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Swissvax Fabric

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Swissvax Fabric is a textile cleaning concentrate designed to be mixed in sparkling water before use (the use of sparkling water encourages the lifting out of deeply ingrained grime from treated surfaces). Swissvax Fabric offers safe and effortless cleaning of fabric seats, carpets, headliners and fabric convertible tops, and is ideal for use prior to the application of proofing treatments. Safe, effective and easy to use, Swissvax Fabric is an unbeatable agent for cleaning and freshening up all types of automotive textiles.
Swissvax Fabric is a concentrated cleaning agent for automotive textiles that is designed to be diluted with carbonated mineral water in a Swissvax Mixing Bottle prior to use. The diluted solution can then be sprayed on for quick, easy and ultra-safe cleaning of fabric seats, carpets, headliners and fabric convertible tops. The advantage of Swissvax Fabric over foam-based fabric cleaners is that Swissvax Fabric can be applied more evenly, avoiding any chance of leaving application rings on the surfaces being cleaned.
Swissvax Fabric is a concentrated cleaning agent, and must be diluted with carbonated mineral water prior to use. Firstly, fill a Swissvax Mixing Bottle to the 2:1 mark with carbonated mineral water. Next, add Swissvax Fabric concentrate up to the 3:1 mark and then refit the spray head and shake the bottle well to mix the solution thoroughly. For best results, we recommend spraying the diluted solution on liberally and then gently agitating it using a Swissvax Cleaning Brush. This will produce a foamy lather, which may discolour as any soiling is progressively released. The lather should be removed by suction using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, and the surface then left to dry naturally. Alternatively, the lather can be wiped away using a damp Swissvax Micro Absorb Towel, although the time then required for drying out will be longer as a result.
pH:7 (neutral)
Dilutable:Yes (up to 3:1)
Agitation required:Yes
Light cleaning action:Yes
Safe for delicate materials:Yes
Fabric - 250 ml
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