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Nanolex Si3D

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New for 2015, Nanolex Si3D is a cutting edge addition to the Nanolex range of silica-based coatings. Like its forebears, it simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of automotive paint, this time for upwards of twelve months at a time. During the application process it forms an extremely tough, chemically resistant and aesthetically pleasing coating that not only protects against bird droppings, bug splatter, brake dust and harmful UV radiation, but which also beads very strongly and thus partially mimics the self-cleaning properties of Lotus leaves in nature (the Lotus Effect). How good is this effect? The answer is very good; in many cases it will enable you to leave an extra week or two in between routine washes without your pride and joy looking any worse for wear.

Notwithstanding the above benefits, another thing we particularly like about Nanolex Si3D is the way it goes on and off. Thinking back to the first generation of silica-based nanotechnology coatings that hit the UK market over half a decade ago, almost all of them were somewhat tricky to work with, mainly because their solvent carriers flashed off almost immediately upon contact. This meant that it was hard to see where you had been on each panel, and that any remaining residue was often difficult to buff off fully. By using low volatile silicon (Si) technology, Nanolex have now entirely eliminated these issues; Si3D leaves a clearly visible trail on each panel as you apply it, and the residue buffs off as clean a whistle, leaving a perfect streak- and smear-free finish behind.
Nanolex Si3D is an advanced silica-based coating that simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of automotive paint. Developed in Germany, it uses the latest in low volatile content silicon (Si) technology to lay down a film of siloxane polymers and proprietary thermoplastic components that cross-link rapidly to form a flexible three-dimensional (3D) coating that bonds to painted surfaces at the molecular level. As a result, it provides excellent protection against bird droppings, bug splatter, brake dust, road salt and harmful UV radiation from the sun for upwards of twelve months at a time, even on daily drivers (as it cures, the Si3D coating becomes highly resistant to strong cleaning chemicals and pressure washing, to the point where ultimately it can only really be removed by machine polishing).

However, the benefits imparted by Nanolex Si3D do not end with outstanding levels of protection and durability. Perhaps even more importantly, treated surfaces become richer looking (Si3D has a strong colour jetting effect), more scratch resistant (due to the intrinsic hardness of the silica-based matrix) and strongly hydrophobic (water-hating). This latter characteristic not only results in impressive beading upon contact with water, but also encourages a degree of self-cleaning (strong hydrophobicity results in more contaminants being picked up and carried away by rainfall and runoff rather than being deposited in situ, akin to the Lotus Effect in nature). This results in treated bodywork staying cleaner for longer, allowing the intervals between routine washes to be extended and reducing the need for regular maintenance.
Nanolex Si3D should be applied in a warm, dry, well-ventilated space out of direct sunlight. To protect your skin we recommend wearing PB Nitrile Gloves during the application process, and you should also wear a 3M Respirator, as the fumes that Nanolex Si3D gives off are very strong (they are not harmful per se, but can still cause dizziness and irritation). In all cases, prepare the surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way (wash > decontaminate > polish). To achieve the expected performance benefits associated with Nanolex Si3D, it is necessary to properly clean the surfaces to be treated in advance with Nanolex EX, as this ensures that all traces of residual grease and grime, along with glazing oils and kaolin clay particles (i.e. fillers), are removed (the cleaner the paint is before the coating is applied, the longer the protective micro-film will last).

Before applying the coating, shake the bottle vigorously to ensure that the contents are fully mixed. Next, lightly wet one of the suede applicators in a Nanolex Si3D Applicator Set with the product and begin wiping it evenly on to the first panel, using light pressure and overlapping strokes. You should aim to treat no more than a single panel at a time, because after an initial volatilization period of 1-2 minutes you must then buff off the (still slightly wet) residue as quickly as possible, i.e. before it fully dries out and begins to harden. Buffing off is best accomplished with a Nanolex Microfibre Buffing Towel using moderate speed and pressure in order to fully remove the residue and reveal an intense streak-free shine. Using a bright light, check the panel carefully for any smears and remove them before moving on; failure to remove smears fully can result in them hardening to the point of being impossible to remove without machine polishing, so make sure you are thorough!

After all panels are treated the car must then be left in a warm, dry place out of direct sunlight for a minimum of 12 hours to allow the SiO2 coating to harden (if you wish, you can accelerate this process by heating the treated panels to 60C for 10 minutes using an infra-red heat lamp). Finally, to reduce the risk of water spots forming while it continues to cure (full curing takes around 7 days to achieve), you should apply a protective topcoat of Nanolex Final Finish (you should also avoid washing the car with any kind of detergent for the first 3 days). Please note that you must discard all used applicators and towels after each application, because Nanolex Si3D hardens massively as it cures, forming a residue that has the potential to inflict severe marring or worse if applicators and towels are re-used. Please also note that the shelf life of Nanolex Si3D is between 3-6 weeks once the bottle is opened; the less product there is left in the bottle the less time you have to use it.
Adds protection:Yes
Emits strong fumes:Yes
Application method:By hand only
Reflectivity:Reflectivity 5/5
Glossiness:Glossiness 5/5
Richness:Richness 4/5
Flake pop:Flake pop 5/5
Slickness:Slickness 4/5
Beading:Beading 5/5
Durability:12 months +
Recommended for:Cool colours & metallic/pearlescent finishes
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