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Metro Vac Master Blaster

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Do you really need a Metro Vac Master Blaster? The honest answer is no; the Metro Vac Air Force Blaster is more than adequate for 99% of the drying tasks you'll ever perform. Indeed, we've been using an Air Force Blaster in our studio for the last five or six years, and see no reason to upgrade to the Master Blaster model. However, as with most things in life, if there is a faster, more powerful, fancier, more expensive, model available then some people will want to own it. And judging by the number of enquiries we receive about the Master Blaster, it's clear that many of you want this model rather than an Air Force Blaster. Given that the Master Blaster is extremely good, we've finally given in and are now happy to oblige. However, don't say we didn't try to talk you out of it. You really don't need one. Just like you don't need that supercar you've been dreaming about...
The Metro Vac Master Blaster is an extremely powerful vehicle dryer; it features two 4 hp dual ball bearing motors and two dual-stage fans that together deliver a peak airflow rate of just over 660 mph! The air being drawn into the unit is fully filtered for additional safety and then warmed by heat from the motors, thus aiding the drying process. The Metro Vac Master Blaster comes with a 3 m heavy duty hose, a non-scratch neoprene blower nozzle and three additional attachments, including (i) an airflow streamer (for drying large panel areas); (ii) an airflow maximiser (for blowing out door shuts), and; (iii) a precision micro-nozzle (for directing the airflow into tight spots and crevices). The Metro Vac Master Blaster also comes with four pre-fitted dolly wheels for easy manoeuvrability and is supplied with a one year return to base warranty.
The Metro Vac Master Blaster is a power tool and as such carries potentially serious health and usage risks that should be fully understood from the outset; please read the supplied instructions carefully. To use, wash and rinse your car normally and then, starting from the top and working down, use the Metro Vac Master Blaster to blast residual water off of the panels, paying particular attention to panel gaps and crevices around trims and vents. Try to work as quickly as possible to avoid other areas of the car drying off before you get to them. We find that keeping a PB Luxury Drying Towel to hand for a little bit of pat drying here and there is also very helpful, as you will inevitably re-wet some panels with a little bit with spray coming out of panel gaps and crevices lower down the car.
CE approved:Yes
Voltage:220 - 240 v
Peak airflow rate:660 mph
Cable length:3.6 m
Net weight:7.2 kg
Warranty:1 year return to base
Master Blaster
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