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PB Clear Wash Bucket

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Our Clear Wash Bucket is ideal for ensuring that your use of the two bucket wash method is as safe and effective as possible. The translucent plastic sides enable easy monitoring of the water colour inside, meaning that your awareness of the need to change it more frequently as it becomes dirty will be improved. The generous capacity means you will only need to make up one bucket of suds per wash, and the sturdy moulded handle makes for safe and comfortable carrying. So effective is this design that we actually favour it over the use of buckets containing grit guards. In our experience, grit guards actually tend to encourage the user to place their wash mitts deeper into the bucket, nearer to any grime and debris suspended in the water column near the bottom, and this increases the risk of transferring contaminants back into the suds bucket or, even worse, back onto your car. If you choose instead to work carefully in just the top six inches of water in a pair of our Clear Wash Buckets, we guarantee that your wash routine will be safer and more effective as a result.
Our Clear Wash Bucket is constructed from translucent polypropylene (PP), which enables easy monitoring of the water colour inside. The generous 16 L capacity (marked at 1 L increments on a moulded internal scale) means that the need for frequent refilling is eliminated, while the sturdy moulded handle makes for safe and comfortable carrying even when full. The overall design is rather understated compared to some of the all singing all dancing buckets currently available on the market, but our Clear Wash Bucket is just as effective and offers far better value for money too.
For detailed information about the two bucket wash method and the benefits it offers in terms of establishing a safe and effective wash routine, please take the time to read our illustrated guide entitled "How to wash and dry your car safely".
Capacity:16 L
Maximum water temperature:60°C
Clear Wash Bucket
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