. Deliberately keying the panel felt about as wrong as can be, but did provide perfect damage for the demonstration!

After a short break, Rich unveiled a selection of props (including technical lego pieces, a tennis ball, hook and loop stickies and knotted lengths of string!) and gave a talk about paint protection products. In particular, he focused on explaining the material differences between natural waxes and synthetic sealants, and how their physical properties account for the differences in how they look and perform. He finished by talking about cutting edge nanotechnology products and what they promise for the future.

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