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Blackfire Ultimate Applicator Pad

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The Blackfire Ultimate Applicator Pad is an ideal choice for applying liquid-based sealants, as it maximises coverage and enables fast and precise product application right up to the edges of trims. We've tested a lot of different foam applicator pads over the years, but this is the one we favour most when working with liquid-based sealants. It also works very well as a tyre dressing applicator, particularly when used with Blackfire Total Eclipse Tire Gel.
The Blackfire Ultimate Applicator Pad features a firm pre-polymer foam bonded to a soft reticulated finishing foam, and is ideal for applying liquid-based sealants and waxes. The firm white foam is used purely for hand support, while the soft gold finishing foam features an open cell structure that enables liquid-based products to be spread thinly and evenly, maximising coverage and minimising the amount of product used.
Care instructions: (i) wash after each use in a washing machine at a low temperature (40C) using a non-biological liquid detergent (avoid soap powders and detergents containing bleach or fabric softeners); (ii) allow to dry naturally on a line or tumble dry on a cool heat setting (avoid radiators and other sources of high heat), and; (iii) store in a dry, dust-free environment while not in use (lidded plastic storage boxes are ideal in this respect).
Construction:Flexible polyurethane foam
Dimensions:152 mm x 95 mm x 28 mm
Ultimate Applicator Pad
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