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For much of the last decade the 3M Sun Gun ruled the roost in the world of portable lighting for detailers. The original version was rather fragile and drained its rechargeable battery quickly, but its nigh on perfectly daylight-balanced light output highlighted defects that other light sources failed to illuminate, and it quickly became the gold standard for many detailers. The second version, dubbed the 3M Sun Gun II, improved upon the first in a number of useful ways, but its price tag rocketed too, putting it and the level of performance on offer out of the reach of many. Fortunately, this situation recently changed when SCANGRIP launched their DETAILING range of LED work lights and, in particular, their SUNMATCH model. You can review its complete specification in the description, but in a nutshell the SUNMATCH does everything the 3M Sun Gun II does and then some, and at a price point that defies belief. We've been utterly blown away by the performance of the SCANGRIP SUNMATCH: (i) the powerful COB LED highlights everything our 3M Sun Gun does and runs for three times longer in full power mode before the safety cut out kicks in; (b) the built-in magnet and tilting head (up to 180 ) opens up all sorts of possibilities in terms of fixing the SUNMATCH to body panels for hands-free illumination as you work; and (c) the build quality is outstanding (the SUNMATCH is shock resistant and completely dust and waterproof). How does the old saying go? The king is dead, long live the king! All hail the SUNMATCH!
The SCANGRIP SUNMATCH is a super powerful rechargeable hand held work light that makes defect spotting incredibly easy. The patented design uses an extremely bright COB LED that outputs up to 400 lumens of warm white light (approximate colour temperature of 4500 K, with a full spectrum colour rendering index value (CRI+) of > 96%) and features two button-activated modes of operation; step 1, which deploys 100% of maximum illuminance (approximately 1100 lux at 50 cm), and step 2, which deploys 50% of maximum illuminance (approximately 550 lux at 50 cm). The COB LED technology produces completely uniform and even illumination with only one shadow, which makes it ideal for detailing purposes, and the solvent resistant glass lens can be easily removed for cleaning. The SCANGRIP SUNMATCH is powered by an internal 3.7 v 2200mAh Li-ION battery. An intelligent cut out automatically switches off the LED after 3 minutes of continuous use in the step 1 mode, so as to preserve battery life and avoid any risk of overheating (no restriction applies to the use of the step 2 mode). A fully charged battery enables up to 3 hours of continuous operation in the step 2 mode, and recharging usually takes around 4 hours using the supplied battery charger. For maximum flexibility, the SUNMATCH also features a powerful built-in magnet, a sturdy rotatable hook and a tilting head; these features enable it to be used hands-free with ease. Each SCANGRIP SUNMATCH comes supplied with a 100 - 240 v AC battery charger (UK 3-pin plug) and a two year return to base warranty.
Before first use, fully charge the internal 3.7 v 2200mAh Li-ION battery using the supplied 100 240 v AC battery charger. Always connect the charger to the power supply first and check that the LED indicator on the plug turns red as you switch the power on. Next, insert the SUNMATCH into the charger, making sure that its battery status indicator array turns red as you do so, and then leave it to charge fully (full charge is achieved when all of the bars in the battery status array light up red; this usually takes 2 - 3 hours from new, as the SUNMATCH comes partially charged from the factory. In future, recharge the SUNMATCH as and when required; this usually takes around 4 hours from a flat state. Note that you should never store the SUNMATCH with a flat battery, as it could become over-discharged and unable to be reused. In line with this, if you don't intend to use your SCANGRIP SUNMATCH for a long period of time (i.e. several months or more), make sure that you recharge it every 30 days or so, in order to ensure that the battery remains in good condition. On a more general note, use the step 1 mode to ruthlessly check your correction work and the step 2 mode for general defect spotting. You will find it easier to spot defects (particularly marring and holograms) if you stand back and sweep the beam of light over the bodywork from a distance of 50 100 cm.
CE approved:Yes
Voltage:3.7 v
Net weight:300 g
Warranty:2 year return to base
Colour temperature:4500 K
Illuminance:550 - 1100 lux at 0.5 m (varies with mode)
Luminous flux:180 - 400 lm (varies with mode)
Operating time:1 3 hours (varies with mode)
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