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PB Foam Gun Kit

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Our PB Foam Gun offers terrific performance at a reasonable price point, and here we have packaged it up in a great value kit along with Auto Finesse Avalanche, which is our preferred foaming agent, and a handy Atomiza Dispensing Pump. In essence, a foam gun is any device that attaches to a standard hose pipe and mixes a shampoo-based product with the flow of water to produce thick, clinging foam. The idea behind applying thick, clinging foam to the car in advance of normal washing is simple and the benefits are obvious. If you apply a generous coating of suds to dirty surfaces and allow them to cling in situ for many minutes at a time, the cleaning agents have longer to work and therefore dissolve and suspend a lot more dirt and grime. By the time the foam is eventually rinsed off, much of the dirt and grime is simply washed away, leaving relatively clean surfaces behind ready for a two bucket wash by hand. Clearly, the major benefit here is that the bulk of dirt removal is done before a wash mitt is placed on the car, which greatly reduces the risk of inflicting marring and fine scratches during the hand-washing process. Many enthusiasts also use a foam gun in place of a bucket of suds during the hand-washing process as they move around the car with the wash mitt. This technique involves spraying foam directly into the path of the wash mitt, thus ensuring maximum lubrication as the mitt glides over underlying surfaces, and is highly recommended.

This kit comprises...

1 x PB Foam Gun

1 x Auto Finesse Avalanche (5 L)

1 x Atomiza Dispensing Pump

...and offers a 5% saving compared to buying the contents separately.

Assemble the PB Foam Gun according to the supplied instructions, making sure that the hoselock connector is nipped up tightly enough to form a leak-free seal, but not so tight as to damage the plastic thread. To use, unscrew the bottle, pump in approximately 200 ml of Auto Finesse Avalanche and then fill it to the top with hot water. Then refit the bottle and shake the unit gently to mix the solution before finally attaching it to the pistol grip. Finally, aim the gun at the car and squeeze the trigger, adjusting the top dial on the injector head lid until you achieve the desired foam thickness. If your water pressure is extremely low or your tap water is extremely hard then relatively few suds may be produced, even on the highest foam setting. In such situations, a more concentrated mixture of Auto Finesse Avalanche usually fixes the issue; try doubling the amount used first.
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Foam Gun Kit
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- PB Foam Gun - Auto Finesse Avalanche (5 L) - Atomiza Dispensing Pump

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