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It's been a long time coming, but finally a major player in the industrial work light market has developed a complete range of specialised work light solutions for the detailing and bodyshop markets. In doing so, SCANGRIP of Denmark has given us exactly what we require; a range of different sized and fully colour-matched work lights uniquely tailored to our needs as detailers. Thankfully, the days of burning ourselves on halogen site lamps and putting up with their overly yellow light output (which fails to highlight a multitude of paint defects) are now well and truly behind us! The SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH is the smaller of the two floodlights in the SCANGRIP DETAILING range, yet still outputs more light than most comparable site-style floodlights. Its powerful COB LED illuminates marring, holograms, swirl marks and scratches with ease, while simultaneously providing sufficient ambient light to facilitate safe and efficient work even in the darkest of garages and workshops. We've been utterly blown away by the performance of the SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH. It highlights everything our hand-held SCANGRIP SUNMATCH does and matches its colour temperature perfectly, which is a godsend when you are trying to photograph or video your work. The battery-only power mode offers up to six hours of cable-free use, which is more convenient than you might initially think (not having to move a cable around saves time, and also eliminates a potential trip hazard from your working environment). And, as you would expect from SCANGRIP, the build quality is superlative (the MULTIMATCH is highly shock resistant and completely dust and waterproof).
The SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH is a class leading rechargeable floor standing work light that makes defect spotting incredibly easy. The patented design uses an extremely bright COB LED that outputs up to 2000 lumens of warm white light (approximate colour temperature of 4500 K, with a colour rendering index value (CRI) of > 95%) and features two button-activated modes of operation; step 1, which deploys 40% of maximum illuminance (approximately 1400 lux at 50 cm), and step 2, which deploys 100% of maximum illuminance (approximately 3500 lux at 50 cm). The COB LED technology produces completely uniform and even illumination with only one shadow, which makes it ideal for detailing purposes. The SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH features a hybrid power supply comprising an internal rechargeable Li-ION battery and a mains power cable (which also serves as a battery charging cable when the MULTIMATCH is plugged in but left switched off). The battery enables cable-free use virtually anywhere for up to 6 hours at a time (in the step 1 mode), while the mains power cable provides uninterrupted power for extended periods of use. As a result, the MULTIMATCH offers unrivalled flexibility and unlimited application possibilities. An adjustable stand facilitates precise ground level positioning, while the optional SCANGRIP TRIPOD can be used to suspend the MULTIMATCH at various working heights and angles if necessary. Each SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH comes supplied with a 100 - 240 v AC power cable (UK 3-pin plug) and a two year return to base warranty.
Before first use, fully charge the internal 11.1 v 4400mAh Li-ION battery using the supplied 100 240 v AC power cable (do not switch the MULTIMATCH on during this period, otherwise recharging will stop). Always connect the power cable to the MULTIMATCH first and check that the LED indicator on the plug turns red as you switch the power on. Then leave it to charge fully (full charge is achieved when the LED indicator on the plug turns green; this usually takes 1 - 2 hours from new, as the MULTIMATCH comes partially charged from the factory. In future, recharge the MULTIMATCH as and when required; this usually takes around 3 hours from a flat state. Note that you should never store the MULTIMATCH with a flat battery, as it could become over-discharged and unable to be reused. In line with this, if you always use your SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH in mains-powered mode, or don't intend to use it for a long period of time, make sure that you recharge the battery every 30 days or so, in order to ensure that it remains in good condition. On a more general note, use the step 1 mode for general defect spotting and the step 2 mode to ruthlessly check your correction work. You will find it much easier to spot defects (particularly marring and holograms) if you position the MULTIMATCH 1 2 m away from the area you are working on (either on the floor or a mobile workstation, or mounted to a SCANGRIP TRIPOD, which is available separately).
CE approved:Yes
Voltage:Battery: 11.1 v | Cable: 100-240 v
Cable length:5 m
Net weight:2.1 kg
Warranty:2 year return to base
Colour temperature:4500 K
Illuminance:1400 - 3500 lux at 0.5 m (varies with mode)
Luminous flux:600 - 2000 lm (varies with mode)
Operating time:1.5 6 hours (varies with mode)
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