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Carlack Plastic Renew

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Carlack Plastic Renew is a multi-surface protectant that delivers a factory looking finish on all non-porous surfaces. In our opinion, it makes an excellent engine bay dressing, as it is very easy to apply, dries fully in a relatively short space of time and leaves all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces looking like new. It is also a good choice for interior use in cases where a subtle finish (in terms of shine and scent) is required (i.e. in high-end German cars), and makes short work of conditioning rubber door seals too. Whilst the manufacturer claims that it is an excellent choice for use on exterior trims and tyres, our own experiences with it have confirmed that its durability is limited under typical British weather conditions, which limits its usefulness in these roles to the summer months only. In short, Carlack Plastic Renew is a strong performer and well worth adding to your collection.
Carlack Plastic Renew is a highly versatile water-based dressing for exterior and interior trims. Unlike many traditional dressings, Carlack Plastic Renew contains no oils, waxes or petroleum distillates and doesn't leave behind oily or greasy residues. Instead, it dries fully to the touch and produces a long lasting satin look finish that repels dust, soiling and staining; treated surfaces therefore stay cleaner for longer, reducing the need for future maintenance. Carlack Plastic Renew also contains advanced UV inhibitors, which help to protect all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces against the harmful radiation from the sun. It gives excellent results on dashboards, door cards, vinyl convertible tops, exterior mouldings, honeycomb grills and engine bay trims, and regular use will keep such surfaces in tip top condition and looking like they did the day the car your car rolled out of the factory.
For use on engine bays, clean and dry your engine bay first. Then spray Carlack Plastic Renew lightly over all surfaces, and leave for 4-6 hours to dry. At first you may not believe that this method will work, but trust us it does; it will deliver far superior results compared to trying to dress the same surfaces by wiping on the product with an applicator pad. When you check the results after 4-6 hours, there may still be a few areas that need a quick wipe down with a PB Utility Towel, but everything else will be dry to the touch and looking like new. For use on interior surfaces and door seals, spray Carlack Plastic Renew onto a Meguiars Microfibre Applicator Pad and then wipe down the surfaces to be protected lightly and evenly before allowing them to dry naturally. Do not be tempted to over-apply the product or buff the protected surfaces once dry; neither action is necessary, and both will result in a sub-standard finish.
Adds protection:Yes
UV protection:Yes
Shine level:Shine level 2/5
Plastic Renew - 500 ml
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