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Swissvax Motor Shine

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Swissvax Motor Shine is a multi-surface protectant that lays down an attractive semi-gloss finish on all engine bay surfaces. Compared to the previous lacquer-based formula (which was recently retired due to increasingly stringent EU chemical regulations), this one is much easier to apply, and there is no longer any risk of overspray causing issues on adjacent bodywork. Overall, it's a big improvement, and as such is worthy of recommendation.
Swissvax Motor Shine is a water-based spray sealant for engine bays. Unlike many dressings, Swissvax Motor Shine contains no oils, waxes or petroleum distillates and doesn't leave behind oily or greasy residues. Instead, it dries fully to the touch and produces a long-lasting semi-gloss finish that repels dust, soiling and staining; treated surfaces therefore stay looking like new for longer, reducing the need for future maintenance.
Firstly, clean your engine bay with Swissvax Engine (see separate instructions) and dry it thoroughly. Then spray Swissvax Motor Shine liberally over all surfaces and leave it to dry for a minimum of 2-3 hours. When you check the results there may still be a few areas that need a quick wipe down with a Swissvax Micro Absorb Towel (due to ponding in and around components), but everything else will be touch dry and looking like new.
Adds protection:Yes
UV protection:No
Shine level:Shine level 3/5
Motor Shine - 500 ml
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