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PB Rotary Extension Bar Set

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Reaching into scoops and other tight gaps is never easy when machine polishing, due to the head of the machine limiting safe access. Our Rotary Extension Bar Set enables you to overcome this issue when using an M14 threaded rotary polisher, as the included steel bars move the backing plate either 65 mm or 140 mm further away from the head of the machine. The extra clearance afforded by our Rotary Bar Extension Set means that scoops and other tight gaps can often be polished fully without any loss of control or any risk of the head of the machine coming into contact with the surrounding bodywork.
Our Rotary Extension Bar Set comprises two 16 mm diameter steel bars with male and female M14 threads cut into either end. These bars screw onto the spindle of M14 threaded rotary polishers and accept M14 threaded backing plates on the other end, thus extending the distance between the head of the machine and the backing plate. A simple notch above the male thread (backing plate end) enables easy tightening and removal using a 14 mm spanner (not included). To protect against corrosion and improve handling, each bar is electroplated with zinc and then sealed with a transparent MacDermid JS500 top coat.
General usage notes: (i) always switch off your machine at the mains before fitting or removing an extension bar or backing plate; (ii) always ensure that you tighten the extension bar and backing plate sufficiently, but without over tightening them a half turn after they first pinch tight on the spindle or thread is usually sufficient for safe and effective use, and; (iii) always use an appropriate sized extension bar and backing plate for the area of bodywork you are polishing, to avoid both impact damage and overheating.
Construction:JS500 electroplated steel
Dimensions: 16 mm x 65 mm and 16 mm x 140 mm
Thread size:M14
Suitable for rotary polishers:Yes
Rotary Extension Bar Set
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