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FLEX PE 8-4 80 Rotary Machine Polisher

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If you're a dab hand with a rotary machine polisher then the chances are you know just how useful a set of extension bars and a 70 mm backing plate can be for enabling safe access to awkward nooks and crannies, particularly around bumpers, spoilers and vents (we certainly found them very useful when we filmed our Enzo detailing video a few years ago!). However, imagine if you could shrink your machine down, making it significantly shorter and lighter, and use a backing plate as small as 32 mm with it; wouldn't this make things even easier? FLEX certainly think so, which is why they've invested heavily in designing, engineering and manufacturing just such a machine. Say hello to the FLEX PE 8-4 80 Rotary Machine Polisher; otherwise known as the Kompakt!

The FLEX PE 8-4 80 Rotary Machine Polisher is the perfect solution to a problem few of us realised we had; that polishing small, intricate sections of bodywork is actually quite tricky with a full-sized rotary polisher. Whilst it's true that you can easily equip a full-sized rotary polisher with a smaller backing plate, the physical size and weight of the machine still makes it difficult to use for such tasks. Furthermore, 70 mm is typically as small as you can go in terms of backing plate size on full-sized machines, which is still too big in many cases. The FLEX PE 8-4 80 Rotary Machine Polisher solves all of these issues in one fell swoop; it's lightweight, easy to control, smooth and powerful, and accepts backing plates as small as 32 mm. Definitely worth the outlay!
The FLEX PE 8-4 80 Rotary Machine Polisher is a compact 230 volt UK specification circular polisher designed specifically for polishing small, intricate body panels. It features a short, lightweight body with a curved head and an optional side handle, all of which serve to make it less cumbersome and easier to use than full-sized rotary polishers. With all of the speed controls easily accessible from either hand and the spindle locking mechanism recessed into the head cover to prevent accidental knocks, the PE 8-4 80 has been built to be light, agile, and fast; perfect for professional detailers who spend many hours compounding and polishing vehicles to perfection. A further benefit is that the spindle accepts M14 backing plates ranging from 32 mm to 72 mm in diameter, which allows a multitude of different sized polishing pads (up to 90 mm in diameter) to be used.

As with all FLEX polishers, the PE 8-4 80 features sophisticated internal electronics to help you get the best results. These include variable speed selection via a perfectly positioned thumbwheel, consistent speed control via a tachogenerator, overload protection and restart protection (that prevents the motor from starting when the carbon brushes become worn out). In addition, the high torque 800 watt motor, which has a no-load speed range of 1300 - 3900 RPM, also features soft start and locking functions that allow you to start polishing slowly before gradually increasing speed and lock off any given speed for continuous operation. Each FLEX PE 8-4 80 Rotary Machine Polisher comes as standard with an optional handle and a two year return to base warranty.
Rotary polishing is a specialist paint rectification process that requires a significant amount of hands on training to properly master and should not be attempted until sufficient experience has been gained through practice on scrap panels. Furthermore, because it usually involves a relatively high degree of paint removal, it should only ever be undertaken in conjunction with a properly calibrated paint thickness gauge. For these reasons, we suggest that anyone wishing to learn how to use a rotary polisher properly seeks professional training in the first instance, as there is a limit to what can be learnt by reading online and, in our opinion, rotary polishing falls well beyond it.
Thread size:M14
CE approved:Yes
Voltage:230 v
Power:800 w
Cable length:4 m
Net weight:1.8 kg
Warranty:2 year return to base
Adjustable speed:Yes
Speed range:1300 - 3900 RPM
Soft touch casing:No
CNC components:Yes
PE 8-4 80 Rotary Machine Polisher
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