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November 17th, 2009

Green Jersey Web Design Ltd

Hello, and a very warm welcome to our all new, all singing, all dancing website. It has been a frightfully long time in the making, and while blood, sweat and tears would be an overstatement, it is fair to say that it has required a vast amount of coffee, chocolate and late nights in order to be produced. From the off, we wish to make clear that whilst what you read within it is very much our own work, what you see and can do on it on the other hand is entirely the work of Green Jersey. We first came across Green Jersey just over a year ago, when we began making tentative steps towards identifying companies to use to redesign our logo and produce a new e-commerce website. After some brief introductory contact and on the back of making a few calls to some of their existing clients for references, we soon realised that Green Jersey was a firm contender. Shortly after, the utterly striking Green Jersey-designed Urban Rider site went live and the rest, as they say, is history – after seeing that site for the first time, we simply knew we had to work with them!

In bicycle road racing, and in the Grand Tour stage races in particular, the green jersey is the name given to a distinctive racing jersey worn by the leader in a subsidiary competition. For example, while the overall race leader in the Tour de France will wear the yellow jersey (maillot jaune), the green jersey (maillot vert) will be worn by the leader in the point’s competition. In the world of e-commerce, Green Jersey occupies a similar niche. Although a very small player in terms of bespoke corporate e-commerce, within the Actinic software community for small to medium businesses in the UK they are without any shadow of doubt the leaders in their field. We have been using Actinic software to underpin our e-commerce activities since late 2005, and over the last four years it has proven itself to be utterly reliable and very user friendly. This time around, we saw no reason to deviate away from Actinic software, and it was by visiting their e-commerce portfolio page that we first discovered Green Jersey.

We couldn’t possibly write this introductory thank you article about Green Jersey and our new website without also mentioning Mack & Me. Mack & Me frequently take on graphic design and photographic projects for Green Jersey, and in this instance both our new logo and the overall site theme have been produced by them. When we were seeking references at the start of this venture, one of Green Jersey’s existing clients mentioned that Mack & Me have a spooky way of getting right inside the mindset of the businesses they work with, which then allows them to produce stunning, hit the nail on the head designs. Mack & Me say they create designs, take photographs and sometimes do a pretty good job. On the back of our experiences with them, we couldn’t agree more! So, to Mark and Anthony at Green Jersey, and to Dan at Mack & Me, massive thanks for all of your hard work on making what is a huge part of our lives a lot more special than it was before. It means a lot to us. It really does.

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