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PB Luxury Wheel Woolies

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Our PB Wheel Woolies have been our bestselling wheel brushes for well over a year now, and for good reason, as their performance smokes the competition! As a result, we could be forgiven for sitting back and simply enjoying the sales, but as enthusiasts ourselves, we know that it's always great if good things are made even better. And this is what we've done with our PB Wheel Woolies, which have now been renamed as PB Luxury Wheel Woolies. Why? Well, for starters, we've extended the handle of the medium brush to match that of the large brush, and made all of the shafts a little bit stiffer. This is something that many of you with wide wheels and massive brake calipers have specifically been asking for. Next, we've made the ultra-soft polypropylene heads a little bit denser and longer, in order to increase their coverage and cleaning power. Although a bit pricey, our PB Luxury Wheel Woolies remain the best wheel cleaning brushes you can buy, and as such come highly recommended.
Our PB Luxury Wheel Woolies take wheel brush design in a new direction, and combine ultra-soft polypropylene fibre heads and non-scratch polypropylene handles to give unprecedented levels of safety and access when cleaning alloy wheels and wheel arches. The 100% metal-free design makes these brushes ideal for use on delicate rim surfaces, while the generous length of the handles on the medium and large brushes makes cleaning even the deepest of wheel designs a breeze. Our PB Luxury Wheel Woolies are supplied as a set comprising three different sizes of brush, and are ideal for cleaning a multitude of other awkward shaped surfaces too, including plastic grills, door shuts, engine bays, etc. Simply use them in conjunction with your favourite cleaning products for excellent results!
Care instructions: (i) rinse out frequently and thoroughly during and after each use, in order to keep the polypropylene fibre pile free of grit and other debris, and; (ii) store upright in a bucket while not in use, as this will ensure that the polypropylene fibre heads keep their shape.
Chemically resistant:Yes
Construction:Polypropylene fibre heads & polypropylene handles
Dimensions:1 x 25 mm x 200 mm
1 x 45 mm x 440 mm
1 x 75 mm x 440 mm
Luxury Wheel Woolies
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