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Lake Country Snappy Pad Cleaner

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Lake Country Snappy Pad Cleaner - Multipack
One of the more tedious chores we detailers have to undertake on a regular basis is hand washing our used machine polishing pads (it would be nice to be able to machine wash them along with all of our used towels and applicator pads, but unfortunately this has a tendency to degrade the adhesive used to bond the hook and loop backing material in place). Fortunately, Lake Country Snappy Pad Cleaner makes relatively light work of this, and removes even the toughest polish residues without causing hook and loop backing materials to become detached. Highly recommended!
Lake Country Snappy Pad Cleaner is a concentrated citrus pad cleaner supplied in powder form. Lake Country Snappy Pad Cleaner has been specially formulated to remove the toughest polish residues without affecting the adhesive bond between the pad and its hook and loop backing, meaning your pads will last longer despite regular washing.
Each packet of Lake Country Snappy Pad Cleaner is designed to give optimal cleaning strength when dissolved in 11 litres of water; in this respect our Clear Wash Buckets are ideal for making up each batch of solution in. As your foam pads and/or wool pads become caked with polish residue, just peel them off of your machine polisher and place them into the bucket of solution to soak for fifteen minutes. Once fifteen minutes is up, remove the pad, rinse it under fresh running water (using your fingertips to massage out any remaining polish residue) and then wring the pad out and leave it to dry naturally (or alternatively spin dry it at high speed using your machine polisher, catching the sling in an empty bucket).
pH:14 (alkaline)
Intensive cleaning action:Yes
Snappy Pad Cleaner
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