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Nanolex Glass Polish

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To achieve the expected performance benefits associated with Nanolex glass sealants, it is necessary to properly clean the surfaces to be treated in advance (the cleaner glass is before these sealants are applied, the longer the protective micro-films will last). Nanolex Glass Polish is the perfect product for this task, as its powerful formula cuts through all forms of contamination with ease, leaving glass surfaces squeaky clean.
Nanolex Glass Polish is a water-based polish designed to intensively clean glass surfaces in readiness for the application of a Nanolex glass sealant. By combining the physical cutting power of quartz micro-abrasives and the chemical cleaning power of citric acid, Nanolex Glass Polish quickly and efficiently removes all traces of bonded surface contamination and leaves glass surfaces perfectly primed for the addition of protection.
Nanolex Glass Polish should be applied by hand using a microfibre applicator pad or a non-linting towel. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per window, and these should be worked in firmly in an overlapping fashion until the residue all but disappears. Finally, the window should be misted with Nanolex EX and buffed off with a fresh Nanolex Microfiber Buffing Towel until a perfectly clear smear-free finish is achieved.
Safe for window tints:No
Intensive cleaning action:Yes
Suitable for interior use:No
Suitable for exterior use:Yes
Glass Polish - 100 ml
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