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Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant

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Given that matt effect finishes are easily damaged by conventional last step products (which are almost always designed to enhance gloss), Nanolex have formulated a nanotechnology coating that offers long-lasting protection and enhanced water repellency without degrading the matt effect. Developed in Germany, Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant lays down an invisible micro-film that not only provides excellent protection against bird droppings, bug splatter, road salt, industrial fallout and harmful UV radiation, but which also beads water very strongly and thus partially mimics the self-cleaning properties of Lotus leaves in nature (the Lotus Effect). In our experience, Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant is very easy to use and delivers an unobtrusive finish that fully preserves the original matt effect. All of the above benefits make it an excellent choice of protection for enthusiasts who own matt-finished cars and motorcycles. We also use it to seal and protect our matt-finished mountain bikes to great effect too!
Conventional last step products should not be used on matt paint finishes and matt vinyl wraps, as they contain oils and gloss enhancing agents that can permanently degrade the matt effect. Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant is a nanotechnology coating developed specifically for matt paint finishes and matt vinyl wraps. As it is applied, it lays down a unique blend of nano-scale components that form a fully transparent micro-film that chemically bonds to treated surfaces at the molecular level. As a result, Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant provides long-lasting protection without degrading the matt effect. In addition, treated surfaces become slicker feeling and hydrophobic (water-hating). This not only results in impressive beading upon contact with water, but also encourages a degree of self-cleaning (fresh contaminants tend to be picked up and carried away by rainfall, akin to the Lotus Effect in nature). Currently, Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant can be bought separately or as part of a pre-packed kit, the contents of which are described in full below.

Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant - 100 ml Kit

This kit comprises...

1 x Nanolex EX (200 ml)

1 x Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant (100 ml)

1 x Nanolex Cotton Applicator Pads (Pack of 10)

2 x Nanolex Microfiber Buffing Towel

1 x Nanolex Nitrile Gloves (Pair)

You should apply Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant in a warm, dry, well-ventilated space out of direct sunlight. To protect your skin, we recommend wearing PB Nitrile Gloves during the application process. In all cases, prepare the matt surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way (wash > decontaminate), and then do a wipe down with Nanolex EX to ensure that they are spotlessly clean. Next, lightly wet a Nanolex Cotton Applicator Pad with product and begin wiping it evenly over the surfaces to be treated. The resulting film should be left to dry for up to 10 minutes before being buffed off with a Nanolex Microfiber Buffing Towel, so we recommend treating 3-4 panels at a time (it's also worth replacing the Nanolex Cotton Applicator Pad every 3-4 panels, before it starts to fall apart). After all of the panels are treated the coating must then be left to cure for a minimum of 4 hours before being exposed to the elements (you should also avoid washing the treated surfaces for a minimum of 72 hours afterwards).
Enhances gloss:No
Adds protection:Yes
Emits strong fumes:No
Application method:By hand only
Slickness:Slickness 3/5
Beading:Beading 4/5
Durability:6 months +
Recommended for:All matt effect finishes
Matte Spray Sealant - 100 ml
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Matte Spray Sealant - 100 ml Kit
In Stock
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