Introducing Wolf’s Chemicals…

April 7th, 2011

Wolf's Chemicals Car Care & Detailing Products

The last twelve months have been a very exciting time in the world of detailing. A large number of new cutting edge products have been launched and these have pushed the boundaries of what we have come to expect in performance terms. In some cases, existing standards of finish quality and durability have been extended, while in other cases entirely new methods have arisen, e.g. iron contaminant removal by chemical means. We’ve embraced this round of innovation by adopting new products into our own working routine and selecting some of the best for resale in our store. The latest product line we have adopted in this way is Wolf’s Chemicals.

Wolf’s Chemicals has been producing commercial car care products since 1994, many of which can be found in supermarkets and motoring stores across Hungary. In late 2009, Wolf’s Chemicals teamed up with Jesse O’Connor of Apollo Auto Detailing and embarked on a mission to develop a new line of detailing products incorporating the latest chemical technologies. After much development and testing, this new line of products was finally launched in late 2010. Jesse immediately sent us samples for testing, and we’ve spent the last six months putting the products through their paces, both in our detailing studio and on our own cars.

This extended period of testing was deliberate on our part, as we promised ourselves after the madness of 2010 that we would not add any new products to the store in 2011 unless they were truly exceptional. Interestingly, last winter turned out to be one of the hardest in living memory across many parts of the UK, so the testing of the exterior nano-protectants in the range turned out to be punishing to say the least. The good news is that all of the products exceeded our expectations. The exterior nano-protectants, headed up by Body Wrap, worked particularly well in terms of looks and durability, even on our bedraggled daily drivers.

While our thoughts on the individual products in the range can be viewed on the product description pages in the store, it’s easy to sum up the performance of the entire range in one word: awesome. By focusing ruthlessly on performance and keeping everything else simple, Jesse and the team at Wolf’s Chemicals have created a range of products that do more for less. For example, Decon Gel is as equally good as and more usable than any other iron remover we’ve used but costs half the usual price, while Body Wrap is so good and costs so little that had it existed two years ago our own-branded Project Awesome may never have been launched.

In the coming weeks and months, the entire Wolf’s Chemicals range is going to be seeing a lot of use in our detailing studio. Rich’s C30 will be on show at our forthcoming open day, having just been freshly polished with Ultra Fine Polish and protected with several coats of Body Wrap. Speaking of the open day, we will also be demonstrating the awesome prowess of Brake Duster, both for wheel cleaning and general bodywork decontamination duties. Looking beyond, Jesse and the team at Wolf’s Chemicals also have several other innovative new products in the pipeline, and it’s going to be great to see the brand go from strength to strength in 2011.

The result of polishing and sealing with Wolf's Chemicals detailing products...

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  1. Rob Donaldson-Webster says:

    Looks like an excellent product line, I look forward to trying Brake Duster and the White Satin Shampoo in the near future.

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