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Meguiar's Grit Guard & Bucket

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In our opinion, grit guards are not essential for safe washing. As a result, we do not use them ourselves, either at home or at work. Why? Because they encourage you to push your wash mitt deeper into your rinse bucket, nearer to the zone of dirt laden water at the bottom. This increases the risk of transferring contaminants back into the suds bucket or, even worse, back onto the car. Instead, we believe that if you work carefully in just the top six inches of water in a pair of our Clear Wash Buckets, your wash routine will be safer and more effective as a result. However, if you don’t share this view and want the reassurance that grit guards are reported to offer, then look no further than the Meguiar’s Grit Guard & Bucket.
The Meguiar’s Grit Guard & Bucket is designed to help reduce the chances of inflicting marring and fine scratches during the wash process. It does this in two ways. Firstly, it provides a textured surface against which you can gently rub your wash mitt; this encourages particles of dirt and grime to be released and thus keeps your mitt cleaner as a result. Secondly, it traps said particles of dirt and grime in the bottom of the bucket, and helps to prevent them from being stirred up and transferred back onto your wash mitt. The net result of these functions is to keep your wash mitt and wash water cleaner, which in turn minimises the chances of inflicting paint defects.
For detailed information about the two bucket wash method and the benefits it offers in terms of establishing a safe and effective wash routine, please take the time to read our illustrated guide entitled "How to wash and dry your car safely".
Capacity:13 L (bucket)
Construction:High-density polyethylene
Dimensions: 265 mm x 65 mm (grit guard)
Maximum water temperature:60°C
Grit Guard & Bucket
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