Introducing Swissvax car care products…

November 30th, 2010

The Swissvax Master Collection Kit - Everything you need to maintain your car in concours condition, meticulously developed over three generations

The last eight weeks have been an exceptionally busy time at Polished Bliss, reflecting our best ever October sales (it’s great to see so many people finally taking winter preparation so seriously!) and a number of exciting additions to our store, the most surprising of which is the full range of Swissvax car care products. We say surprising, simply because the invite we received from Swissvax UK to stock the line came completely out of the blue; no doubt like everyone else, we had always assumed that Swissvax products would only be sold by Swissvax and nobody else. To say we are very happy with this change in direction by Swissvax UK is an understatement; we have long felt that our store should carry a well established, world renowned, flagship brand and Swissvax now fulfils these criteria perfectly. Furthermore, it has also been an absolute joy learning to use the full range of products in our detailing studio; the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been so true, as all of the products in the range are very easy to use and deliver exceptional results, reflecting the quality and rich know how that has been developed and acquired by Swissvax over the last eighty years.

Swissvax has a traceable heritage stretching back to 1930, when the Zurich-based Anwander family started developing and producing waxes specifically for the care and protection of antique furniture. Around the same time, the founder of the company, Hans Anwander, was unable to find a sophisticated enough wax for his car on the open market, so he decided to make his own. Although he did not know it at the time, his initial wax creation marked the inception of an extraordinary family business that has evolved and dedicated all of its drive and ambition to the development of the finest and most comprehensive range of car care products in the world ever since. However, even to this day, every single Swissvax product is still crafted and, where applicable, poured by hand, not only for traditional reasons but also because the highly complex formulations and sensitive nature of the ingredients does not allow for the application of modern industrial processes. The Swiss reputation for quality and precision is echoed in all of the products, and the refusal to accept any compromises in the manufacturing process is just one of the reasons why Swissvax products are so widely admired throughout the world today.

As with any comprehensive car care system, Swissvax has a product for virtually every task, but knowing where to start may be a little bewildering at first. In our opinion, the best way to approach the range is with eight key car care processes in mind: (i) washing (ii) decontamination (iii) polishing (iv) protection (v) quick detailing (vi) wheel care (vii) engine care (viii) interior care. Swissvax car washing products include luxurious shampoos, such as Swissvax Car Bath, ultra safe wash mitts and collapsible buckets, and are designed to safely remove loose dirt and grime when used on a regular basis. Moving on, decontamination is periodically required to remove firmly bonded surface contaminants that normal washing alone has failed to remove, and is best achieved using the Swissvax Paint Rubber. After decontamination, automotive paint should always be prepared properly ahead of the addition of the addition of protection; Swissvax polishes and pre-wax cleaners, including Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular (which absolutely must be used before any Swissvax wax treatment), are designed to remove minor paint defects and produce a perfect oil-rich surface that greatly enhances surface gloss and maximises wax durability.

Swissvax hand crafted carnauba waxes are perhaps what Swissvax is most well known for, and range from the entry level Swissvax Onyx (30% pure Brazilian No.1 carnauba by volume) through to the concours winning Swissvax Best of Show (51% pure Brazilian No.1 carnauba by volume) and beyond, with Swissvax Crystal Rock (76 % pure Brazilian No. 1 carnauba by volume) topping the range as probably the best general purpose car wax currently available in the world. Once waxed, Swissvax quick detailing products are designed to bridge the gap between washing and further waxing, by enabling exterior surface protection to be quickly and easily topped up on a regular basis. Swissvax wheel and tyre care products are designed to enable rims and tyres to be maintained in perfect condition without resorting to the use of harsh chemicals; Swissvax Wheel is a gentle giant amongst safe wheel cleaners, while Swissvax Autobahn and Swissvax Pneu add long lasting, good looking protection to rims and tyres respectively. Finally, Swissvax engine cleaners and dressings and Swissvax interior cleaners and dressings are designed to enable safe cleaning and comprehensive protection of all under bonnet and interior cabin surfaces, including metals, glass, plastics, rubber, fabric and leather surfaces.

We do hope that this introduction to what has been our most exciting launch of 2010 has whet your appetite for the Swissvax range of high performance car care products; it really is a special line, and we are very proud to have been invited to become an official Swissvax reseller and a Swissvax approved detailer. As we always do, we have tried to make the various product descriptions and how to use instructions on the product description pages throughout the site as comprehensive as possible, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call; we are always happy to help by providing expert advice. Finally, with the festive season almost upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the wonderful range of Swissvax car care kits, ranging from the absolutely delightful Swissvax Discovery Kits, which are designed to give a taste of Swissvax via sample-sized contents, through to the awe inspiring Swissvax Master Collection Kits, which represents all of the rich know-how and the sense for automotive perfection that Swissvax has built up over three generations of development of its unique high performance car care system. These kits make excellent gift ideas, and will no doubt put very big smiles on the faces of the car lovers and detailing enthusiasts in your life!

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4 Responses to “Introducing Swissvax car care products…”


    Hi, it is possible to know if Cleaner Fluid Professional is a safe product on trims and doesn’t stain? Best regards.

  2. In our experience it does not stain trims provided that it is removed promptly, but you should bear in mind that whenever you are machine polishing it is always good practice to tape off trims beforehand to protect them anyway. We would recommend taping up whenever you are using abrasive polishes – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

  3. Dennis says:

    Quite a lot of solutions to keep a car clean. Hmmm…

  4. The Swissvax range is indeed comprehensive to say the least! What amazes us most about it is the fact that all of the products work to an exceptionally high standard. Usually, large product ranges suffer in this respect and end up including average quality products designed to bulk the overall range out, but with Swissvax this isn’t the case. Instead, the requirement for each product is carefully thought out and the product itself is then meticulously developed over a long period of time (typically years) before being publicly released. The result of this substantial investment in research and development is consistently good performance across the entire product range, which is what we have come to expect from the Swiss!

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