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Nanolex Tyre & Rubber Restorer

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Nanolex Tyre & Rubber Restorer goes on very easily with little fuss or mess, and produces a subtle looking finish that is easily adjusted in terms of shine level. The formula imparts a low-key natural looking sheen after the first coat dries, but if you prefer more shine, a second application a couple of hours later will dry to give a richer satin-effect finish. Durability is pretty good under typical British weather conditions; each application usually lasts for a minimum of two weeks, and if multiple layers are applied then three weeks is realistically achievable.
Rubber is a naturally derived product, which means that it is perishable and prone to becoming brittle and cracked over time as moisture and essential oils are lost. Nanolex Tyre & Rubber Restorer was developed specifically to counter this problem, and is formulated to keep rubber surfaces pliable and looking like new. It does this by using a unique blend of deeply-penetrating conditioning agents, which restore lost moisture/oils and impart long-lasting surficial UV protection. Under normal driving (and weather) conditions in northern Europe countries, Nanolex Tyre & Rubber Restorer has a lifespan of approximately 600 miles on the surfaces it is applied to.
All surfaces to be treated with Nanolex Tyre & Rubber Restorer must be spotlessly clean and completely dry before use. For best results, apply 3-4 pea-sized drops of product to either a Flexipads Split Foam Applicator Pad or a Meguiar's Soft Foam Applicator Pad and then wipe it on as thinly and evenly as possible; you will be amazed at how far you can stretch the resulting film without needing to add any more product. Once applied, leave to dry fully for 1-2 hours before driving. If this is not possible, wipe the treated surfaces down gently with a PB Utility Towel immediately before driving in order to minimise the risk of runs/sling.
Adds protection:Yes
UV protection:Yes
Shine level:Shine level 2/5
Durability:3 weeks +
Tyre & Rubber Restorer - 500 ml
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