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It's been a long time coming, but finally a major player in the industrial work light market has developed a complete range of specialised work light solutions for the detailing and bodyshop markets. In doing so, SCANGRIP of Denmark has given us exactly what we require; a range of different sized work lights uniquely tailored to our needs as detailers. The SCANGRIP MATCHPEN is the smallest, most portable work light in the SCANGRIP DETAILING range, yet packs a mighty punch despite its modest size. Its high power COB LED illuminates marring, holograms, swirl marks and scratches with ease, while its beam angle adjuster ensures that it remains easy to spot such defects even when working in confined spaces. The SCANGRIP MATCHPEN also features a simple push-button switch for easy one-handed operation. For detailing enthusiasts on a tight budget, this innovative penlight does it all at a realistic price point.
The SCANGRIP MATCHPEN is a lightweight yet powerful pen-style work light that makes easy work of defect spotting in overcast conditions or indoor settings. It is very easy to use, as its compact size and end-mounted push-button switch enables single-handed operation, and very durable too, thanks to its aluminium construction and solvent resistant glass lens. The extremely bright COB LED outputs up to 100 lumens of warm white light (approximate colour temperature of 4000 K, with a colour rendering index value (CRI) of > 95%), the spread of which can be varied between 10 - 70 degrees by adjusting the sliding shroud. The COB LED technology produces completely uniform and even illumination with only one shadow, which makes it ideal for detailing purposes. The SCANGRIP MATCHPEN is powered by two AAA batteries (initial pair supplied pre-installed), which give up to two hours of continuous operation, and comes with a two year return to base warranty.
Before first use, unscrew the switch end cap to gain access to the battery compartment and then remove the battery seal (this is a small black plastic disc sandwiched between the uppermost battery and the switch mechanism in the end cap; its sole purpose is to isolate the batteries during transit, so you can either discard it or store it for future use). Never try to recharge the supplied batteries, or use fresh and used batteries together. Always use high quality batteries of the same type; alkaline batteries are recommended. If you don't intend to use your SCANGRIP MATCHPEN for a long time, take the batteries out to prevent potential damage from leaks. On a more general note, you will find it easier to spot defects (particularly marring and holograms) if you stand back and sweep the beam of light over the bodywork from a distance of 50 - 100 cm.
CE approved:Yes
Voltage:1.5 v
Net weight:60 g
Warranty:2 year return to base
Colour temperature:4000 K
Illuminance:300 - 4000 lux at 0.5 m (varies with beam angle)
Luminous flux:100 lm
Operating time:2 hours
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