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SCHOLL Concepts A15

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If you are a professional valeter or detailer offering services aimed squarely at dealerships and the used car market, then SCHOLL Concepts A15 offers distinct performance advantages in cases where a reasonable degree of paint correction is required but insufficient funds are offered to cover the cost of a time consuming multi-stage polishing process. In a single attempt per panel, SCHOLL Concepts A15 will typically enable you to correct a relatively high proportion of the defects present, and at the same time lay down a coat of synthetic wax protection that will protect the freshly polished finish for a minimum of two months. While this figure may not be much to jump up and down about, for trade work SCHOLL Concepts A15 ticks all of the right boxes, and will enable you to deliver results and make money, even in marginal cases on used cars.
SCHOLL Concepts A15 is an all-in-one cutting polish and paint protectant designed for enhancement duties on modern ceramic nano-particle and scratch-resistant clearcoats (although it also produces great results on conventional paint finishes too). SCHOLL Concepts A15 uses intelligent Powder Technology (iPT) abrasives that break down quickly in use to form a progressively finer polishing residue. As a result, the level of cut on offer diminishes quickly from that of a light cutting polish to that of a finishing polish, meaning that it's possible to correct and refine the finish in a single step. To ease this process, SCHOLL Concepts A15 contains advanced lubricants that maximise its efficiency, plus synthetic waxes that mask residual defects and impart durable high gloss protection.
You can use SCHOLL Concepts A15 by hand or machine, although for best results we recommend the latter. By hand, apply SCHOLL Concepts A15 with a SCHOLL Concepts Polishing Puck. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per 12" x 12" area. You should work it as firmly and evenly as possible until only a thin residue remains. Buff off the residue carefully using a PB Super Buffing Towel.

For best results using a dual action polisher, you should work SCHOLL Concepts A15 with either a SCHOLL Concepts 135 mm Premium Cutting Pad (if heavy correction is required) or a SCHOLL Concepts 135 mm Premium Finishing Pad (if light correction is required). Once the pad is well primed, only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per 18" x 18" area. After spreading, work it thoroughly at 4000-5000 orbits per minute (speed 4-5 on most dual action machine polishers), applying moderate pressure for the first 90 seconds or so, and then progressively lighter pressure for a further 90 seconds or so. Once done, buff off the final residue carefully using a PB Super Buffing Towel.
Enhances gloss:Yes
Adds protection:Yes
Suitable for hand use:Yes
Suitable for dual action polishers:Yes
Suitable for rotary polishers:Yes
Suitable for soft paints:Yes
Suitable for intermediate paints:Yes
Suitable for hard paints:Yes
Contains abrasive particles:Yes
Diminishing type abrasives:Yes
Contains chemical cleaners:No
Contains fillers and glazing oils:No
Cut level:Cut level 5/10
Durability:2 months +
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