Audi S5 Major Paint Correction Detail

December 10th, 2009

We were recently contacted by a local customer who was experiencing difficulties with the condition of the bodywork on his six week old Audi S5. He advised us that the car had been handed over from new with wash marring evident in the finish. After he complained, the dealership took the car back in and had their bodyshop machine polish it. Unfortunately, this made matters far worse, to the point where ultimately more than 28 hours of additional polishing work by ourselves was required in order to restore the finish to perfect condition. In the above images the severity of the defects we faced can clearly be seen (wash stage images were not taken because it was raining hard on day one of the detail). Such swirling and hologramming is typically caused by either: (i) the use of an overly robust abrasive compound that does not break down properly; (ii) the use of a contaminated pad on the polishing machine; (iii) the use of an inappropriate method when using the polishing machine (usually speed related). Fixing such defects simply requires that these points are addressed, i.e. that a suitable cutting polish and a clean set of pads are used, and that a carefully controlled polishing method is employed. In this case a two stage process was employed, and this is described in full in the rest of this article.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Ne Plus Ultra

November 23rd, 2009

In the last ever news article on our old website we reported that on Sunday 19th July this year we attended the Grampian Transport Museum’s Motorvation event in Alford in the role of event sponsor. Motorvation serves as an annual gathering for petrolheads from across the northeast of Scotland, and always sees a nice mix of supercars and cherished classics turn up for a day of club parades and trackday fun. This year was no exception and, fortunately for us, it just so happened that we had a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 in for a Ne Plus Ultra detail in the run up to the event. The owner very kindly agreed to let us take his car along as a demonstrator for our stand, and it is fair to say that it attracted a lot of attention. However, in fairness, after 110 hours of work over 10 days, we were expecting nothing less! During the course of the detail we captured over 10 hours of HD quality video footage, which we have now edited down into our first ever presentation feature. Without any further ado, we are proud to present Ne Plus Ultra the movie…

Polished Bliss partners with Ambient Life

November 20th, 2009

Polished Bliss partners with Ambient Life

Q: When you regularly detail high-end cars to perfection, but lack the talent to capture equally good images of the results, what do you do?

A: Contact Tim Wallace at Ambient Life.

We have been following Tim’s work for well over a year now, but only recently made the decision to contact him directly when discussions with Green Jersey about the design for our new website threw up some doubt as to whether the quality of our imagery was good enough for use in the main page banners. After introducing ourselves to Tim and explaining our requirements, Tim was kind enough to offer us a licence to use some of his existing work in return for an agreement that we commission him to shoot some of the cars we detail in the future. To say we are delighted by this turn of events is an understatement – Tim’s work is world renowned, and you only have to spend some time on his regularly updated website to see why (be warned; if you click through, you may be there some time, as his portfolio is stunning!).

A few words about our new website…

November 17th, 2009

Green Jersey Web Design Ltd

Hello, and a very warm welcome to our all new, all singing, all dancing website. It has been a frightfully long time in the making, and while blood, sweat and tears would be an overstatement, it is fair to say that it has required a vast amount of coffee, chocolate and late nights in order to be produced. From the off, we wish to make clear that whilst what you read within it is very much our own work, what you see and can do on it on the other hand is entirely the work of Green Jersey. We first came across Green Jersey just over a year ago, when we began making tentative steps towards identifying companies to use to redesign our logo and produce a new e-commerce website. After some brief introductory contact and on the back of making a few calls to some of their existing clients for references, we soon realised that Green Jersey was a firm contender. Shortly after, the utterly striking Green Jersey-designed Urban Rider site went live and the rest, as they say, is history – after seeing that site for the first time, we simply knew we had to work with them!