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Swissvax Seal Feed

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Rubber is a naturally derived product, which means that most plastic surface care products are actually poorly suited to its fundamentally different care requirements. This is an important point, because rubber is perishable and prone to becoming brittle and cracked over time as essential moisture and oils are lost. Swissvax Seal Feed was developed specifically to counter this problem, and is formulated to keep rubber surfaces conditioned and pliable, to the extent that even hardened seals become soft and flexible again after several applications. As an added bonus, it also effectively prevents rubber seals from freezing during the winter months.
Let's get it right to the point: rubber has nothing to do with plastics. Rather, rubber is a natural product and as a result most plastic care products have no business being applied to rubber parts (for plastic care we recommend you to use Swissvax Protection or Swissvax Protection Matt). Rubber tends to turn brittle and unsightly over the years if it is uncared for, and unfortunately the cost of replacing rubber seals on older vehicles is typically very high. Therefore, regular care of all rubber parts with Swissvax Seal Feed is very important in order to keep your vehicle in factory condition for a very long time.
For best results, moisten all seals to be treated with a damp Swissvax Micro Wash Towel, then wipe on Swissvax Seal Feed evenly using either a Swissvax Wax Applicator or your fingertips, working in one direction only. After 30 minutes, buff off any residue with a Swissvax Micro Absorb Towel.
Adds protection:Yes
UV protection:No
Shine level:Shine level 1/5
Durability:1 month +
Seal Feed - 250 ml
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