Introducing Migliore luxury car care products…

February 28th, 2010

Introducing Migliore luxury car care products...

As part of our plans for expansion in 2010, we are proud to announce that Migliore luxury car care products are now available in the store. We first made contact with Migliore last October, and shortly afterwards received a full set of test products to evaluate in our studio. Clark duly set to work, and was instantly amazed by how different these products are to most of the other lines currently out there. What exactly do we mean by different? Well, Migliore aims to help to protect the environment by creating eco-friendly products. The majority of Migliore products are made using 100% Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) ingredients, including natural waxes, fruit extracts and organic solvents, and this translates into the products having highly distinctive textures and scents. Indeed, they have a truly organic feel to them that stimulates the senses and makes them a joy to use. In addition, all Migliore products are individually hand poured and inspected for quality before leaving the factory. As the founder and CEO Donald Havourd explains, “Migliore Luxury Car Care is a company based on quality, not quantity. We have no intention of becoming a large, mass distributed, watered down, car care brand. We prefer having a tight knit circle of distributors who have vast knowledge and experience of detailing to concours standards. This allows us to interact with our distributors and customers on a one on one level. Migliore will remain a small company, and will continue to provide its customers with the best quality and service available in the industry.”

After several months of testing, Clark gave the thumbs up to the entire line. In his opinion, “Migliore is a bolt out of the blue. I’d never heard of them before October last year, but our tests with the products have revealed a line that is really good fun to use, and that delivers excellent results across the board. The waxes in particular are very different to most other waxes I have used, in terms of texture and the fact that they are designed to be removed whilst still wet. Whilst this takes a little getting used to (less is more in terms of application), you soon get used to it and the results are immense; even on my poorly prepared daily driver I’ve seen two months plus of solid beading from the entry level waxes in the range, and more from Primo and Competizione. Factor in solid performances from the accessory products and the fact that the products are all eco-friendly, and you have a range which is not only new, but also very interesting and appealing. I can see Colin and I using Migliore products in many future details in the studio, and I had no qualms about using Competizione as the last step product in the 155 hour Ne Plus Ultra detail we recently performed on a solid black Bentley Arnage; it’s an impressive wax that delivers a world class finish, so why not?” Why not indeed! So, if you fancy trying some new products this year, take a look in the Migliore section of the store for some fresh ideas; our personal favourites are the Frutta Blend wax and the Endurance Spray quick detailer.

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8 Responses to “Introducing Migliore luxury car care products…”

  1. Don says:

    Looks amazing, Rich!

  2. Mat says:

    The packaging alone makes it look a class above the rest…

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Hi, can you send me the price of all the Migliore luxury car care products, with the best wax and alternatives to change the finish? Thanks.

  4. For pricing and further product information, please see the Migliore section of our online store.

  5. Andy says:

    I cannot find the Migliore products on your website, why?

  6. I’m sorry to say that due to supply chain issues and a lack of demand, we decided to cease stocking the Migliore range some time ago. This was a tough decision to make as we liked the products a lot, but from a business perspective it just wasn’t making sense to continue with them.

  7. Andy says:

    Really? So could I ask which brand is most popular in your shop? Auto Finesse or Wolf’s Chemicals? As a fresh guy, I’d like to follow the choice of most people!

  8. Both brands you mention have proven themselves to be very popular since their launch (as have many others in our store), but I would urge you to make sure you get what is right for you, as opposed to what everyone else seems to be using. For example, the Wolf’s Chemicals nanotechnology sealant (Body Wrap) is a fantastic product for sure, but it is only the right product for people who have a properly heated indoor workspace and who want to achieve a sharp, reflective look. If you have to work outside and want a rich, glossy look then it wouldn’t be the right product for you, even if 99% of other people were using it. If you are not sure about which products to get, my advice is to send us an e-mail telling us what car you have (make, model, year, colour), what type of finish you want to achieve (sharp and reflective vs rich and glossy) and where you will be working (on the street or a driveway, in in a heated garage, etc). This will allow us to point you towards products that will best fit your needs and give you the results you are looking for. I hope this helps!

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